Surrendering to the Mob

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Surrendering to the Mob
12/16/01 at 14:35:12
As Salamu Alaika,

Does anyone even remember the man who refused to hand over his guest, two strangers who had wandered into his village, to a mob of men who wished to do wrong to the guests?

This man, felt he knew the intentions of his fellow townspeople, that they would commit acts against the two guests that would smear their dignity and integrity as human beings and men, not only their lives were at stake as well.

This man himself was afraid of his guests even.  Its true that they followed customs  that were not in accordance with his own, and they acted very differently than ordinary people- they did not eat or relieve themselves, which drew great suspicion among a culture that prided itself on hospitality by the host, and acquiescense of the guest.  An even greater surprise still, it appeared that the guests claimed to bring them news of a child and a tribe of great honor, even as they found themselves old and barren, and among a people and place destined for ruin.

Still, this man held fast to the principles of those who have taqwa, and who surrender not guests to mobs, but surrender themselves to Allah SWT.  He ushered silence upon his wife who laughed at the seemingly mad suggestions of the guests, and offered his own daughter in the stead of the two guests.....

Yes, the man offered as ransom for two strangers, his own daughter, to men who had evil intentions as a consequence.

That man was none other than a messenger of Allah SWT, father to children and people who would go on having prophets and messengers as children, alayhumus salam, Lut, alayhis salam.

The Rasulullah Muhammed, salallahu alayhis wa salam, tells us to look to the Quran and Sunnah for any and every situation that we might find ourselves needing to judge upon.  And it is very clear to me that whether we regard ourselves as intellegent or dumb, religious or not, practicing or non-practicing, divided on particular issues or unified, the evidence is clear.

Whether Usama bin Laden is guilty of conspiring to destroy American financial and military institutions and buildings, through the American legal systems requisite machinations, remains to be proven.  However, what cannot be disputed, is that even with what is reputed to be said by bin Laden on the video tape and in other interviews, still does not mount to a conviction of guilty by al-Islamic standards.  And what Mullah Omar Muhammed has done in protecting his guest against the mob and what would surely have happened, is for all appearances and readily available informations sake, according to the provided examples in the Quran.

What excuses do you think were given by the mob to Lut, alayhis salam, ?  What kinds of punishments do you think they promised him, and his family?  How hard a decision we must all face in following those sunnah that say outright, we are muslims, and we shall sacrifice our own for the sake of what is right and commanded?  The two guests in the Quran, were malaa'ikat, but Lut, alayhis salam, did not know that, or anything about them, but he felt his duty to Allah SWT, as we all should.



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