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05/12/03 at 16:49:07

My Uncle who is a big businessman came over this weeknd to visit us. He deals with a lot of Jews.

He was telling me that PEPSI meant

[center]Pay Every Penny, Support Israel[/center]
[center] :o[/center]

Now I thought pepsi wasnt a supporter but only coke (and others) were...\

so I guess no more of [] [] [] these now huh?
05/13/03 at 21:27:45
Re: P E P S I
05/12/03 at 22:38:16
i dont want to be mean or anything but i think that this is bull crap like anyone can say pepsi can stand for anything. i dont belive that. i am going to continue drinkin  []  []  []  []  []  []

Re: P E P S I
05/13/03 at 17:44:47
[slm] all, me is not buying pepsi for quite some time now coz me too have come to know about the thingie that sister silverose mentioned so me thought why not use something that'll help muslim economy, hence me now drink "Apple Cidra" :) :)

How about changing the name of BEBZI STAND to ZAM ZAM stand ?

Asim Zafar
[i]PS: i volunteer for making available the relevant smiley :) [/i]
05/13/03 at 17:46:13
Re: P E P S I
05/13/03 at 18:50:03

[quote]How about changing the name of BEBZI STAND to ZAM ZAM stand ?

Asim Zafar
PS: i volunteer for making available the relevant smiley [/quote]

wow Alhumdulilah! that is a gr8 idea! :-*

I hear there is also such thing as zam zam cola...?
05/13/03 at 21:28:23
Re: P E P S I
05/13/03 at 19:56:33

That definition of p.e.p.s.i. is a hoax as I discovered a long time ago. Pepsi Cola was founded in the late 1800s. The State of Israel didn't even come into existence until the mid-1900s! Muslims should refrain from spreading rumors before verifying them.
05/13/03 at 20:03:26
Re: P E P S I
05/14/03 at 02:50:47
Posted by Caraj. Hope this helps. I am assuming the pepsi name comes from
pepsin whatever that is. Please folks, research something, do a web search and study for a few
minutes. Don't believe everything you hear.

The History of Pepsi Cola

Caleb Bradham



More of This Feature
History of Pop
Timeline of the entire history of soft drinks.
Introduction to Pop - The History of Soft Drinks

Pepsi Cola on the Web
Pepsi World
The official Pepsi Cola website.
Pepsi Cola Can Display
Early Pepsi cone top cans and an early bottle.
PepsiCo Headquarters
The latest business reports and Pepsi Cola press releases.
The Pepsi Store
Located on the site of Caleb Bradham's original pharmacy.

By Mary Bellis
Caleb Bradham of New Bern, North Carolina was a pharmacist. Like many pharmacists at the
turn of the century he had a soda fountain in his drugstore, where he served his
customers refreshing drinks, that he created himself. His most popular beverage was something he
called "Brad's drink" made of carbonated water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils, pepsin and
cola nuts.

"Brad's drink", created in the summer of 1898, was later renamed Pepsi Cola after the
pepsin and cola nuts used in the recipe. The name was trademarked on June 16th, 1903.

After seventeen years of suceess, Caleb Bradham lost Pepsi Cola He had gambled on the
stock market, he believed sugar prices would raise but they fell instead. Pepsi Cola went
bankrupt in 1923.

In 1931, Pepsi Cola was bought by the Loft Candy Company Loft president, Charles G. Guth
reformulated the popular soft drink.

In 1940, history was made when the first advertising jingle was broadcast nationally. The
jingle was "Nickel Nickel" an advertisement for Pepsi Cola that refered to the pepsi
price and the quantity for the price. "Nickel Nickel" became a hit record and was recorded
into 55 languages.

In 1964, Diet Pepsi was introduced.

Re: P E P S I
05/14/03 at 02:51:12
UGGGGGGGGGGGG, after this web search I may never drink Pepsi again
Not for any rumors but the ingredients sound awful.
Here is what a web search of pepsin came up with.
This makes no sense to me.

From Caraj

pepsin, enzyme produced in the mucosal lining of the stomach that acts to degrade
protein. Pepsin is one of three principal protein-degrading, or proteolytic, enzymes in the
digestive system, the other two being chymotrypsin and trypsin. The three enzymes were among
the first to be isolated in crystalline form. During the process of digestion, these
enzymes, each of which is particularly effective in severing links between particular types
of amino acids, collaborate to break down dietary proteins to their components, i.e.,
peptides and amino acids, which can be readily absorbed by the intestinal lining. In the
laboratory studies pepsin is most efficient in cleaving bonds involving the aromatic amino
acids, phenylalanine, tryptophan, and tyrosine. Pepsin is synthesized in an inactive form
by the stomach lining; hydrochloric acid, also produced by the gastric mucosa, is
necessary to convert the inactive enzyme and to maintain the optimum acidity (pH 13) for pepsin
function. Pepsin and other proteolytic enzymes are used in the laboratory analysis of
various proteins; pepsin is also used in the preparation of cheese and other
protein-containing foods.
Re: P E P S I
05/14/03 at 23:49:26
I wasnt trying to spread any rumors. Astagfirullah. I had heard this from my uncle and many people also say this. My intention was truly to get more info from people on this board whethr this is true or not (thats why i had the questionmark symbol). I went bak and read my post and I understand why one might have misunderstood 'since i said no more of these, huh? but it was truly meant as a question.

ANyway here is some info I found. I couldnt completely understand what this meant? But after some research it seems people are not saying this completely blindly. I think once they were trying to support ISrael?

[i][color=Blue][ In contrast Pepsi abided by the Arab League boycott of Israel which ended in May 1991, after 1992 Pepsi is also trading in Israel - see [2] ]


Prior to 1992, Pepsi had backed the other horse, choosing to service the lucrative Coke-less Arab markets in the boycott days. For its decision to stay out of Israel (and thus itself avoid being placed on the Arab League's blacklist), Pepsi faced continued criticism in the United States. In certain circles it was considered politically incorrect to be seen drinking Pepsi.

The Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith investigated claims that Pepsi was participating in the boycott of Israel. U.S. law prohibited American companies from taking part in this boycott, but the law was vague, and outright violations were hard to pin down. Nothing ever came of the investigations, and Pepsi was never placed on the American government's list of violators.


I got this info from
Re: P E P S I
05/16/03 at 17:28:26

sis silverose wrote
I hear there is also such thing as zam zam cola...?

yep there sure is
Re: P E P S I
05/17/03 at 01:48:32
Silverose, my apologies if I came across
in an accusing type manor. I sure didn't mean to.
I didn't think at all you were trying to start a rumor.
My advice on research was just the
mother hen in me that came out.

Sorry Sis didn't mean to make you feel accused
Re: P E P S I
05/17/03 at 01:52:27

no no you dont have to apologise plz... i wasnt even talking about you...
and Jazak Allahu Kair for your research.
(i was looking for info, thanx)
Re: P E P S I
05/21/03 at 15:50:46


wine beer champain and some cider and more and mor is forbidden because it is poisonous but there r also cider alcoholfree and we can drink it and i cant find anything poisonous in cola or pepsi or fanta ......

so i think they r HALAL
05/21/03 at 15:53:00
found this??
06/23/03 at 01:23:48

[i]Pepsi Cola
Pepsi admitted over the phone on July 8, 1999 that their products DO contain alcohol. Here is what Pepsi said:

"The oils that they use to make pepsi have minute traces of alcohol which combined make up a percentage of alcohol" - Pepsi (July 8, 1999 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time)
If you would like to contact Pepsi yourself, please call 1-800-433-2652.


I got hold of a human at Coke. I told him I wasn't looking for a lawsuit, I wasn't looking for "secret ingredients" I wasn't looking for any ingredient names. Here's what he said.

Here at Coke we comply with all government regulations and there is no alcohol in our products whatsoever. No fermentation takes place. Even in countries where Islam is the main religion we comply with all of their regulations.

I said "Does this mean that you have made a conscious desision that all of your ingredients even those flavorings which usually contain small amounts of alcohol, you use only ingredients which are alcohol free, all of the time, everywhere, without exception?"

He said " That is correct" I said, "So you use ALL ALCOHOL FREE ingredients, even your flavoring oils..." he said "That is Correct. I understand what you are saying. You are not looking for ingredients, you are a Muslim and you need to know if there are minute traces of alcohol, any amount." I said "Yes thats correct" He said "No, there is no way there could be any alcohol in our products"

However from Pepsi, I was told the same thing. Pepsi uses oils, such as Vanilla Extract, which contain small amounts of alcohol in them.

He also said that years ago there was cocaine in Coke, but that was before cocaine was illegal. When it became illegal they had to take all of the cocaine out of Coca Cola products. And that today there is no traces of Cocaine whatsoever in there products.

If anyone wants to check this out,

Pepsi 1(800)433-2652

Coke 1(800) 438-2653

One bit of advice, Coca Cola is VERY secretive about their products. They are mostly robots trained to say a few sentences, make sure you tell them you are not looking for ingredient names, or blame, or lawsuits. Let them know it is for religious reasons and that is all. I had to call back a few times before I could get someone to really talk to me...

Safiyah Johnson


I, Asma Rice (, also called Coca-Cola again and finally got someone to talk.  I was told there Coca-Cola products do not contain ANY alcohol in their products ... not even in the flavoring.  A written document is being forwarded to me within 10-14 days, Insha-Allah.  I called on July 9, 1999.


July 23, 1999 ... the Coca-Cola letter arrives!
The letter dated July 9, 1999 reads as follows (official letter is with me,

Dear Ms. Rice

Thank you for contacting us.  We appreciate this opportunity to provide information about the ingredients in our soft drinks.

In the manufacture of Coca-Cola products, alcohol is not ADDED as an ingredient and no fermentation takes place.  The ingredients and manufacturing process used in the production of our products are rigorously regulated by government and health authorities in nearly 200 countries that have consistanly RECOGNIZED our products as nonalcoholic.

As an aside, you may be interested to know that alcohol occurs extensively in nature.  A scientific review has shown that the majority of food and drink products, both natural and manufactured, MAY contain SMALL amounts of alcohol.  Such products include fruits, juices, vegetables, breads, cheeses, fishes, poultry, beef, and even honey.  The unavoidable presence of TRACES of alcohol in NATURAL foods is well known to food authorities and is taken into consideration when establishing food standards.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia has a standard for the testing of soft drinks (Standard No. 100 1398 H published by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization).  Use of this method shows our soft drinks to be FREE from alcohol.

I hope this information is helpful.  Thank you for your interest in the products of The Coca-Cola Company.


Kathy Daly

Consumer Affairs Specialist


Re: P E P S I
06/23/03 at 06:06:52

uh - Pay Every Penny Save Islam  ??

People say alot of things... :-*

ma asalaamah and take care

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