All in the Family?

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All in the Family?
12/13/01 at 12:22:47
As Salamu Alaikum,

What with all the talk about the human family and our concern for treating each life of every race, creed, nation as equal, I found my reading of two ayah in the Quran very telling about how different the view of 'family' has become.

In Surah Baqarah, Ibrahim and Muhammed, alayhihumus salam, has a message revealed to them in regards to who their real family is- in so many words, the translation reads, ' those closest in kin to you are those who follow most closely your sunnah.'  And in Surah Yunus, it is revealed that 'the unbeliever is not a part of your family, (Yunus' own son)....'

This is not a post to attempt to cause derision to those of us who have kafr family members- as I do.  Instead it is a clear evidence in the Quran that although we many all have common beginnings, and as Muslims should exude a blanket decency and respect for life in general, we have to begin to care more about those people who have earned and deserve our respect and care, and it is fellow Muslim/ah.

We have to accept that our true family is each other, the Muslim/ah, and those of our relatives who accept the deen set down by ALlah SWT.  



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