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Bollywood - Aid To Oppression

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Bollywood - Aid To Oppression
01/21/03 at 11:55:36
Bollywood - Aid To Oppression

In today's society the Asian (Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, etc.)
Muslims are being brain washed by what I call the 'the Bollywood
culture'. It is indeed a very sad scenario for the eyes and the ears
to take in. My main concern lies with the Kashmiri issue.

Many Asian Muslim families go to concerts and movies to see their
favourite Indian stars at their best. But what they don't think about
is, that at the same time these people are killing and torturing
their Muslim brothers and raping their sisters.

You're probably thinking that this guys loosing it or "oh no here
comes another fundi (fundamentalist)" ...well just take a few seconds
and think about what is right.

A percentage of every concert ticket, cinema ticket and video rental
goes to the Indian army. As we saw during the Kargil scenario the
Indian actors and actresses openly gave donations of millions of
rupees to the army. "Where did that money come from?" well, from the
pockets of some rather generous Muslims.

At the moment the presence of the occupying forces in Kashmir stands
at over 700,000. Nowhere in the world is the scale of the army to
civilian ratio so high. Where does the money come to employ such a
large army? The forces are responsible for the grossest human rights
violations meted out by anyone.

So what??? Does it concern us? We are safe in our little havens in
the West. Does it matter when a 14-year-old girl is gang raped by
barbarians while her parents are forced to look on? Does it concern
us that our sisters commit suicide when they find out that they are
pregnant after a rape? Is it worth thinking about the mother who
cries for the only son she had was tortured to death because he was a
20-year-old youth who practiced Islam? Sorry to be so graphic, but
let me tell you the reality is a lot worse!

Next time you are screaming your head off at Salman Khan's dance
routine at a concert... next time you are smiling at Ashawariya Rae
dancing half naked on a mountain in Switzerland... just think...
think about that young innocent face of the 14 year old Muslim girl,
think about the tears of an elderly mothers in Kashmir, which is now
known as "The Valley of Death"...

May Allah guide us all to the right path. The path of the pious.

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