Any Activities/Events in Northwest???

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Any Activities/Events in Northwest???
01/28/02 at 02:06:36
salaamu alaikum,
The MSA at my college would like to take a trip to an event or
activity in the Pacific Northwest. Does anyone know of anything that is going
on or that will be going on in the future? If so could you please
e-mail it to me at Jazakum Allahu khair wa salaamu
          Sister in Seattle
Re: Any Activities/Events in Northwest???
01/28/02 at 12:37:07
Yes I would like to know also as I live within an hours drive of Seattle. If sis anon would like to email me at  I would like having someone to go with to Muslim/Islamic events as I could use some assistance learning proper etiquiet(spelling) at such events.

I would also like to take Arabic classes if they have any in the Tacoma or Seattle area.

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