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How does one know the answer

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How does one know the answer
12/04/04 at 05:32:46
As a Christian one is told to pray to God for an answer to a prayer or problem.
God will lead you. Muslims talk about making Duas and such. And Allah's will.
Well how do you figure out what is Allah's will? Is it a feeling, a sense of peace about something?

Many times in my life I have prayed about things and never seemed to feel
lead in any direction. never could figure out if
God was ignoring me or maybe he was letting me figure things out on my own
to test or build character and strength in me.

When you ask Allah what to do or what he wishes you to do, how do you know
when he answers?
I hope I am making sense.
Re: How does one know the answer
12/04/04 at 10:06:31
hmm Azizah, interesting question:)

Everyone, depending on their own experiences, will probably say something different. For instance, some people say after praying Istikhara (two Rakaahs of prayer asking for guidance); that they have a dream, a gut feeling, or just know after that what to do.

I haven't been one of those lucky ones  :P

But Alhamdullillah, God doesn't leave you to alone, and never ever "ignores" your supplication.

We have been given various faculties/resources around us as well to help us in our decision making. In utilizing the resources, and asking for guidance, we will Inshaallah be lead in the right direction.

For instance, knowing the legitimacy of what you want to do. Is it the right thing? In terms of black and white...I can't pray to God for guidance on whether or not to steal something. So that's the obvious strike.

Second, you have intelligence etc. If I take this path, will it harm/benefit me? What is the best path to take for my overall spirituality? Will this bring me closer to God or further away from Him?

And this plays into criteria as well: What am I asking for? Is it simply material comforts that I could do without? Is it a major life change? What is my criteria for success? Do I seek closeness to God? Do I seek other worldly gains?

Third, Knowledgable people/counsellors: Seek help from those who are more knowledgable when you are stuck. Perhaps talking it out will help clear your mind and focus. Or maybe there is something you are overlooking. etc.

Lastly, keep praying to Allah that the final decision you make is actually what is best for you. And that He eases the path and grants you blessings in it. If nothing major/a big sign whatever comes to show you the final decision you made is *not* right...then you are probably on the safe side.

And God knows best. Just pretty much use all the resources you have to make sure you end up on the right path..and not just pray and sit idly.

May Allah grant you success (amin).
Re: How does one know the answer
12/04/04 at 12:31:46
Thank you Dear Sister for your reply.
I have been dealing with to many issues at once and have
a peace of what I need to do.
Actually I knew it in my heart but was not listening.

I work and live on a beautiful ranch and get a 3 bdrm home and
all utilities paid and a salary and time to still run my business.
It is a blessing but it is hard and tiring to do the 5 or 6 hr round trip
drive to see my family. (there are over 70 horses here)
So I was going to quit here and find a rental near my family
My mother and my oldest daughter-in-law
want me to move back.
So with hubby and I divorcing. I thought cool I would.
But the other day I got an email offering me a
cabin in Alaska (a dream of mine) and the chance to sled and race and
help a woman who is doing the Iditarod this year. (1,000 mile race in the snow and wilderness on a dog sled  :) )
It has been a dream and goal of mine to run this race before I am 50
and I have only 7 more years left.
If I never made this goal now I had the chance to help someone
who was doing this so 1/2 my dream would be achieved.
Sometimes helping someone achieve their dream is almost as cool as
living it ones self)

Anyway upon talking to my oldest son and his wife and my mother
(I had not had a chance to talk to the youngest son as they
have been away at Thanksgiving and been plotting a move the last week
unbeknownst to anyone)
However after talking with my son and his wife and my mother,
all agreed they wanted me to be happy to fullfill a dream or part of it.
My mothers says she knows I have always talked about this.
My son had some very valid points and I chose to wait till next year.
I want to save so if and when I run smaller races (50 or 100 or 300 miles)
I can afford to fly my whole family up there to visit. To be able to take my granddaughter and family on a ride  :)

I have a big peace in my heart that I need to be near my family,
so this must be the answer.
My daughter-in-law and I are talking about a business together and she
wishes to help me with my current business.
My mother says I need to be there to bake cookies
with her and our granddaughter.  :)
So I am giving notice here today and
looking for a place near my family  :)  Insha Allah
I feel 100% at peace with this.
I will also be near a Muslim sister I know and have missed so much.
I just wish my other son and his wife were not leaving :'(

This is why the post, I was so unsure what to do yet I knew all along
what I should do. I'll do the Alaska thing next year (InshaAllah)when I can fly everyone up (even though they cannot stay the whole time)

hmmmmmm I so wanna be out sledding at night in the wilderness,  watching the northern lights dance across the sky.
Oh and moose meat yummy  ;)

Re: How does one know the answer
12/08/04 at 15:07:08
When the demand is small we feel the answer .we feel what we asked for is done  but that can be in another form or occasion  .
but when ALLAH wants to give better than we asked for  we donít feel because we will be given may be in a different time or here after .we should always be confident ALLAH will accept our duaa
Any duaa is accepted but ALLAH gives to us in the way he sees is good for us
If we are beloved to him
For example if a very poor man asks ALLAH to give him big wealth  children etc.The answer can be in either ways
1-If ALLAH sees this wealth is good  for him (i.e.he will use it in  the right way  it wont come to him as  bundles from the sky .but it comes as a form of  very small business blessed that grows fast  ,this may take many years ,after the person has already forgotten what he said exactly in his Duaa This is  just an example . I donít mean wealth is always the best  thing  
2-If ALLAH  sees  this wealth will be used only on things that  increases sins to him and Allah wants him in the paradise this demand will be  given in hereafter .There he will be told his duaa was not ignored but it is delayed for this reason
Any thing we ask ALLAH what ever it is goes this way .some are given quickly (the small )and some are postponeded  (the huge reward) insha-ALLAH

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