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Dua request please

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Dua request please
08/20/03 at 02:26:42
I can't explain at this time and I don't mean to sound so mellow dramatic.
But my life I think is about to go topsy turvy.
Not sure what to make of it all. Not bad, but not sure it's a good thing either  and I know I'm not making any sense. may be a while before I can explain.
Please, please, please keep me in your prayers (dua's)
I will be off the pc a week or two.
This is so weird and unexpected and I am like

:o   :(   :'(   :)   :o   ::)   :-/   :'(
talk about major mixed emotions.

To the sisters, we are still gonna do that thing messaged about. Will pop on here in a couple/three days with that PO box if ya know what I mean.
08/20/03 at 02:28:22
Re: Dua request please
08/20/03 at 08:27:46

Sis, may Allah swt make this time one of ease for you..and may you be filled with peace, Ameen Thum-Ameen.

[u]Verily, with every hardship there is relief...(94:5)[/u]

08/20/03 at 08:28:16
Re: Dua request please
08/20/03 at 19:22:40

We are here for you and I'm just a drive away.  Ameen to the du'a.

Re: Dua request please
08/20/03 at 23:15:47

may Allah (swt) make things easy on you.

feel free to pm ne time if you want to talk

take care and inshallah everything will get better soon.

rmemeber when you are patient in times of trial Allah (swt) will reward you.

your sis
Re: Dua request please
08/21/03 at 16:32:48
Salam everyone,

    I have heard from a lot of learn people (not scholars) that we are not suppose to make duas for non-Muslim, but only to say that may Allah (swt) guide them.  As far as I know sister Azizah is non-Muslim even though she is what I call someone who is Muslim at heart from reading some her messages.
        I am stander to be corrected and I apologize if I offended you in any way.
            May Allah(swt) guide us all to the right path.
Re: Dua request please
08/21/03 at 17:16:54

umm faith what 'learned' people did you hear that from? you are allowed to make dua for non-muslims.  what you cannot do is ask for salvation for those who are dead, because it is now up to God to decide not us.
Re: Dua request please
08/21/03 at 19:19:12
Well reqardless of what should and should not be asked/prayed for.
I thank everyone for all the prayers and thoughts and kind words.
I can't get into detail but it has to do with my husbands job and the emotional rollar coaster that comes with that type job.

I'll use A  B  C  D  etc as to represent months   :-[

He was suppose to leave in A (months after they actually did)
But left in B (months before schedualed)
He was suppose to be back in C
but they changed it to D (many many more months later)
And now possible E

It's ok, I'll deal with it like everything else that I've had to deal with the last 2 yrs. This may be a test I am to take. After all we are not given more than we can bare, or so I'm told.

As to the Muslim or non Muslim. You know, we are not to judge another's heart. But I can tell you this I cherish and respect both Islamic and Christian ways. And although I realize people say it cannot be so, I truly in my heart believe I am both. I feel Muslim and I feel Christian.

I still read, books and web sites, listen to tapes and sites (like the one se7en talked about in one thread.) My goal is to read the Quran and the Bible cover to cover and I pray and learn and study and it will be up to the Almighty to convict my heart as to which way to turn, if that makes sense.

My heart is lead to this site, my heart is lead to seek and learn all I can. My heart is lead to not judge, my heart is even now being lead to seriously consider wearing hijab ( I have no idea why, it is starting to feel in my heart like I should)  However my heart is also lead to not give up my husband or what I believe about Jesus.
Major conflict........... Major struggle
But I have faith the Almighty won't give up on me.

Sorry for the rattling, need to get off the pc, thank you all for your concerns.
Our ability to care for one another and still debate and learn about things is one reason I am so attracted to this site and feel so at home here.


PS:    I came back online to add this as it is on my heart to do:
Faith, I find no offense in what you say. I truly appreciate and respect a persons honest thoughts, words and opinions and dispise false polietness.8br>
The thing you said about being/sounding  Muslim at heart I take as a compliment.

Many things I feel that my heart is lead to since learning more about Islam.
More reverence for God/Allah
The desire to pray more / The desire to be less judgeful
etc, etc, etc and now I am feeling lead to be more modest.
I find peoples lack of modesty and also manors and respect more offensive.
anyway, I need to stop rattling, was just on my heart to say.

08/21/03 at 19:44:40
Re: Dua request please
08/22/03 at 08:49:59

Cara, just wanted to say I *so* know how you feel. I was there myself. You need to open your heart just a *little* more <holds up index finger and thumb with teeny weeny space in between> and the truth will hit you and you will wonder why you never saw it before :)

Allah will help you and Allah *will* guide you. Insha Allah all will work out with your husband :)
Re: Dua request please
08/23/03 at 16:26:54
i think i can say that you are in all of our hearts and prayers! i am sorry you are having such a hard time!! you seem to be a very strong woman and yes, it is true that we are only tested with what we can handle (this is also a Christian teaching) - Allah will not burden us with more than we can bear, so keep that in mind!! what does not kill us ONLY makes us stronger (wiser, etc.)  :)

about you being muslim or non muslim -- you remind me of me before i took shahadah. i knew for a long time that eventually i would be Muslim (call it intuition i guess?!) but i was not quite ready, for reasons i cant really explain. only when i was sure, and felt comfortable with my decision, i took shahadah. SOOO, technically, you are not my sis in Islam (yet?  ;)) but in my heart you are close because i have been where you are!!

Re: Dua request please
08/23/03 at 17:39:06
Before  i read this  topic   in  3 hrs  it was   the  isha   prayer time in   my region .  i  have been  in  the  mosque about  20 mnts  before   we  have to  pray  JAMMAH  ( GROUP) .with in  this  time  i was making  dua  for  CARA  .   and  i always  do  this  almost  at all  my  prayer times  and  when  ever  i  am making  dua   formyself  and  for my  family  or  all  the  people i  know, but what  i want to say  over  here is  , that  azizah  is  holding  a  big  portion  off  my  heart  not  lesss  than  my  blood sisters , since  i  know  her  for  more  than  2 years . i  have  never  looked  at  the   different  faith each  of  us    holding  . i  always feel   the  closest  sister i  ever  had  .  

what  ever her  faith  is  i will  keep  on  making  dua

i am allowed  to  

dear  sister   azizah
inshallah  ALLAH  will   make  things  as  you wish

;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

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