An 'id Mubarak Card!!

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An 'id Mubarak Card!!
12/16/01 at 05:54:39
To view your card, simply click on the link below

You can also visit to pick up the card,
Your card number is 5260752932861965

 'Id Mubarak!! :) :) ;-D ;-D !! I am staying up so that way I dont miss the prayer! its 2:36 am and am waiting until 5:30 to wake hubby etc... been preparing all night and dont want it all to go to waist and especially miss my prayer!! :)

“Taqabbal Allaahu minnaa wa minkum!! [May Allah accept the fast and worship from us and from you]”

Your Sis in Islaam
Jenna :-)
Re: An 'id Mubarak Card!!
12/16/01 at 23:06:46
Assalamu Alaikum,

EID MUBARAK to everyone. We've had a very busyfirst day Alhamdulillah but it was all worth it. All the visits, little kids, presents, Alhamdulillah it was all good. I pray that all of you have had a joyous EID too.

Jaza Killahi Khair Sr. Jenna for the card. Masha'Allah it was beautiful. May Allah-u Subhana Wata'ala accept our prayers and fastings for this Ramadhan and allow us to live to fast another. Ameen.

Plz keep me and the Ummah in your dua's for I will do the same, Insha'Allah.

Wassalamu Alaikum,
Re: An 'id Mubarak Card!!
12/17/01 at 08:17:39
as-salaam alaikum:)

Alhamdulillah Eid went real smoothly 4 me:):):)
But i kinda 4got to revise 4 a moc exam-LOL;)
but it was all worth it!!! hope ya all had a good eid too

take care

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