Wrigley's gum not HALAL!!!

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Wrigley's gum not HALAL!!!
01/07/02 at 01:52:06

For some months now, ppl (including my mom) have been telling me that chewing Wrigley's gum is not HALAL but no one seemed to have the proof. Someone sent me the email that the Wrigley company replied back to and so here it is.


To all Wrigley Chewing Gum lovers, it is not halal anymore. Read below
and e-mail from Wrigley...

Any Info can be obtained from WWW.wrigley.com..

e-mail From: pr@wrigley.com

Dear Hameed:

Thank you for visiting our web site, Wrigley.com, to ask if we Use any
animal-derived ingredients in the  manufacturer of Wrigley's gum. We
appreciate your interest in our product.  At one time, Wrigley
products were made with vegetable-or mineral-derived softening

However, the availability of these types of softeners decreased several
years ago when major sources closed their manufacturing facilities. Since
we can no longer guarantee that all Wrigley brands from all of our
factories will always be made with vegetable-or mineral-derived
our products may not always be acceptable for your diet. We're sorry that
you may not be able to chew Wrigley's gum, but we appreciate your
contacting us so that we can give you the facts.

Sincerely yours,
Denise Young
Consumer Affairs Department
Re: i'm new
01/07/02 at 14:28:47
my name is faiza and i am ten years old. i was requested by some one to register and it is ver nice here.i don't know u people so i had better go
Re: Wrigley's gum not HALAL!!!
01/10/02 at 19:50:42
as salaamu alaykum, (and faiza welcome to the board :))

I sent the wrigley corporation an email and received this response:

From: PR@wrigley.com
Sender: nslivoski@wrigley.com
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 14:38:30 -0600
X-MIMETrack: Serialize by Router on CMOMA1/Amer/Wrigley(Release 5.0.6a January 17, 2001) at 01/10/2002 02:38:30 PM, Serialize complete at 01/10/2002 02:38:30 PM

Thank you for contacting the Wrigley Company to request information about our ingredients.  We are happy to confirm that the following US products contain no animal sourced ingredients:

Wrigley's Doublemint®    
Big Red®
Extra® Sugarfree Spearmint      
Classic Bubble gum
Original Bubble gum

Freedent® Spearmint

Eclipse® sugarfree Winterfresh
Polar Ice

Orbit® sugarfree Peppermint
You will be pleased to know that the glycerin currently used in the softeners for US Wrigley's gum is vegetable based.  

Our formulations do change from time to time.  Be sure to visit Wrigley.com often to get the most up to date information.

Once again. thank you for writing.  We hope you continue to enjoy Wrigley brands!



Nancy Slivoski
Consumer Affairs Department


Something else I want to mention is that, there is some difference of opinion when it comes to the permissibility of animal derived products in which the animal substance has been *chemically* altered.

wAllahu a'lam.

wasalaamu alaykum wa rahmatAllah.
Re: Wrigley's gum not HALAL!!!
01/13/02 at 20:41:22

an e-mail forwarded to me from an islamic mailing list.



Hope u r all in good health and iman inshallah -

Just wanted 2 say a few things - That e-mail about wrigleys - the fact
that the mail was from a Nancy 'Slivoski' was off putting enough even though 'she said' that they are suitable for vegitarians - Hope I dont sound too hardcore - but if you look at all the muslims around the world we truly do live a luxurious life - like paying beyond the price of quality clothes just so you can have the name of another capitalist deigner label which loox 'cool', etc -but then whats a neccessity and whats somthing you just 'want'?

Looking at the muslims around the world - the ummah that we r a part of - we should inshallah reflect on the fact that there are so many brothers and sisters out there happy and able to smile even if they have no money or luxury - mashallah - ...and somthing rigorously marketed, manufactured using so many different ingredients (and they dont even have to list all of them), and sold on a global scale - which is just for refreshing your breath - I'd consider that a luxury...but today the world runs and revolves around the service
industry - around consumerism, capitalism and making people think they need things they dont - as well as making people think things they want them to think.

For the sister who runs this mailing list - could you please put me on
the weekly or daily digest - mashallah there are so many mails- its very pleasing to c this jamat active in discussion- If I have said anything wrong in this mail, I seek Allahs forgiveness and yours too if I have offended you.



..and Remember that when we eat the food we eat and drink what we drink - it does not sustain us - Allah does and Allah takes away our hunger.

?And if you obey most of those on the earth, they will
mislead you far away from Allah?s path? (al-An?aam 6:116)

Re: Wrigley's gum not HALAL!!!
01/15/02 at 12:04:48

i chew orbit which is made by wrigleys and i looked at the back of it and it did say suitable for vegetarians and i read the ingredients properly. The best thing to do is read the ingredients for everything that you do doubt because companys change them all the time - one minutes its ok, the next is not! (like the on going skittles saga)


Re: Wrigley's gum not HALAL!!!
01/15/02 at 17:53:14

skittles ~and~ starbust saga ;-D

and hehe, you used your first post to talk about gum? why don't you go and introduce yourself in the bebzi stand? go ahead, don't be shy now! it's all good =)

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