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remembrance of Allah

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remembrance of Allah
04/30/05 at 12:01:55

Hearts are uneasy these days. Perhaps they have never felt ease. Perhaps any comfort they felt was only transitory. Perhaps, perhaps,

What brings comfort to hearts?

alaa bidhikrillahi tatmaennul quloob

Verily, in the remembrance of Allah lies comfort for hearts.

That is nice; we know now what to do when our hearts are in pain, or uneasy. Or do we?

How is that remembrance to be done?

1. Salaah
2. Reciting the Quran
3. Saying dhikr phrases

I want people to add to this thread. I will start by talking a little about the third. Please add your own comments, and expound on these, or from the sheikhs or books you have read. It is going to help me.

(all praise is to Allah)

but is it enough to say it with the tongue, or under the breadth, or just in the mind?
When saying this, do I remember that Allah (swt) is pure, without any deficiencies, without any partners,

o all praise is to Allah ALONE
o do I really believe that, in the core of my heart?
o or do I expect praise for my endeavors?
o or maybe I think someone in power needs to be praised because otherwise s/he will get annoyed if I dont shower praise.

(all gratitude is for Allah only)

o When I say that, do I feel gratitude?
o in my heart
o in every cell of my body
o is it internalized like that?
o do I feel being immersed in gratitude for Allah?

When the prophet [saw] entered Makkah on its conquest, his head was bowed down, and he was saying:
All praise is for Allah who alone helped His slave, and overcame His enemies.

la ilaha illalah
(There is NO one worthy of worship except Allah, the One and Only God).

o What is worship?
o do I have beliefs that run counter to the concept of Tawheed?
o do I commit acts that fall in worshipping gheirAllah?

Allahu akbar
(Only Allah is Great)

o but I say Alexander the Great
o The Great Wall of China
o The lone Superpower
o The great billionaire Bill Gates
o Why do I say that?
o am I awed by them?
o When I say Allah is Great, do I realize that all combined are insignificant in comparison with Allahs Greatness?
o do I get a feeling of [I]relief[/I] that Only Allah is Great

do I?

la hawla wa la quwwata illa billaha
nothing (good) happens unless Allah gives (us) the strength

o does saying that make me realize that my achievements are from Allah (swt) alone?

please add your thoughts, copy from your notes, from articles, provide links, etc.

04/30/05 at 12:10:03
remembrance of Allah
05/01/05 at 10:32:11
jazak Allah khair for the reminder
Re: remembrance of Allah
05/05/05 at 11:29:16


I had expected some more input. something to enhance what I have written, something that would help us get closer to Allah's Mercy.

anyway, some more thoughts:

[u]remembrance of Allah (swt)[/u]

it may be done by the tongue, and while saying the words, one may feel the importance and the impact of these words

but what if we were to be always conscious of Allah (swt)

when walking, do we walk lightly?
are we kind and gentle?
do we respond to provocations with patience?
do we make sure we do not transgress on other people's rights?

for the sake of Allah (swt)

now that would be real remembrance, if we were always conscious of meeting out Maker, our Sustainer,

what a world this would be if we did that?

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