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Cry my beloved country
02/11/02 at 01:06:57
Assalamualaikum wr wb

Too many things have happened in and to the Muslim world and too much tears have been shed lately.  When I read the book Cry My Beloved Country those many years ago, the biggest worry I had was whether my acne would clear up in time for the inter-school sports carnival.  Sure I felt sad for the struggles depicted in the book...but I was detached.  Struggles seem too wearying for a heady and giggly schoolgirl like me.

Now, many years have passed and I can no longer deny whats my fitrah. I am not a child of a bounded space, I am not a ceamless entity.  I am a Muslim...and I have responsibilites in claiming that right.  I look around me and I see turmoil besetting the nation, the country I belong to...the world of Islam.  Since 9/11, its as if there is an automatic licence for anyone and everyone to attack my decent personal space just because I am Muslim.  I am disadvantaged because of my religion.  It matters not that I and Islam are innocent, but we are suspects nevertheless.

My children are disallowed from wearing the hijab, the symbol of their obedience to the call of ALlah. My children is asked to choose between education or hijab, both a duty in Islam.  They are not given the freedom to understand that hjab and education, hijab and all human concerns and activities are symbiotic and not polaric thus there is no contradiction.

The fate of the Afghan children are now being shaped by people who believed that they know whats best for the children while at the same time understanding Muslims to be synonamous with terrorism.  The same hands that offer food are the same eyes that glint with suspicion and paranoia when I board the plane with full hijab.

Leaders who call themselves Muslims kept strangely silent and passive when the devil incarnate Ariel Sharon actually expressed regret not killing a brother and sleeps at night smiling due to the number of Palestinians killed in the day.  Same Muslim leaders who in the name of diplomatic ties accepts the USA hogwash statement about Sharon's intention. Same Muslim leaders who quickly galvanised into actions when the price of petrol is terrorised.

How many of my countrymen has forgotten the sad stories of Somalia and Irag now that newer concerns have loomed in the horizon ? How many of us still remember the potrait of fear and hunger on the faces of these children ?

Cry my beloved country...cry for everything we have lost.  Then rise again...with a stronger spirit washed by the tears of our repentence.  Perhaps we might once again see the coming of the black banners from the east. We compromise nothing..we seek freedom and independence and sovereignty for our country of Islam.


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