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Language Software?

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Language Software?
07/29/02 at 21:44:12
   I would like to type my Salat in Arabic.  I do not speak or read Arabic, nor do I have any current software for my PC which does.  What do I need to get started and where can I find it.  Again I want to type in English and have the print be in Arabic.  Also I would like the English/Arabic as well (ex. Bismilla...It's not really Arabic or English but a translation so that English readers can pronounce Arabic words.)  Also I would prefer a software package that has many choices of fonts within the confines of Arabic script.  Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.  Nathan.
Re: Language Software?
07/30/02 at 00:06:11
Assalam aleikum Nathan,

Microsoft has a localized version of it's MSWord processer which allows you to type in Arabic (You would need to know the key mappings though).

If you are not a big Micro$oft fan, you could try Sun's StarOffice software (it's cheaper than MS Office).

If you want to try out something for free, then MultiKey is a great add-on to your existing MSWord. You can get this at:

Once you install this software, you'll see a MultiKey icon in MSWord and you can choose the Arabic font by clicking on it. Once you've set the font to arabic,whatever you type in English will be phonetically translated to Arabic. (So A = alif, B = Baa etc.). Using a little trial-and-error, you can type out basic sentences.

Having said that you would need to be familiar with Arabic in order to type correctly. I don't think there is any software that would map Arabic script one-to-one with  an English keyboard.

Hope this helps.

Re: Language Software?
07/30/02 at 12:20:49
Thank you.
Re: Language Software?
07/30/02 at 19:33:18
Assalamu Alaikum

you can visit this website for the prayer(if that is what you need):

Otherwise you can dowload this PDF file that is part of this book :

The Easy Dictionary of the Qur’aan  
Internet Version : compiled in pdf format  
To view you need to have pdf viewer from Adobe  
Compiled By  
Shaikh AbdulKarim Parekh  
Translated By  
(Late) AbdurRasheed Kamptee  
Dr. Abdulazeez Abdulraheem  
Shaikh AbdulGhafoor Parekh  

The PDF file contain both the english and arabic(almost word for word),next to each other.It contain many parts of the daily prayers,and other things:

if you need the whole book,where every arabic words of the Qur'an is next to the english translation,i will post the links of the whole book.
07/30/02 at 19:43:23

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