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You have a question?
02/11/02 at 03:01:19
Asalaamu Alaikum ;-)

As promised myself and Br Abdul Basir will be online on Wed 13 February to answer any questions you may have on Hajj.

Feel free to ask anything from the duties that you need to perform to may be just what its like to travel all that way.

We may not have all the answers but inshaAllah we'll be able to give some idea of what its like to go.

Either leave questions in this thread or IM myself or Br Abdul Basir before.

Alternatively just ask us a question online when we're on!!!

Okay the all important times are:

6pm EST
11pm UK

Brs Khalid & Abdul Basir

Re: You have a question?
02/11/02 at 04:11:35
Jazakum Allakh khair brothers for this.
I shouldn't have any questions at this point but I want to be sure I know what I'm doing!
1- If I understand right, a mutamatti' doesn't perform tawaaf and sa'ee on the day of tarwiya, he just goes to mina.
2- When a man clips his hair after umra, does he have to clip all the hair all over the head, or just clip around the nape of the neck?
3- Should I take bath towels? (the hotel is supposedly a 4 star hotel but I don't know...)

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