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Membership has its benefits
12/30/01 at 11:04:59

Are you guys/gals members of any organisations, if so what are they and are they being successful in their theme of work.

I'm a member of the following:

Friends of Alaqsa,, it stands for  upholding the human rights of the Palestinians and the defence of al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.
I think they are quite successful they've maanaged to increase a lot of awareness in the mosques in the UK on Masjid-Alaqsa.

I'm also thinking of becoming a member of the Islamic Human Rights Commission,, its an org thats trying hard to fight against oppression, wrongdoing and standing for human rights, most importantly from an Islamic slant.
Again I think they are quite successful in their methods,  one of the most important successes of the group is that they've produced a report on the North East riots that happened in the summer of 2001, quite good I must say.

oh yeah member of, one of the good Islamic message forums on the net, that is quite well moderated and the posts are interesting.

So what r u a member of ?



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