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Nickelodeon and Muslims
02/08/02 at 19:33:24

check this out and pass the news....


In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most

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Sunday Feb. 10th @ 8:30PM Eastern time, 5:30 PM Pacific
BOTH Nickelodeon
Noggin, the children channels on National cable will
air a positive
called "A WALK IN YOUR SHOES" about living the life of
Muslims in America.

The program will feature Algazaly High School in
Teaneck, New Jersey and
Islamic Center of Passaic County 'ICPC' in New Jersey.

Please watch it and send your comments to the Networks
so they keep
producing positive programs.
Re: Nickelodeon and Muslims
02/10/02 at 21:34:32

i watched it, it was good! hamdulillah :) when the guy was saying the adhaan at her school, i saw in the background this little kid wearing glasses, he was soo cute! hehe, i want a little bro! :( but anywho, it was good =)

what do the rest think of it???

all rightey, take care, good night, wasalams
Re: Nickelodeon and Muslims
02/11/02 at 08:58:57

I watched it too- other than the handshake [i] grr...why is there always the handshake...[/i], it was very good.

Some points I found interesting were prayers and dress.

The second day that the teenage girl went to be with the Muslims, she carefully choose her clothes and made a comment about them. She chose much more modest clothing. I expected a "I can wear what i want" attitude. Al-Humudullillah she just naturally wanted to be more modest.

Prayer- as many of you know- i think it is a big Dawah 'break down the door"

She commented that at first she was nervous and did not know what to do. By the next day she said she was very comfortable praying- and she was doing a good job! As we know- everyone can make our prayers- it does not include anything they can not attest or believe in.

I found her remarks refreshing. There was no white washing as there was in the other show. She actually came out and said that her and her friends are apprehensive when they run into a Muslim. We know they are thinking it- bravo for saying it out loud!

Did anyone notice that they used alot of dialog that we have used on this message board? Granted it could have come from anywhere. Do you guys remember helping me with the Zak puppet show for the kids? We posted it- and many of you added good lines. Alot of the lines seemed to be the same.
Re: Nickelodeon and Muslims
02/12/02 at 16:25:18
This is cool check it out:

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