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12/28/01 at 00:44:01
as-salaamu alaikum

I'm curious. For brothers who are of average means, and whose wives
don't work, is there a standard amount of money given to the wife? Whats
the average? I suppose most people will want to reply to this

Re: Maintenance
12/28/01 at 20:13:52

I get no money at all as a maintenence. My husband just trusts me and has never questioned a spendature...

well... except... one time......
Re: Maintenance
12/28/01 at 21:13:35

as salaamu alaykum,

Most of the wives that I know just use a credit card the hubby pays for.  I don't think they have like a particular amount given to them each month.

I think I'd feel very uncomfortable asking my husband for cash.  I don't even like asking my father for money :-/


wasalaamu alaykum.

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