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Pride&Prejudice BBC/A&E version
11/18/04 at 20:45:37

If you rent movies this is a good one..(the one w/colin firth & jennifer ehle) it has one or two not good things.. but overall a sweet movie for all the romantics out there. It could soooo translate to a 'muslimish' movie, seriously some of the things could have come right out of my life...(anyone else gotten a mr.collins or first darcy type of proposal!!) the women even wear jilbabs and hijbas sometimes! :P

note that it is 6 hours long so don't start watching it at 10pm like me cause then u'll be dead the next day
cause u wont' wanna stop watching it!!  :D
11/19/04 at 04:02:31
Re: Pride&Prejudice BBC/A&E version
11/19/04 at 05:18:24

It really is brilliant - we had it on tv in the UK about 5 yrs ago - its really good.

There's a new adaption running on BBC at the moment of the novel North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell - only the first episode has been on - but it's looking good so far.  

Re: Pride&Prejudice BBC/A&E version
11/19/04 at 11:16:15
I LOVE this miniseries, el cheapo me actually bought it for my own so I can watch anytime I want.  Highly recommend to everyone!!

Re: Pride&Prejudice BBC/A&E version
11/19/04 at 11:46:08
[slm]..oh there 's even a movie .of this ..i love the story ..but i 've read the really childish version of the story hows the movie??
Re: Pride&Prejudice BBC/A&E version
11/19/04 at 15:10:34
Very shamelessly will have to admit to being completely nuts about Collin Firth, and this started many years ago with this version of P&P.
Always loved the book (even though Jane Eyre is my fav), but when it comes to adaptations of books and especially bringing a character to life, this is it.
Sister sparow, I have actually refrained from buying the movie because I just love the labor of hunting a copy down everytime I get the I need to see P&P urge. :)
Hope you guys have seen Briget Jones' Diary. The author actually wrote the column of Bridget Jones based on her facination with Collin Firth in P&P (Shows that I am not the only silly woman out there).Bridget Jones' Diary is not a very 'Islamic" movie, but quite lovely. Will never come close to P&P, though.
On a completely different track. If you like to watch movies with Collin Firth, "Love Actually", "Importance of being Ernest" are a few good ones
Re: Pride&Prejudice BBC/A&E version
11/21/04 at 08:05:44

Yes!! Love it love it love it. I must have watched it a zillion times! [unashamed not averting the eyes]Colin Firth is *very* nice in it too.[/unashamed not averting the eyes] It is a TV series from the BBC. One hour a week. I don't think it was intended as a "6 hour movie"  ;D

I also saw last weeks North and South. I am looking forward to watching it tonight. That Mr.Thornton has a very Mr.Darcy air about him, no?

Sometimes I wish I lived in those times when there was so much respect for the women and so much modesty and respect between the genders. But I'd want to be one of the rich ones. The poor people didn't have a very nice time of it, I'm afraid.

I read Bridget Jones' diary and liked it. Saw the film and hated it. /sigh. C'est la vie. It's usually the way with me though. I have certain images in my head when reading a book and the movie interpretation just clashes with it.

Re: Pride&Prejudice BBC/A&E version
12/02/04 at 10:28:42

I've only just read this thread today but I have to say I'm very excited by the last North & South this week.  :)  I feel like I can relate to the way they lived their lives and how they conducted themselves.  In an interview the actress from N&S said that women had to lower their eyes and not make eye contact with any man, which she had to learn.  All those furtive glances they share tho' *swoon*.  

Mr Thornton has a bit of the Darcy about him.  I liked the scenes with his mum when he said no one would care for him except her, aaaaaaaww.  
Re: Pride&Prejudice BBC/A&E version
12/02/04 at 11:41:57
i so agree with u sis eleanor those times ! women had  respect . :-[.thats y i love old novels ...they r soo sweet ..i mean there was modesty and respect ..and now ..well now not much ...y has the time changed soo much of things ...
Re: Pride&Prejudice BBC/A&E version
12/02/04 at 14:50:00
Thought this was amusing... :) - J.

Favorite lines:
# When something goes wrong, you find yourself shouting "Other way Mr. Collins!"
# You see something you approve of and say, "Capital! Capital!"
# Whenever you do something clumsy, you say, "Have a care, Dawkins!"
# If there is something you don't like you say, "No lace, Mrs. Bennet, I beg of you...," often substituting other appropriate words (such as broccoli, or salt) for "lace."
# A commonly used phrase to spur people into action is, "I can't have you standing about in this stupid manner," sometimes prefaced with "I must have you dance, I must."
# You ask friends or family if they'd like to "take a turn about the room", justifying it by saying that "it's so refreshing."
# You sign your notes to your significant other with: "Love you ardently..."
# When people bother you or you have a bad day you say to them, "You don't know what I suffer!"

Signs that you have watched Pride and Prejudice too many times...

   * Six hours no longer seems like a long time.
   * You begin to wonder why all movies are not six episodes long.
   * You have memorized where the commercial breaks come as well as the order of the commercials in each break.
   * You watch the movie all the way through non-stop - then rewind it and start all over again.
   * The movie just keeps on getting better every time you watch it.
   * On a recent visit to a local lake, you were inspired to dive in and go swimming fully clothed.
   * Your relatives and friends no longer think that you are strange for asking them to call you "Lizzy".
   * You sing along with the background music.
   * You find ways to quote Pride and Prejudice in daily life: "That shirt is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me."   ~More favourite P&P lines~
   * After hours of studying the dance scenes, you held a party and forced all your friends to learn the dance steps so that you could pretend to be Lizzy at the Netherfield Ball.
   * You are saving up money to go to England to visit the filming locations.
   * You made a special trip to England last year just to visit the filming locations.
   * Your itinerary includes a special trip to Pemberley where you plan to stand at the window and say, "Of all this I might have been mistress" - and you are devasted when you find out that this is not possible since the Pemberley interiors and exteriors were filmed in separate locations.
   * You think of time in terms of the number of Pride and Prejudice episodes you could watch in that amount of time. For example: "Iíll see you in four episodes" = "Iíll see you in four hours."
   * You have pets and stuffed toys named Lizzy and Darcy.
   * You name your first two children Lizzy and Darcy.
   * Right after you splurged and bought the P&P video boxed set, you made two copies of it. The original videotapes are now in your display case (along with all your other precious objects and silverware), one copy is at your relative's house in case of a fire, and the third copy is for your daily viewing.
   * Others refuse to watch P&P with you because they find your habit of reciting the whole movie in unison with the actors annoying.
   * Even though you have never lived in Britain, you now regularly speak with a British accent.
   * You find yourself often saying that you are "excessively diverted", "quite put out" or "most seriously displeased".
   * You dance along with Lizzy and Darcy every time you watch the Netherfield Ball scene.
   * You have played the whole movie in slow motion to prolong the ecstasy of watching the movie. (Unfortunately, the music and the sound doesn't work on slow motion so you don't do this very often.)
   * You commonly use the "frame-by-frame" advance function on your VCR so that you don't miss any miniscule detail of your favourite scenes.
   * Upon discovering that some characters wear their costumes more than once in different parts of the movie, you were inspired to draw up a large table in order to search for possible correlations between the costume worn and the mood of the character.
   * You have drawn maps and layout plans of the rooms and the buildings in the movie. Here's a neat one.
   * You special ordered a CD so you can listen to "Mr. Beveridge's Maggot" (over and over again) even when not watching the Netherfield Ball scene (eg. in the car, on the bus, while washing dishes, on the airplane, while taking a walk, while going for a jog, while vacuuming the house, while painting a fence....)
   * You own two copies of Pride and Prejudice - one for the bedside, and one for downstairs reading.
   * You own three copies of The Making of Pride and Prejudice - one for the beside, one for downstairs reading, and an extra copy in case either of them gets lost.
   * You giggle whenever you see Mrs. Bennet or Mr. Collins, before they even open their mouths.
   * You find yourself constantly quoting your favorite lines from P&P and you feel sorry for your family and friends when they give you confused looks since they have only watched P&P once (horrors!) and can't recall the lines.
   * You start thinking of excuses to wear muslin dresses in the Regency style so you can look like Lizzy and Jane.
   * You spent the past five months researching Regency fashions so that the "Netherfield Ball" dress that you will be wearing to the next formal occasion is historically accurate.
   * You no longer need an excuse to wear Regency style clothing - you now wear it everyday as your own personal fashion statement and as a indication of your progressive sense of style!
   * Your family and friends put a limit on when and where you can talk about P&P because, unbelievably, they are just so sick of it. (For example, Tuesdays and Thursdays are designated P&P-free days.)
   * The above happens and you resort to saying lines that you hope they won't notice are from the movie (such as: "no, no, the green one.")
   * You searched everywhere for a script of the movie and finally wrote your own (by studying each scene in detail) when you couldn't find one. With your new script in hand, you often recruit all your friends and force them to be a part of your P&P play while you simultaneously star as Lizzy (or Darcy) and direct it so that it matches the movie exactly.
   * You have a complete list of all the differences between the book and the movie.
   * Your list of differences is cross-referenced to the script of the movie that you wrote earlier.
   * Every time you open "The Making of P&P" book, you immediately have to start watching the videos all over again!
   * Saturday night finds you and your best friend putting your hair in buns and curling your bangs into ringlets in an attempt to imitate Regency hairstyles.
   * You start referring to your ex and his new ditzy girlfriend as Wickham and Lydia.
   * You realize everyone in your life fits a character in P&P, and you start desperately asking your "Colonel Fitzwilliam" if he has any cousins.
   * When your friend declares a dislike for P&P, you seriously consider and re-evaluate the basis of your friendship.
   * You have written your own stories to conclude the lives of the other characters in the movie.
   * You are very proud of your most recent story, called P&P: The Next Generation.
   * You tape a picture of Lizzy (or Darcy) to your ceiling so it's the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning.
   * You download pictures of the movie from the internet to put in picture frames in your living room.
   * As an excuse to watch P&P more often, you contact every friend and acquaintance you can think of and offer to loan them the P&P tapes (the backup ones, of course) with the understanding that you need to be there for the viewing.
   * You can relate to most or all of the signs mentioned above!
Re: Pride&Prejudice BBC/A&E version
12/03/04 at 10:16:55

so Jannah, when are we going to the ancient UK to walk in gardens and sip tea and eat some scones while lazily talking about the the next day's social affair?

isnt it funny that all those novels have like nice gardens..i have this imagery of the british countryside....and I wonder if its the same as in the books...any clue ?

ancient it is. six hours sounds rough..probably finish the book in less time ..hehe great read for sure.

Re: Pride&Prejudice BBC/A&E version
12/03/04 at 14:50:40

I'm ready if u are ;) My images of england are made up from jane austen, ramadan uk radio show and scenes in old indian i may be a bit disappointed.  :'(

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