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Bush madder than heck...
01/05/02 at 00:31:29

A member of President George W Bush's bodyguard, who is of Arab descent, has publicly accused American Airlines of singling him out because of his race when it asked him to leave a flight on Christmas Day.
At a news conference, lawyers for the 33-year-old secret service agent, who asked not to be identified, accused the American Airlines pilot of acting in a "rude an unprofessional" manner.
They said there was no doubt that the incident would not have happened if the man had not been of Middle Eastern extraction.
The agent is seeking a public apology from the airline which denies any wrongdoing.
President Bush has expressed concern at the possibility of his bodyguard having been a target of racial discrimination.
Two versions
The agent was on his way to joining the president's security team when he was asked to leave the American Airlines flight.
He was subject to special security procedures because he was carrying a weapon.
His lawyers say he complied with all regulations in a professional manner.
But the airline says the secret agent was unruly.
The pilot had become suspicious because the passenger had failed to fill out necessary security forms twice
and had become hostile towards him.
He had been alerted by one of the flight attendants that the man was carrying a book written in an "Arabic style print" - a history of the Middle East, according to the defence lawyers.
While he was trying to verify the man's identity, the pilot said, the agent "came up to me with loud abusive comments".
He said that, in light of recent events, he had had to err on the side of caution.
Company undeterred
Following the incident, American Airlines decided to ban Mr Bush's bodyguard from boarding any of their flights.
The company said it would not be deterred from protecting the safety of its passengers by "frivolous claims of racial profiling".
The secret agent, who was not at the press conference, said in a statement: "It's never been my desire to make this incident personal. This case is only about the facts. I love my job and I want to thank my fellow agents for all their support. God bless America."
He has been supported by President Bush.
Mr Bush has said he is proud of his bodyguard, adding: "But if he was treated that way because of his ethnicity, that will make me madder than heck."
Re: Bush madder than heck...
01/05/02 at 01:45:38
Assalamu Alaikum waRahmatullaHi waBarakatuHu,

What do u guys think - Bush really has nothing against ppl of Middle Eastern descent or he's just making up some of it??
I think he has nothing against ppl from Middle Eastern countries. But I don't like what he's doing to Afghanistan. Sometimes i get confused on what to say for situations like these. Should I say May Allah (SWT) punish them as He sees fit or should I say May Allah (SWT) guide them on the right path. Anyone???
The airlines use every excuse in the book not to be blamed for everything. I think they did ask him to leave b/c of his ethnicity. I personally don't like some of the employees of airlines and airports.

Just my two cents,

Wassalamu Alaikum,
Re: Bush madder than heck...
01/05/02 at 10:41:11
If people behave like slaves then they should be treated as such.
This man works as a agent of America, the supporter of Israel. Then he gets treated in a racist manner. Evedence provided for him being risky was that he was carrying a arabic book.
So what does he say?
God bless America.
I mean if you kick a man in the teeth and then he tells you how nice you are, then it can be atken that he does not mind being treated in that way.
Re: Bush madder than heck...
01/05/02 at 22:13:20
Well said brother NJ. I think Allah has given you the gift of being concise.

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