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Struck by a lightening bolt!!

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Struck by a lightening bolt!!
09/14/03 at 17:53:46

Assalamu 'alaykum wa rhamatullah,

OH man!!
i have started my practicum ( kinda like student teaching) this semester, so i have to spend 4 hours M-Th in an elementary school.. Alhamdulilah i have had many opportunities to tutor and help out in after school programs before so it's not something new to me... But never in my life have I come across a tyrant teacher!!!!!!!!! Every morning stepping in the school is a mujahida, my cooperating teacher May Allah(swt) put rahmah in her heart. ameen does alll the horrible things that u can imagine to the young ones..
CAlling them deragatory names, crumbling their paper and throwing it in the garbage infront of everyone, threatening them, giving them lunch detentions ( this is only the 3rd week of school and all the 24 kids got detentions) ahhh i don't know where to stop.. But literally terrorizing the classroom, i write in my journal everyday what she says and does to the children.. It's as if everything Mr. John Taylor Gatto described in his books has become reall.. :(
insha'Allah i will share the summary of my journal sooonn...
please make du'a for all the young ones...

wassalamu 'alaykum
a very disturbed student teacher! :'(
Re: Struck by a lightening bolt!!
09/14/03 at 21:11:41

Isn't that like...illegal?

I remember in Kindergarten (wayyy back when I used to live in Somalia), in an American school, this German teacher used to make us sit on tables according to our ethnic background.  So basically, the white kids sat on one table, the brown kids and oriental kids sat on one table, and the black kids sat on the third table.

And I remember her distinctly hitting a little somali kid on the head with a ruler saying "it's in your race, it's in your race!"  Which I promptly told my mother so that I could understand what that phrase meant.

Anyway, she eventually got fired, and was replaced by another German teacher who had wild orange hair and used to wear mismatched earrings.  She was cool.  Woah, talk about a flashback.  

The point of my incessant rambling ISSSSS thaaaat maybe you should do something about it.  Don't ask me what to do, I have no clue.

May Allah help you and the kids.  How old are they btw?


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