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Point me to it.

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Point me to it.
05/09/02 at 06:23:01

 This is my first time on the board. Mashallah the user interface is among the best I've seen yet. One problem though; There are so many rooms( or should I say boards) that I am having difficulty in deciding which one to chose. So why won't somebody be a pal and point me to the most hype and happening room.

Re: Point me to it.
05/09/02 at 07:27:05
Every forum has it's flavor... If you're looking for politics and current events the Ummah CC is the place to be. If it's jokes and meeting ppl it's the Bebzi stand, if it's a poetry reading or two it's the Shahada and so on.......
Re: Point me to it.
05/09/02 at 08:18:02

Personally, I like the Akwhat Cafe section the best.

We have everything from made up humerous story tales to poignant woes of sisters to talks of sucessful birth control!

Check the site out!
Re: Point me to it.
05/09/02 at 12:55:42
As-salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullah -

Not to bias you, but this is the order (in frequency, from highest to lowest) of folders I usually get to and my general impressions, but to each his/her own!

1.Madina Mineret –This is just on the top, so…also helps to know what’s going on in terms of events.

2.UCC – To keep up with what’s happening in the world at some level since I don’t watch tv/listen to the radio. Take everything with a grain of salt and use other sources, too; Allah knows best the state of the world and of our condition.

3.International House of Kabob –First-hand reviews are a good thing.

4.Taqwa Masjid – Lots of good stuff to learn from here, masha’Allah.

5.Naseeha Corner – Usually where a lot of important questions are asked from new visitors.

6.Al-Manar Lighthouse – Excellent idea to have this, too!

7.Albanyia Folder – I’d go here more often if, ahem, I was still technically in Albany, but I kinda am and have mafia connections.   :)

8.All others are less frequented and relatively equal for me.

Hope that helps.
Re: Point me to it.
05/09/02 at 19:27:13
hmmm...i decided to reply to this (though i haven't been a member very long) because i found the other replies
quite interesting, in contrast to the way i read things here.
(there might have once been a question already about which topics people read and in what order...)

for me, it's this order:

shahada  -- the deep stuff, things to really think about.

al-taqwa  -- the knowledge others have gained that i don't have.

ummah   -- stuff from the world i could miss from other sources.  the place with some of the most extreme reactions registered.

bebzi  -- the little stuff, sometimes personal, sometimes just plain funny.

al-manar  -- the place i'm supposed to be hanging out in, but i don't.  :D    except sometimes...
akhwat/ikhwan/naseeha  -- more personal than bebzi, but in a different way.  naseeha - most anonymous (difficult) questions asked.

minaret  -- where i'm reminded how much is going on that i wouldn't hear of anywhere but here.
kabob  -- light entertainment, of all kinds.

al-hikmah -- mostly i read when the madina's acting up for me to get in, to see if it's only my (sloooowww) phone line.

albanyia  -- these three are kind of the same to me, but i usually read them.

BUT the mu'min game is first priority when the questions go up AND when the answers
come in....

Re: Point me to it.
05/10/02 at 01:59:43

 One word, overwhelming! . I had no idea I would get so many replies.
I thank everyone who replied. Your replies helped me a lot.
 I'm still getting used to the discussion board. There's so much going on that last night after I signed up and posted my first message, I had a headache for an hour. The board is just to rich in content, can't understand how it all works.
 I'm a regular at discussion board and has quite a simple discussion board. Not many colors or icons to work with. And they only have two boards. First is a  'General issues' board and the other is for sisters. I would recommend everyone here to check them out.
Again, Jazakallah everyone.

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