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12/02/01 at 22:45:45
salams all:

I am still trying to figure out how this works.. so forgive me if it
winds up in the wrong place. Anywho--I'm a moderator at
islamicaweb and I decided to travel over here as one of my fellow
moderators there has recommended a lot :) masha'Allah i have read
some of the postings and am very impressed by the naseehah people give
each other.

Wasalams, maryam
oh btw, my handle will be maryam786 insha'Allah but for some reason it
wont' let me post as such for right now. oye vey.
Re: salaam
11/28/01 at 00:31:22
walikumas'salaam warahmatullah ;-D

welcome aboard maryam ;-D it's me..princess..;) this place rocks, alhamdulillah :) it'll grow on u as well :)
Re: salaam
11/28/01 at 01:15:31

Welcome to the board Maryam, you'll recognize a lot of familiar people here, and a bunch more of wonderful new people. :)  Insha'Allah you enjoy it here. :)
Re: salaam
11/28/01 at 01:50:36

as salaamu alaykum,

welcome to the board sr maryam :)  Hope you enjoy your stay here, inshaAllah.
Re: salaam
11/28/01 at 02:45:32
asalaamu alaikum,

jump in Sister, don't hesitate to enjoy! asalaamu alaikum. abdullah,.
Re: salaam
11/28/01 at 18:01:21

Welcome Aboard Ukhty Maryam:):):):):) :-)

Enjoy yourself ;) :):):):):) :-)

Re: salaam
11/29/01 at 12:14:02

whoo hoo! welcome aboard maryam... its me, meraj ;-D enjoy your stay inshallah :)

- the welcoming wagon ;-D
Re: salaam
11/29/01 at 23:41:16
Maryam R?  Does everyone know you?  :)
I'm thinking we know each other, too...
How's R-town?

wassalaamu alaikum wa rahmtullah, ahlan wa sahlan  :)
Re: salaam
11/30/01 at 04:10:51

salaam sister maryam (that's a beautiful name by the way :) )

hope u enjoy it here

Re: salaam
11/30/01 at 05:16:37
Just wanted to say slm  :)


wlm  :)
Re: salaam
12/01/01 at 07:42:05

Welcome to the board.
I checked out islamica. Pllllllllease some one tell me that I'm not going to be addicted to *two* boards. I have a life to live!!!

Re: salaam
12/01/01 at 12:10:24

LoL, i found myself checking out islamica too! I dont think I can keep up with all these boards tho!, but who knows, maybe I'll see ya there as well.

Take care


Re: salaam
12/08/01 at 12:11:05

aw thanks for the ahlans...sorry i din't realize this introduction actually got posted..
sofia, i know a lot of ppl here who also post on islamica.. :) R-town, near target, is doing quite well. No snow yet, alhamdulilah!!! maybe we will even have a warm eid :)


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