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Story of Mujahid Torture in Saudi Prisons

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Story of Mujahid Torture in Saudi Prisons
04/03/02 at 06:27:09

This is what I got in an of the things that made me tear up...

EXCLUSIVE REPORT (also published by Azzam)

This is an exclusive interview with one brother who spent some time in a Saudi prison within the last few months. He was arrested when he returned from a land of Jihaad, but Alhamdulillah, he was released and fled the country before the latest crackdown.
We would like to say that what you are about to read is not a fabricated or second-hand account. This account was taken DIRECTLY from the mouth of the brother who underwent this torture. Defenders of the Saudi regime will nonetheless try to say that this is a made-up story or that it is lies.

In the Name of ALLAH, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind
“I don’t know what to say in the beginning and how to start the story, but I find myself forced to speak the truth and to let the world know about the biggest hypocrite regime on the face of the Earth. Words are not sufficient for me to describe what happened. I returned from the Jihaad in Afghanistan, where I had gone to help the oppressed Muslims and fulfil my duty to Allah. One night I was sleeping with my family at my home in Al-Khubar in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My family heard a loud knocking on the front door, which frightened them. My brother went to open the door, and as soon as he tried to open the door, the visitors forced their way into the house and put him up against the wall. They also got my other family members up against the wall. They forcefully woke me up from my sleep, dragged me by my clothes and put me against the wall as well. They started to swear at me:
‘You son of an adulteress! You dog! Where are the weapons in your house?’
“I told them that I did not have any weapons in my house. Then they started to beat me, in front of my family. They began searching my house and went through my things. Then they handcuffed me and took me in a car to the headquarters of the intelligence services. “When we reached the headquarters, they forced me out of the car and took me to one of the rooms. In that room, they removed all of my clothes and started to laugh whilst commenting on my ‘awrah (private parts). When I asked them why they were doing that, they said that it was part of the search procedures. They gave me back my clothes, took me to another room and told me to wait there. The room was very cold and I waited for eleven hours before anyone came. I had gone to sleep in a chair, and was woken up by a slap across my face. Then someone said to me:
‘How dare you sleep, you dog!’
“Then he started to swear at me, calling me a homosexual, a fornicator with my mother and a fornicator with my sister.
I said to him:
Don’t say that. It is not islamically permissible.’
“He gestured to two guards to hit me. They hit me a number of times. Then he said:
‘Don’t teach us our Deen. We know it better than you.’
“Then three officers entered. Their names are as follows:
Ahmad Muhammad Al-Ba’aadee
Nida Al-Oteibi
Samir Rashid Al-Qahtani
They had all been educated in the USA. They sat down and when they saw me, they said:
‘His face does not suit interrogation, as there is not enough blood on it.’
“Then a large soldier came and slapped me across my face a number of times until blood appeared. After that they asked me.
‘Where did you learn to be a mujaahid?’
“I told them, ‘From the Book of ALLAH the Sunnah of the Messenger of ALLAH (Peace and Blessings of ALLAH be upon him).’
“Then they said:
‘Liar! Liar! The Book and the Sunnah did not tell you to disobey the wali ulamr (ruler of the Muslims) and to fight the Islamic Slate.’
“I told them that I had not fought the Islamic State. They said:
‘You don’t speak, only we speak!’
“Then they asked me hundreds of questions over nine hours. During the questioning, the subject of Shaikh ‘Abdullah ‘Azzaam- the shahid (martyr) scholar of the Mujaahidin in Afghanistan, came up. I told them that the Saudi government portrayed a good image of him in the media. Then one of the officers, Ahmad Muhammad Al-Ba’aadee said: ‘We know the truth about ‘Abdullah ‘Azzaam. He called all the young beardless boys to Afghanistan in order to carry out homosexual acts with them under the guise of Jihaad.’ Eventually I asked them: ‘Why am I here? I want to know!’
I wished I hadn’t asked They said:
‘It seems as if you didn’t have a good tarbiyyah (upbringing).’ They then ordered the guards: ‘Teach him some manners!’ And the guards beat me until the officers said:
‘Enough!’ “I was then taken and thrown in the cells. The next day they
returned and asked me: ‘Why did you go for Jihaad? ‘I told them that I went for
Jihaad to help the Muslims and gain victory over the kuffar
They said:
‘Liar! You want to overthrow the Saudi regime. ‘I said that that wasn’t true.
“Then they questioned me for six hours. They asked me where I had hidden the weapons and the explosives. I told them that I did not have any of these things. They asked me more questions and I told them that I didn’t know.
“They ordered the guards to take me to a room and make me stand until further notice. I thought I would be made to stand only for one day, being provided with food. In actual fact, they made me stand for eight days giving me only water but neither food nor a moment’s sleep.
“When I used to make Salah (prayer), I used to make long prostration in order to rest. One of the officers used to come and kick me, lifting my neck with his foot. He would say.
‘Don’t make long prostration! Get up!’ and he would swear at me. He used to do this whilst I was in Salah!
“After the eighth day, I felt I was near to my death, since I had had neither food nor sleep for eight days. Then one of the officers came and called me.
“They gave me food and drink and said:
‘Now that we have saved you from death, you will speak and tell us where the weapons and the explosives are.’
“I told them that I did not know because I did not have anything. They said:
‘It seems that you have still not learnt any manners.’
“They took me to a room, sat me on a chair and attached electrodes to my hands and legs. The officer turned the switch on to 30V. He asked me where the weapons and the explosives were. I said to myself that I would not reply except with ‘La ilaha ill ALLAH’ He started to increase the voltage to 6O, 90V then 120V. When he reached 150V, I fell unconscious. I awoke after one day. They took me to the same room, and poured cold water over me in preparation of more electric shocks.
At that point I said:
‘OK I’ll tell you where the weapons and the explosives are.’
“They asked me where, to which I replied:
‘I left them in Afghanistan’
They then started to beat me and swear at me again.
For two days I was not given any food Then one of the officers asked me whether I wanted to eat. 1 replied in the affirmative. He asked me which restaurant would I prefer to eat from I replied:
‘Masha-ALLAH, you have five star service here!’
“He said: ‘In fact, you’ll see that we have ten star service here.’
“Then he began to laugh and I wondered why he laughed. He took me to a room and asked me what I wanted to eat. 1 thought he was serious.
“I said: ‘A cheeseburger from Hardees’. He said:
‘What else?’
“I said: ‘French Fries.’
“He asked: ‘And what else?’
“I said: ‘A Pepsi’
“He asked me if I wanted anything else, and I replied that that was sufficient. Then he said:
‘What do you think if we also get you an Apple Pie?’ “I said: ‘Yes, yes, bring that too!’
“He told me to wait there and he left the room. After a while, he returned with four well-built men. He pointed to the men and said:
‘This is Cheeseburger, French-Fries, Pepsi and Apple Pie. They will serve you your meal Insha ‘allah.’
“I was sat in a chair, with my hands laid out flat on a table. The man he named ‘Cheeseburger’ came and with a long cane, he struck the backs of both of my hands until they became blue. The officer asked whether I had eaten my fill with the ‘Cheeseburger’ I wanted to say yes, but I was in so much pain that I couldn’t reply.
“Next came ‘French-Fries’. He brought with him three canes and said:
‘These must be broken today!’
‘He started to beat me across my back. By the Mercy of ALLAH all three canes broke very soon. I don’t know how many times he had struck me, since after the third strike, I stopped feeling any pain.”
“Then came ‘Pepsi’ and ‘Apple Pie’. They laid me on my back on a table, and brought something known as a ‘falakah’ This is like a short, thick, wooden log with a short rope stretching from one end to another They inserted my feet through the rope, and rotated the log against my shins, winding the rope and tightening my feet together. Each person held an end of the log and raised it, so that my feet were up in the air.
“Then a third person came and with a long, thin cane, beat the soles of my feet until they were covered in blood (as a result I wasn’t able to stand for about six days, since the soles of my feet had become torn). I pleaded with them to stop but they did not listen and continued to beat me. After four hours of torture, they stopped and left the room.
“The officer returned and asked me if I wanted any other food. I said:
‘No I am full.’
“He asked f I would like some cake as a dessert after my meal. I was extremely angry and replied:
‘Get lost you kaafir! You dog! You dajjaal! You American agent! You Israeli agent! You cross worshipper.’
“He clapped his hands twice and three men entered with three glass tanks. In each tank there was a snake. He teased me:
‘Shall we release these, leave you and go? Shall we? I’m a kaafir am I? I’m a dog am I? We will release these and also bring some scorpions.’
“One of the snakes was as thick as my arm and one was a cobra.
‘They will entertain you!’ he said and he gave the order for the glass cases to be opened. I became very frightened and I called him. I started to cry and said:
“I’ll tell you everything, and I won’t hide anything from you. Just take these snakes away.” listen and continued to beat me. After four hours of torture, they stopped and left the room.
“The officer became very happy. He stroked my beard and my head, saying,
Masha’ALLAH. You are a good boy now. You have become well-mannered.’
He started to wipe my tears, saying:
‘Don’t cry little boy. I’m like your father. ‘I marvelled at Allah‘s patience with this man.
“They unshackled me and told them I couldn’t walk. The officer said:
‘Don’t worry. We are at your service, ‘and he ordered the others to carry me to the interrogation room. “By now I was psychologically destroyed. I gave them information about the brothers, but I didn’t tell them everything. And ALLAH knows that I didn’t tell them anything, until after I had reached a state of psychological destruction. For the one who is reading this account of mine is not like the one who has been through it. I ask ALLAH to excuse me on the Day of Judgement.
“I was then taken to the prison’s clinic where they treated an injury to my eye, my back, my feet and my heart, which had been affected by the electric shocks. I stayed in the Clinic for six days and I didn’t receive any physical torture, after that- only mental torture. For instance, they would play loud music in my presence and swear at me with the worst swear words imaginable. Then they took me to a normal cell to join three other Mujaahidin brothers.
“After meeting with my brothers in the cell, I knew that what had happened to me was light compared to what they had been put through. One of them was locked in a corpse freezer and left for two days. He knocked and knocked and pleaded with them to let him out. By the time they had taken him out, he had become psychologically destroyed and he even confessed to things he had not done. During this period he also acquired a continuous chest infection.
“Another brother was placed in a hot room and fed some very salty food. For three days he was not given any water to drink. Then they came and asked him if he wanted any water. He was so thirsty and his mouth was so dry that he could not even speak, and he merely gestured that he needed water. They brought him the best mineral water and allowed him to drink to his heart’s content. When he wanted to go to the toilet to relieve himself they tied his hands behind his back, removed his lower garment and sealed his private part with black tape. Then they laughed and said:
‘Go on, urinate!’
After a number of hours he cried and screamed and said:
‘Bring a blank sheet of paper and I will sign it. And you can write a confession to every crime above my signature. I killed Sadat (President of Egypt), I killed King Faisal (Saudi Arabia), I killed John F. Kennedy (US President).’
“It was as if he had become mad. Then he started to give information regarding every possible thing. Even things they did not ask him about. Then finally, they allowed him to urinate.
“Once one of the brothers returned from a torture session with a big smile on is face. Upon being asked the reason of his smile, he joyfully told us that he was happy because he had now seen open proof of the Saudi regime’s collaboration with the US government. He said that during his interrogation, American officers whose identity cards read had also questioned him: ‘FBI Saudi Arabia Branch.’ Afterwards I was to find out that the FBI even has an office in Al-Khubar.
“I stayed in the prison for a further two months and ten days. One morning, one of the officers - ‘Abdul Ghani Ash-Shareef’ - came to the cell and called one of the brothers, addressing him as,
‘You son of an adulteress! You fornicator with your mother!’
“The brother cautioned him to fear ALLAH. The officer replied:
‘Are you trying to teach me about my Lord? I know my Lord better than you! Cursed be your Lord! Cursed be your Deen!’
“Once I said to this same officer:
‘Why do you torture me, when we are both from the tribe of Quraysh?’ He replied:
‘Yes, but you are from the lineage of Muhammad, and I am from the lineage of Abu Jahl.’
“Dear reader, you might not believe me if I told you that these were the most beautiful days of my life. We all used to pray during the night and fast everyday following the words of Ibn Taymiyyah
“Some of the brothers even wrote this famous statement on the cell walls with their own blood.
“And whilst in prison, we used to constantly repeat a slogan of which we were proud and felt we were acting by:
La ilaha iII ALLAH Muhammad Ar-Rasulullah! Upon it we live, and upon it we die. And in its path we make Jihaad and upon it we will meet ALLAH.’
“All the brothers in all the cells used to chant this together in one voice over and over again. The guards used to come and kick the doors, telling us to shut up. They would say:
‘May ALLAH either cut your tongues, or we will put our boots in your mouths.’
“But this would only increase the volume of our voices. And we would frequently utter cries of ALLAHUAKBAR (ALLAH is the Greatest), since we felt that this prison was a test from ALLAH to purify us from our sins and to strengthen our Iman (faith), just as had happened to Bilal bin Rabah, the family of Yasir, ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ud, Khabbab bin ‘Arrat, Abu Dharr Al-Ghifari and before all of them, the Messenger of ALLAH (Peace and blessings of Allah upon him).
“We used to feel that when this punishment was combined with Iman in ALLAH, it became a blessing from ALLAH and not a misfortune. The voices of the brothers were constantly engaged in the remembrance of ALLAH and recitation of Qur’an. We felt that these voices in the future would become war and weapons against the oppressors. Every time we saw a tyrant increasing the torture, we became more certain that their end was becoming nearer - because ALLAH gives respite, but does not disregard.
“Then after many intercessions, ALLAH favoured me to leave that prison and that country. And here I am writing this actuality to all the Muslims in the Islamic world, so that they know the reality of this apostate regime; that they know that this is a regime of lies, pretending to represent Islam, whereas Islam is innocent of it.
A Mujaahid Brother

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Re: Story of Mujahid Torture in Saudi Prisons
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Re: Story of Mujahid Torture in Saudi Prisons
04/05/02 at 14:25:44
They should get the guys who do this torture, and allow the victim to chop the scums limbs of, one buy one.  

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