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05/23/02 at 18:33:09
     In the name of Allah The Merciful The Compassionate.

Al Salam Alaikum Wa RahmatuAllahi Wa BarakatuHu,
May peace be upon you and Allah's Compassion and His Blessings.

     Allah describes Himself in the Quran using metaphors
of the creation. Allah is far Greater than anything of His Creation.
Allah is Far Above and Exalted of the things that some
people attribute to Him. There is nothing like Allah.

     Allah mentions in The Quran about His HANDS. Unlike human's
eyes, Allah controls everything that occurs in the vastness of this
universe. In Allah's HANDS is Dominion. In Allah's HANDS is
the Control of everything. In Allah's HANDS is Good. Allah created Adam, the first Human with His
HANDS. Allah created with His HANDS cattle for our use. Allahs HANDS
are over the hands of some of the Sahabah the pledged allegiance
to prophet Muhammed (May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him).

     The Jews say that Allah's HAND is tied up. Allah curses them
for what they say and makes their hands tied up. No, Both of Allah's
HANDS are wide open, and Allah gives (of His bounty) as He Pleases.  
Allah is Rich.

     Allah mentions in The Quran about His EYES. Unlike human's
eyes, Allah sees everything that occurs in the vastness of this
universe. Nothing is hidden from Allah. Noah constructed the ark
under the EYES of Allah. That ark flowed under the EYES of Allah.
Moses (May Allah's peace be upon him) was raised under Allah's EYES.
We are under the EYES of Allah. No eyesight
can grasp Allah, but Allah grasps all eyesight.

     Allah mentions in The Quran about His Shin (Leg). On the
day of Judgment Allah Will expose His Shin, and people will be
called to make prostration to Him. The people that Prostrated to
Him in this world will be able to Prostrate To Him. The people
that were asked to make prostration to Him in this world, but
refused, and the people that prostrated just to show off will not
be able to. Their backs will become rigid like a plank of wood.
They should have prostrated to Allah when they were able to.          

     Allah mentions in several places in the Quran about His
FACE. The greatest delight in the Jannah would be the pleasure that
a believer has in seeing Allah's FACE. The disbelievers will
be veiled from seeing Allah's FACE.  

     These are some of the examples Allah gives us in the Quran
to Help us know Him Better. Allah's attributes are Far Greater than
any of us mere mortals. Allah is The Lord of the heavens and the earth.
He is All Powerful and All Knowing. It is by His Grace that He has
guided us to the belief in Him. Let us all strive to learn more
about Allah. Let us all read and understand Allah's words that
has given us in the Quran.

     Oh Allah Please Accept from Us. You are the ALL-HEARING
and ALL-KNOWING. Oh Allah, let us remember You much, and give
us a good reward in the Jannah. Oh Allah please forgive us and
have Mercy upon us. Amin.

Al Salam Alaikum Wa RahmatuAllahi Wa BarakatuHu,
May peace be upon you and Allah's Compassion and His Blessings.


Re: Allah
05/23/02 at 20:12:58
assalaamu alaikum

Without getting too heavy into this, and knowing that there are scholars who have held the above opinion, the basic principle is that espoused in the Qur'an 42:9: There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the All-Hearing, All-Seeing.

If Allah says that He has Hnds, then we accept that to be true - without explaining it away to mean for instance that His Hand means His Dominion*, yet at the same time recognising that these are Hands that befit the majesty of Allah. And likewise with the rest of Allah's sublime attributes.

Wa Salaam

* In fact, if you take the argument that Allah's Hands represent dominion, then it doesn't make much sense when you apply it to the ayat and hadith which refer to our father Adam (peace be upon him) being created with Allah's Hands. Especially, note that in surah 38 verse 75, the reference to the Hands of Allah, Most High is in the plural, making the suggested metaphorical explanation of the attribute even less likely to be correct.
05/23/02 at 20:20:49
Re: Allah
05/23/02 at 20:28:48
Hmmm.. I also feel like these words written in all uppercase are kind of incitement for debate whose results may not be pleasent. I guess it's best to leave this debate to scholars. :-X
Re: Allah
05/23/02 at 21:32:46

This book has a good discussion on this, I'm going to lock the thread now.

Hasan al-Banna

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