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02/01/02 at 07:26:14
Assalamu Alaikum,

I can almost here se7en typing away a link to previous discussion regarding the permissability of movies but I just had to post this thread for a resolution of an internal conflict.  Could someone please tell me once and for all whether it is Haram to watch movies??

Whenever the thought of watching a movie comes to mind I remember a post by Br. humble_muslim where he said that it was haram to look at women and thus it was haram to watch movies, in his opinion.  Extrapolating that I managed to deduce similarly regarding the fact that most movies have music in them.  

But the point is that I do not watch movies for the women nor for the music.  I watch them *occasionally* for relaxation and that too only when it is a group thing and I get invited by friends.  Of course I understand that I will never watch a movie that is vulgar.

So what can you tell me?

Wassalamu Alaikum,
Re: Movies
02/01/02 at 14:39:39

funny you thing your bringing up movies...

the msa at my college plans to hold an event to watch a movie (maybe the gladiator or matrix) and have a discussion about the islamic themes on those movies,

we're not watching them for the fun of it, so to your question, i think it depends on your intention of the purpose to watch the movie,

is it to look at the women/men.... then i think you know the answer to that...

another thing i wanted to point out is there is a website which is sooooooo good relating to movies,, this website wil tell you EVERYTHING bad about the movie (meaning if there is nudity, sex, swear words....), they even tell you how long it last, how many swear words, etc, they say which ages are appropriate for this movie, because even if it says rated R doesnt mean a 17 yaer should be watching it....

check it out
Re: Movies
02/01/02 at 20:56:57
As salamu alaykum

Nouha, have you thought about showing the Color of Paradise?  

I am not going to say if watching movies is halal or haram.  Everyone needs to decide for himself/herself.  I do have some things that I'm curious about.  Even if I see a movie that is islamically okay i.e. no kissing or other scenes what about the interaction between a male and a female who are not mahram for one another?  How important is it for me not to be watching actors pretending to be married or a fake father and daughter relationship? When we talk about the reasons for not watching movies or tv it is always the big stuff, but what about the little stuff that really is not islamic either?  

Just some questions.

As salamu alaykum
Re: Movies
02/02/02 at 14:45:50
as salaamu alaykum,

[quote]I can almost here se7en typing away a link to previous discussion regarding the permissability of movies [/quote]

:)  we actually haven't *had* a discussion on this subject before..
Re: Movies
02/03/02 at 01:26:22

I thought we did have a discussion, I'm pretty sure I can remember some of the points mentioned, but perhaps it was on the older board.
Re: Movies
02/03/02 at 16:21:05
some say it's haram
some say it isn't

both have their reasoning and their understandings

please leave it at that before it explodes into a "you're wrong i'm right" post

was salam

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