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11/02/04 at 15:23:08

  Salam Alaikum;

  The Book Of Mohammed: The Creation Of Paradise

  By: Yaziji-Oglu

Hither Come, O Seeker After Truth! If Joy Thou Wouldest Share
Enter On The Mystic PathWay, Follow It, Then Joy Thou It Share
Harken Now What God (Exalted High His Name!) From Naught Had Formed
Eden's Bower He Hath Created, Like, It's Lamp, He Did Prepare.

Loftiest It's Sites, And Best And Fairest Are It's Blest Abodes
Midst Of Each A Hall Of Pearls---Not Ivory Nor Teak-Wood Rare
Each Pavilion He From Seventy Ruddy Rubbies Raised Aloft
Dwelling These In Which The Dwellers Sit Secure From Fear Or Care.

Round Within Each CourtYard Seventy Splendid Houses He Hath Ranged
Formed Of Emeralds Green---Houses These No Fault Of Form That Bear
There, WithIn Each House, Are Seventy Pearl And Gem-InCrusted Thrones
He UpOn Each Throne Hath Stretched Out Seventy Couches Broidered Fair.

Sits On Every Couch A Maiden Of The Bourne Of Loveliness:
Moons Their ForeHeads, Days Their Faces, Each A Jeweled Crown Doth Wear
Wine Their Rubies, Soft Their Eyes, Their EyeBrows Troublous, Causing Woe:
All-EnChanting, Paradise Pays Tribute To Their Witching Air.

Sudden Did They See The Faces Of Those Damsels Dark Of Eye
Blinded Sun And Moon Were, And Life's Stream Grew Bitter Then And There
Thou Wouldst Deem That Each Was Formed Of Rubies, Corals, And Of Pearls
Question There Is None, For God Thus In The Qur'an Doth Declare.

Tables Seventy, Fraught With Bounties, He In Every House Hath Placed
And On Every Tray Hath Spread Out Seventy Sorts Of Varied Fare
All These Glories, All These Honors, All These Blessings Of DeLight
All These Wonderous Mercies Surely For His Sake He Did Prepare.

Through His Love OnTo Mohammed, He The Universe Hath Framed
Happy, For His Sake, The Naked And The Hungry Enter There
O Thou PerFectness Of Potence! O Thou God Of Awful Might!
O Thou majesty Of Glory! O Thou King Of Perfect Right!

Since He Eden's Heaven Created, All Is There Complete And Whole
So That Naught Is Lacking, Nothing He Created Needs Repair
Yonder, For His Righteous Servants, Things So Fair Hath He Devised
That No Eye Hath Ever BeHeld Them, Hope Thy Soul's Eye, On Them Stare.

Never Have His Servants Heard Them, Neither Can Their Hearts Conceive
Reach UnTo Their Comprehension Shall This UnderStanding Never
There That God A Station Lofty, Of The Loftiest, Hath Reared
That UnClouded Station He The Name Vesila Caused To Bear.

That To His BeLoved Yonder Station A Dear Home May Be
Thence Ordained Is Heaven's Order Free From Every Grief And Care
In It's CourtYard's Riven Center, Planted He The Tuba-Tree
That A Tree Which Hangeth DownWard, High Aloft It's Roots Are There.

Thus It's Radiance All The Heaven's Lighten Up From End To End
Flooding Every Tent And palace, Every Lane And Every Square
Such A Tree The Tuba, That The Gracious One Hath In It's Sap
Hidden WhatSoEver There Be Of Gifts And Presents Good And Fair.

Forth There From Crowns, Thrones, And Jewels, Yea & Steeds & Coursers  Come
Golden Leaves And Clearest Crystals, Wines Most Pure BeYond Compare
For His Sake There InTo Being Hath He Called The Tuba-Tree
That From Ebu-Qasim's Hand Might EveryOne Receive His Share.

Fi Amanillah

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