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REVIEW: Comedian Azhar Usman's Square the Circle

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REVIEW: Comedian Azhar Usman's Square the Circle
09/08/03 at 01:29:45
SQUARE THE CIRCLE: American Muslim Comedy of Distortion


Thought bro Azeem did a good job with this review and a few ppl were asking me about this CD.. so check it out inshaAllah ;)


an hour before leaving the ISNA convention on Sunday night I was running around the bazaar looking for CDs to buy which would keep us up for the long drive home.. (we were going to drive at night) I was at the awakening booth (which was one of the most popular booths) and I was buying the Suhaib Webb CD set on the Mothers of the Believers... and I saw it... Azhar Usman's Cd... I had heard one of his acts online at ISNAs site... and I was thinking man I dont think this guy has too much material... then I looked at the back it had 45 mins on it... I said hmn let me give this a chance.

Br. Habeeb Hussaini and I had the first driving shift.. we must have listened to this CD like 3 Times. When we stopped for Fajr the other brothers (who had just woken up) were wondering why we were cracking up

I'll give you a review Track by Track

1- Disclaimers- this is his normal routine... its alright
2- Salam Diversity- this is funny
3- Media Hype- this is alright
4- Operation Iraqi Liberation- I didnt like this too much
5- Inside Your Local Mosque- This is the most hilarious track on the whole CD... its alternative title is 'Uncle Letmesplainyou' Azhar does an impersonation of an uncle doing an interview for TV/Radio.. I don't want to spoil it for you.. so I won't give you any details
6- Converting is Hard- this is a continuation of breaking on uncles... really funny
7- Culture Versus Religion- I could have done a whole CD on this topic...ha.. this one is funny
8- Iqamat al-Din aka 'Sheikh Abdul the Radical Imam' this turned out to be different from what it sounded it was going to be like... He ended up cracking on an Arab brother who is highly involved in running a masjid
9- Cats and Dogs-- maybe the second funniest track on the CD... Azhar says... Imagine Snoop Dog became Muslim... I won't give anything else away... you have to hear this
10- Nomenclature- Azhar cracks on People who change their names.. i.e. Nabil becomes Bill.... This track was funny... I wont say the funnier ones.. because I don't want to spoil it for you.
11- Fair Trial in America- alright some funny lines
12- Family Feud- man... he even cracks on his own father in this one
13- Uncivil Rights- alright...
14- No Laughing in Prayer- was alright
15- Foot in the Sink- Funny

I checked the online stores of Awakening ( ) and Astrolabe ( ) but neihter of them have it available right now.

also check out
09/08/03 at 01:36:12
Re: REVIEW: Comedian Azhar Usman's Square the Circ
09/08/03 at 02:12:19

I was thinking about buying this. has it as does that Talk Online Islamicbookstore.

Its under $12.

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