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Holding Mom's Hand
01/04/02 at 09:24:24

Today my son and I were walking to school. I noticed that for the first time he did not take my hand. [i]sniff sniff[/i]

My heart was heavy- I was thinking how fast time goes- then all of a sudden I felt him grab my hand....

How old were you when you stopped holding your Mom's hand?
Re: Holding Mom's Hand
01/04/02 at 10:00:49

How old were you when you stopped holding your Mom's hand?[/quote]

I think some of the brothers haven't stopped holding it. :)
Re: Holding Mom's Hand
01/04/02 at 14:16:01
My Mum and my aunts hold my arm.
Re: Holding Mom's Hand
01/04/02 at 14:37:39

aww kathy! that was such a cute story..at first, i was *sniffing* with you when he didn't hold your hand, but then at the end, i had a *big* smile on my face, because then he held it :)

i would hope there is no age for a guy to stop holding his mother's hand, it's a cute gesture and i know many guys still do that, so don't worry about it :)

and jehad- hold you by your arms? OUCH!! doesn't that hurt?! sounds like your some prisoner and each lady is holding you by your arms to take you away :D

all rightey, and oh, kathy- you're such a CUTE mother! when you said your heart felt heavy- awwwwww that was just tooo cute! MashaAllah :)

okee dokee! Take Care

Ta Ta and Wa Salaams =)
Re: Holding Mom's Hand
01/05/02 at 13:07:35
lol..cute...i'm not a brother...but i see in my 2 younger brothers..one of them went thro that stage of like.."eww..i cant hold my moms hand..i'm not a little kid anymore"..and then now..that hes like matured and stuff...he goes right back to always holding her hand and stuff..so dont freak over it..inshallah he'll come back to it after he get over that stage of anything to do with parents being uncool:)
Re: Holding Mom's Hand
01/05/02 at 14:02:34
Well when they get to that age that's when you show them how to offer you his arm. Then he is  "The Man"   :)
Tell an older son it shows respect to offer you his arm and be the leader. Mention the word respect and "leader" along with how it will help you from slipping and possibly falling.
Works like a charm when going over snow and ice in the winter and by time spring comes it's a habit.
This has a duel purpose, showing him to be a gentleman and you keep that contact while he matures.
sneaky????????? You bet  ;-D  But it works.
Re: Holding Mom's Hand
01/05/02 at 19:17:58

kathy that was soooo cute....

and i dont think there is an age when u have to stop holding his hand :) remember that jannah lies under the feet of the mother :)

when my imams son (age 18) came to live with him after being in his country he used to hold his hand in public, i thought it was cute, but apparently the american society does not accept this and would have given him alot of problems so they stopped

Re: Holding Mom's Hand
01/06/02 at 06:42:50
............i still hold ma papas hands!
but not ma moms, coz she neva goes out with me no more:(
..so doesnt ma papa! hehee

but theres nuthin rong in holdin ur parents hands!

my neice and nephews hold my hand..
01/08/02 at 00:38:06
walikumas'salaam warahmatullah ;-D

[quote]I think some of the brothers haven't stopped holding it. :)[/quote]

so does this mean, YOU still hold ur ammi's hand? ??? just wondering..cuz u didn't really answer the question ;) ;-D :)
Re: Holding Mom's Hand
01/08/02 at 22:34:13
asalamu alaikum,

I wish I could hold my mummy's hand... even just for a second :( asalaamu alaikum. abdullah,.
Re: my neice and nephews hold my hand..
01/08/02 at 22:50:58

[quote]just wondering..cuz u didn't really answer the question ;) ;-D :)[/quote]

Hota hai. :)  Don't punga in the gunga. :)
Re: Holding Mom's Hand
01/09/02 at 06:27:21
Kids grow up so quickly these days.  It's a bittersweet experience to see your kids grow away from you.  On the one hand you are glad that they have their friends and are learning the rudimentarys of independance, and yet, on the other hand...they are STILL your BABIES!!! ;-D

Been through it with my daughter....so I am more aware of it now that my son is growing up :) - My sister calls it empty lap syndrome!!

I must tell you though, experience doesn't make it any more comforting .....

Re: Holding Mom's Hand
01/09/02 at 07:46:16
as-salaam alaikum,

Hehe, That is just soo cute:) i'm sure its just a lil thing boys go through when their growing up, but it must be a lil painfull for the mums huh??? its so sweet how some of the older bros still hold their moms hand/arms...hehe!!!:)

Re: Holding Mom's Hand
01/11/02 at 10:36:18

Mom Moment Update:

He bought me roses the other day - with his allowance......
Re: Holding Mom's Hand
01/11/02 at 13:16:26
Wa'alaikumussalam warahmatullah,

[quote]He bought me roses the other day - with his allowance...... [/quote]

Awww.. subhanallah.. that is so sweet:):):)

I'm serious, Kathy, my girl and your boy ;) Well, if she doesn't mind marrying a much older man ;) And our grandchildren, would be a good mix of Arab, Caucasian, Malay and *****. :)

Cara, thanx, for the tip! I'd sure have that under my sleeves. It's not in my culture for sons to offer their arms.But I like that. I'll keep it, inshaALlah. :)

And just for the record...

[quote]How old were you when you stopped holding your Mom's hand? [/quote]

When I learnt to cross the street on my own. Can't remember how old I was.

Wassalam :-)

Re: Holding Mom's Hand
01/12/02 at 09:51:10
How old were you when you stopped holding your Mom's hand?


When I learnt to cross the street on my own. Can't remember how old I was.

You were 20 weren't you Barr? :D

Re: Holding Mom's Hand
01/12/02 at 22:23:12
Assalamu'alaikum :-)

[quote]You were 20 weren't you Barr? [/quote]

Oh hoh!!!!! Yeah, *figuratively speaking* and then, I decided to cross 2 continents and leave the country straight after that:)

Watch out, Hania, don't mess with me.. you know what happened to Eleanor...[i]Check out the Bebzi Stand *Muahahahahahahahaha*[/i]

Love ya... but gotta leave ya ;)

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