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Feeling bad about issue

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Feeling bad about issue
06/02/05 at 23:05:49
Asslaaam Allaikum all.
I have a problem I felt the need to talk to you
all about. I have a problem with taking on to much,
procrastinating, getting stressed
and taking on more than I can handle cause I mean well.

I offered a few things, actually many things for
an auction. Over the last month many things
unexpectantly came up thus I am way behind on shipping.
It was a fund raising auction so these things were
donated by me.
I apologized 2 or 3 times to the lady running it.
But I recieved another message from her
giving me a buttchewing how she don't understand this
and she don't understand that.
I finally blew up at her in a nasty message back.
I did ship things out today, I am shipping more tomorrow
I apologized and am trying to make it right as fast as I can.
soooo at what point to I put a stop to the butt chewings?
One can only admit error
and make it right.
Sorry I'm stressed and feeling bad that I dropped the ball on this.
But I equally don't need the additional stress of the butt chewings.
Ok be honest? Maybe I deserve the chewings.
Feeling bad about issue
06/03/05 at 03:28:26
[slm] sister

no you dont deserve the butt chewings
i think if you have tried to explain the reasons for the delay to the other lady, she should try to be more understanding, maybe shes under pressure too and stressed.....but its no excuse

you said you have apologized to her 2-3 times thats enough....if someone cant except you sincere apology...then you should continue your end of your promise, then leave the matter and dont apologize again, because it makes the other person feel they were in the right and you in the wrong...when in actual fact its just a misunderstanding....i say if you are sincere, leave it to Allah swt because he knew your intentions
I agree....
06/03/05 at 11:40:15

Tell her that you don't understand why she is being such a butt chewer and to quit chewing your butt.  If she chews anymore you won't have a butt left for anyone else to chew on.  Tell her that she is lucky to have you donate more than one item to the auction and that you will get to it when yku get to it  (IJK)

Let her know politely that she needs to quit stressing you out.  2 apologies is one too many.

Quit stressing out Sister and only accept jobs that you know you can handle within the time frame expected.  Then if you have more time, take on another one.  Take it easy, too much stress or stress period is not good for your physical or mental health.

Allah (SWT) bless.....

Feeling bad ...
06/03/05 at 14:29:32
[slm] well, there are a few lessons in here for all of us.

First, of course, is that we should be careful about what and how much we commit ourselves to,

second is that we are human, and we can and do make such bad judgements of our capacity,

third, it is wrong of that lady to keep on harping on this issue, when you have apologised and are trying to ship fast,

fourth, should we ever find ourselves in a position when our expectations from others' are not met, we should ourselves be ready to forgive,

fifth, and that is the most important one, should actually be first, is that we seek forgiveness and help from Allah (swt) in making judicious commitments and being able to meet them.

and finally, learn to rest. You have done whatever you can. You have sought refuge in Allah, and that should bring  you peace.

Every day I make blunders; every day there are a thousand judgements and actions I make that are wrong, but I no longer am worried.

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