Will Smith accepting to Islam!!?

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Will Smith accepting to Islam!!?
01/28/02 at 02:08:28
I just wanted to know if somebody knows if there is an
official statement by will smith about his conversion anywhere, or is this
just a rumor?
The link below was the only site i was able to find...
Re: Will Smith accepting to Islam!!?
01/28/02 at 02:33:27

as salaamu alaykum,

check out the discussion [url=http://www.jannah.org/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl/YaBB.pl?board=bebzi&action=display&num=5487]here[/url].

wasalaam :)
Re: Will Smith accepting to Islam!!?
01/28/02 at 03:44:00
aslaamu alaikum,

looks like your on a roll Se7en... eh? :) aslaamu alaikum. abdullah,.
Re: Will Smith accepting to Islam!!?
01/28/02 at 03:51:37

wa alaykum as salaam wa rahmatAllah :)

It's 4 am, fajr is at 6, I have an 8 AM class, I can't sleep, and I'm in a weird mood.  So I thought I'd try to do something productive :)
Re: Will Smith accepting to Islam!!?
01/31/02 at 23:30:42
assalam u alikum,
May Allah swt give Will Smith hidayath to revert back to Islam Ameen

This reminds me of another article that came out in a local Isalmci news paper Islamic voice (www.islamicvoice.com) way back in the late 80s or early 90s saying that Michael Jackson had reverted to Islam
this cuased a lot of excitement  :)and I remebr a class mate had even cut out the article and was passing it around in our predominantly non muslim school :)
Then after two months the paper came out with another statement that the info was wrong and Michael Jackson hadnt reverted though he admired the relifion greatly
I wonder if this was published in this part of the world too or any one remembers it :)
Re: Will Smith accepting to Islam!!?
02/01/02 at 11:50:28
Salam :)

I think all us mozlimz should leave the poor guy alone.  Even if he did convert, I doubt he would tell anybody at this time.  They would probably have him shot along with poor Mr. Walker.

I know from my experience with friends who accepted Islam that its a deeply personal experience that they don't want the whole world buzzing about.  I hope we can avoid sending around e-mails about rumors that people have heard, or even things if they prove true.

Re: Will Smith accepting to Islam!!?
02/03/02 at 00:01:10
Is this going to happen every time an actor takes on the roll of a Muslim?

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