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03/10/03 at 15:18:04
As-salaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullah,

Anyone who knows Chicago -
What's the best masjid to go to for jumu'ah downtown?
I'm thinking of the area near Michigan Ave.

I can get a listing of masaajid from but I'd rather have an idea of how big or easy it is to get there. Even info on an on-campus jumu'ah would be fine, inshaa'Allaah.

Jazaakum Allaahu khair for your help!
03/10/03 at 15:19:03
Re: Chicago?
03/10/03 at 18:28:16

aslamu alykum wa rhamtullah,

I remember praying at MCC( Muslim Community Center of Chicago i think) and it was an okay experience. Every masjid has a different flavor to it.. According to my Chicagoan friend " Every Masjid in Chicago"  is awesome. Her personal fav is the Islamic foundation, insha'Allah i am planning to check it out in april :)

P.S: She said that the website really has not been updated  :P
Re: Chicago?
03/11/03 at 15:12:50
Jazaaki Allahu khair, I'll check it out, iA.

Let me guess, the rest of you thought this thread was about the musical?

03/11/03 at 15:13:39
Re: Chicago?
03/11/03 at 16:43:57

            Peace and e-Greetings be upon you,

          I used to live in Chicago back when the world was flat and I studied at
         the American Islamic College.

        They have Jumah on campus up there and yes there is a sister's section.

        AIC is in the 40 hundred block right on Marine Drive. Take the Sheridan bus
        and exit at Irving Park. AIC is at 640 Irving Park.

          Anyhooo, here's the direct url for Masjids in the ChicagoLand area.

          In The Loop, I recommend the Downtown Islamic Center on Wabash:

         Yeah it's up on the 5th floor, but Alhumdulillah, when you get up there,
         it's such an amazing MuSsalah, size wise I mean, PLENTY of former
         office space turned into a nice comfy carpet'd oasis in the city.

         As the centre is located on South Wabash Avenue, I further suggest that
         you visit my favourite restaurant, also on Wabash: 'Heaven on 7even'.

         It's on the 7th floor about a block away and across the street from the
         Downtown Islamic Center.  Cajun food with fire breathing hot sauce!

         But I digress.

         Of course is run by the same muslims who run

          And I now live back in Toronto.  Strange Co-Incidence?
          Nyah, just something to write about on this very slow blogging  day.

          InshAllah, YOu find Juma Works for you in Chicago, the City that Works.

          ~ HiMY! ~

Re: Chicago?
03/12/03 at 08:54:26
[quote]Let me guess, the rest of you thought this thread was about the musical?

You hit the nail on the head, sis!!  ;D  ;D
03/12/03 at 08:58:47
Re: Chicago?
03/14/03 at 03:22:43

I was raised in Chicago but recently moved.  I would recommend you go to MCC for Jumu'ah.  
I love praying Jumu'ah there because you literally see the whole world there, every
nationality possible and reverts from all walks.  Also, the Imams there have amazing qiraat.
Re: Chicago?
03/14/03 at 11:32:27

     P.S.  The musical Chicago Movie was filmed in Toronto.

     Another one of those co-incithings....

     Now If if only I could get a Halal GYRO here in T.O. ....

      [i]I decided to modify this post rather than add the following news item as a new message ~ HiMY! ~
      15 Mar 2003[/i]

Chicago mosque attacked

Muslim advocacy groups on Thursday urged the FBI and other US security agencies to protect them against hate crimes after an attack on a mosque in Chicago.

More than 100 Muslims were praying inside when the mosque was attacked on Wednesday.

"It was a deliberate attempt to kill worshippers because those praying were clearly visible to the attackers through the large windows of the mosque," says Abdul Hameed Dogar, director Islamic Foundation, Chicago.

Witnesses told police investigators that worshippers heard two loud bangs just after evening prayer at the Islamic Foundation in Villa Park, near Chicago, one of the largest mosques and Islamic schools in America.

When the worshippers rushed to investigate the bangs, they saw two bullet marks on a window, witnesses said.

Villa Park police detective John Szkolka told the Council on Arab-Islamic Relations ha is following "some leads" in the case. Szkolka said the attack was "almost certainly" bias-related.

This was not the first such attack on the mosque. In 1999, vandals threw a chunk of concrete through a glass door and broke a window. Other incidents of vandalism occurred while the mosque was under construction. Following the 9/11 terror attacks, the mosque received a number of threats.

"We are thankful that no one was hurt in last night's attack. This incident is just the latest in a series of assaults on and threats against American Muslims in recent weeks," said Omar Haydar, a Muslim community leader in Chicago.

"We believe the increase in hate crimes is directly related to the drumbeat of pro-war and anti-Muslim rhetoric in our society. Local law enforcement agencies should offer increased protection to Muslim communities and their institutions during this time of crisis," he added.

Haydar noted that earlier this week, death threats were made against Muslim students.

03/15/03 at 21:26:18
Re: Chicago?
03/17/03 at 11:48:52
As-salaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullaah,

Jazaakum Allahu khair for all the suggestions, was only there for a couple days, but did get to check out the downtown Islamic Center for Jumu'ah. Really good khutbah, mashaa'Allaah (not sure who the khateeb was, but any khutbah where the Imam freely prays for the safety of the Iraqis etc, and makes du'aa that Allaah guide the hearts of western leaders, is a good khutbah). I didn't get a chance to check out the Islamic Foundation, but may Allaah protect all of His worshippers and places of worship, aameen.

Also found out that the Downtown Islamic Center is currently trying to raise $350,000 to buy a site for downtown prayers, rather than rent out the 5th flr (which they're paying $50,000/year for). Apparently, it wouldn't be located much further away, and would be much better for the community in the long-run, inshaa'Allaah. Allaahu A'lim.
Check out this link for an address to donate, inshaa'Allaah.

I was asked by one of the sisters to circulate info about an upcoming event in Chicago organized by the Nawawi Foundation. I lost the flyer, but Dr. Omar Farooq Abd-Allah and Hamza Yusuf will be speaking, in case any of you are in Chicago the wkd of 4/12/03.

And don't forget, ISNA is back at the McCormick Center this year!

Ok, I officially became a Chicago-ian (?) for a minute there.
03/17/03 at 11:50:33

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