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iqamat ad deen, after iqamatul parking policy

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iqamat ad deen, after iqamatul parking policy
02/23/04 at 01:04:01
hey you guyz i heard some funny stuff from Azhar Usman's comedy any of you know some good muslim jokes?
was salaam
Re: iqamat ad deen, after iqamatul parking policy
02/23/04 at 01:37:05

subhanallah that bro is funny... every time we listen to his jokes we are  :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/

i can't think of any jokes offhand.. but thought u guys might find amusing some of the REAL questions the kids ask me in class.. (these are 10-12 year olds) they always say cute stuff all the time.. i'll post some that i remember:

What if the Day of Judgement comes before I get married?

Will animals go to Jannah?

Can I wear a doo-rag to school?

Can we wear earrings? (from a boy)

Can I name my turtle Abdul Aziz?

What if someone has exactly the same amount of good deeds and bad deeds on the Day of Judgement?

Is Allah a girl or a boy?

Can I run away from home? (me: why?) My family is so annoying (lol)

If I want to play video games forever and ever in heaven can I?

Can I wear a gold chain? (from a boy) No, then can I wear a silver bracelet?

Can people have babies in Jannah?
02/23/04 at 01:43:03
Re: iqamat ad deen, after iqamatul parking policy
02/23/04 at 10:15:48
kids are the cutessssssssssssstttt :-/ :-/

i had a similar class...10-12 and they were hilarious:) especially since its the pseudo intellectual time, where they actually try to think about stuff...

Some of me favorites:
"what if you were *meant* to die next week by the Will of Allah, but then today a bomb exploded in the Masjid and you died?"

"why can't i have a girlfriend??"

"What is wrong with Eminem (sp), isn't he the coollllllest???" (same kid: "well can i just keep his posters in my room??"

"what if i participate in halloween *just* for the candy? Isn't it about intentions anyway?"

my favorite/Worst:
"how old are you???"
me: answer
student: :o :o :o "OMG you are like, like, an OLD TEENAGER!!!!!!!" (meant in a complimentary sorta way)
me:  :'(

Re: iqamat ad deen, after iqamatul parking policy
02/23/04 at 10:58:59
ok, my kids here (same age) seem to have one thing on their minds......

??? that's a pretty ring, is that a wedding ring?
:-) no, my mom gave it to me
??? then why is it on your wedding ring finger?
:-) (I switch it to the other hand)
??? how old are you
:-) (answer)
??? REALLY, how come you're not married yet
:-) (some smart aleck answer)
??? but so and so is married, and so and so is engaged, ...
:-) (smile, no answer)
??? well WE know who you should marry!!!!!!
:-) ( :o aughh! *blush*)
??? Don't you want to know?
:-) no, uh isn't it time to start class already? (like that's going to stop them)
??? you and that brother over there would make the perfect couple
:-) (of course I have to see who they are talking's one of the only brothers in the community who is my same race.....and, get this, the first time he came someone asked if he was my father! :D )

i think i had this same conversation with them like three times that semester

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