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Looking for Muslim resources on domestic abuse

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Looking for Muslim resources on domestic abuse
02/16/05 at 17:29:53


My name is Evelyn and I am the Organizational Services Coordinator at the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs. As part of my position here I work on a national project called the Resource Sharing Project. The purpose of the project is to increase the capacity of coalitions around the United States and our territories. I have an individual assignment with this project that I am responsible for, and it it’s a quarterly newsletter that goes out to all 50 state and four territories. It is called “Reshape” and can be viewed at After determining a topic I contact people around the country that have expertise in the area and request articles or resources from them to include in the edition. I have attached a copy of a previous issue on “Disabilities” for your convenience and so you can see what they are like. The next edition will be on working and facilitating agency services by working collaboratively with those in the faith community. The target audience is the coalitions and their goal is to support their members who are mostly providers of direct services to victims of sexual violence. Some of them will be dual service agencies, serving victims of domestic violence as well as victims of sexual assault.

Here is what I am seeking:

·         A short article -- folks tend to want to have me give them a length, I don’t care about length, but I am very interested, of course, in content. For reference they generally run 800 to 1300 words.

·        Information, ideas, suggestions about how to collaborate or begin to collaborate with people of the Muslim faith

·         Ideas on how best to serve women of the Muslim faith who are victims of sexual violence

·         General information about the culture of the faith and any specific information about selecting language or gestures or other cultural norms that people of other faith may not be aware of but could be significant in developing relationships or serving victims

·         General information on sexual violence within the religious community and if you can identify any specific challenges or barriers that advocates may run into

·         Resources or things about the faith that may be very helpful or provide unanticipated assistance to people serving victims of sexual assault within the Muslim community

·         Anything that would be useful to either coalitions or their members.

·         Available resources; websites, books, brochures, contacts or established programs that are already successful in working with sexual assault victims within the Muslim community.

These are just some ideas and it does not need to include all of these topics and is not limited to them.

If you are aware of someone who would be willing to write an article that would be most appreciated but I would also consider an article that could be reproduced or other resources that I could include. I would like to list your website as one source for information. Would that be ok?

I greatly appreciate any consideration you give to the above requests. Feel free to call me on the phone if you would like to discuss this in more detail or if you have a question.

Thank you again for your consideration

02/17/05 at 14:06:17
Re: Looking for Muslim resources on domestic abuse
02/16/05 at 21:09:54
I don't know if this will be of any help, but I remember that the muslim newspaper published out of UCLA, Al Talib ran an issue with a theme focusing on domestic abuse a few years back. Here's their website: but its currently under construction, but you might be able to get in touch with them via the contact info they've given on that page.

Re: Looking for Muslim resources on domestic abuse
02/17/05 at 08:42:32
Greetings Evelyn,
Its awesome that you are being culturally sensitive and seeking this info. I forwarded your info to a Muslim woman I know, whose specialty is DV in Muslim communities.

I would also contact the ADAMS Center ( ), cuz they have a "sister" organization called FAITH (Foundation for Appropriate and Temporary Help)

Foundation For Appropriate and Immediate Temporary Help (FAITH)
Office Phone # (571)323-2198 and (571)-323-2199

The website address is

I wish you success in your endeavors.

Re: Looking for Muslim resources on domestic abuse
02/17/05 at 22:02:45

as salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

I'm on a "Muslim Mental Health" mailing list, for Muslims in the mental health, counseling and social work field.  Insha'Allah, I will forward this message there.

wasalaam :)

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