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Kids Museum
12/03/01 at 12:54:31

Have you ever heard of the Discovery Centers?

They are children Museums that are very hands on and deal with age groups under 10.

Last night they asked us to do a display for Ramadan. (yikes so little notice.- they want to do it on 15th!!) apparently they have all ready done a press release....

Give me your ideas! What kind of hands on would you like to do see?- ask your kids in your family!

Looks like Zach is going to be popular- he is not my puppet- anyone have an "in" with a puppet maker- I like the full body rod type.
Re: Kids Museum
12/03/01 at 13:24:01

This might be a really stupid idea, but you could have hijabs for the girls to try on? And prayer mats laid out in  a row. They could try a sajdah?
Or is that making fun of Islam? I mean if they're under 10...

Re: Kids Museum
12/03/01 at 23:52:54
walikumas'salaam warahmatullah ;-D

that's really cool man..i don't think we have anything like that here (houston..) i dunno how great of an idea this is..but how about who can do wud'u without splashing water? ;) or who can write their names in arabic..err..i dunno bout the 2nd 1..:) if i think of something else, i'll share inshAllah :)
Re: Kids Museum
12/04/01 at 03:20:17
I'll see what I can do to help. I'll email you Sis Kathy remin` me case my laziness got me. InsyaAllah I'll be visiting the International Islamic Museum in K.L (capital of Malaysia) and I'll take lotsa pics...
Re: Kids Museum
12/05/01 at 15:37:10

I think having someone there who can write the children's names in Arabic calligraphy is an excellent idea. As a child I was always thrilled whenever I got to take something home with me, especially if it was personalised.  :)

I'm sure that you have probably thought of many of these already, but other ideas include:
1) Teaching the children Islamic greetings and have them use them with each other as they interact.

2) Have someone demonstrate the prayers and answer questions about them.  Someone performing them in the room is always more impressive than a video.  If that person were to be a child it would be even better.

3)  Have recordings of the adhan and the Qur'an so that the children can listen (Maybe just a short surah that will be easy for them to understand in translation -- not surah al-Ikhlas or surah al-Kafirun, though.  We don't want to offend anyone of another faith) :)  Maybe play some nasheeds as well, so that the kids can learn them.

4)  Explain the range of cultures in dar al-islam; I think too many people believe that the only Muslims out there are Arab.  Show pictures of the different clothing styles that children wear in these cultures, or have people there wearing them, or maybe both.  You could have samples of the clothing for the children to try on (like Eleanor's hijab idea, but providing something for the boys as well).

5) Colouring books, either calligraphy or architecture or clothing, etc.  There are some islamic colouring pages [url=]here[/url], although I don't think that all of them would be appropriate, but they might give you some ideas.  (The shaitan tempting the boy who is praying, for example, is something to which I take offense!).

I'll let you know if I come up with anything else.


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