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11/16/01 at 15:00:59

Ramadan Mubarak.

And no i'm not gona ask you guys to provide a house, but if you could help it would be appreciated.

Bro's and sisters I need some serious help from you guys, especially those in the UK. A muslim sister from the north (leeds), a convert, contacted me recently. She is a student. When she was looking for a house to stay at, a muslim landlord lied to her and offered her a home in a volatile and racist area, but the landlord said it was a good area. So the sister, putting her trust in a muslim, moved in. However since sept 11th, things have turned nastey. On several occasion her house has been attacked by massive groups of youths pelting it with bricks, bottles, and stones. Her car has been smahsed up, her house has been smashed up. SO she eventually moved to a non-muslim friends house only last week (after all her muslim freidns refused to help).

HOWEVER thier is a BIG problem. Her landlord is blatanly REFUSING to terminate this sisters contract, and is making her pay the rent, even though she dont live thier. The police have done nothing about the racism. The landlord dont care about this sister, whose life is in danger if she stays at this place any longer. The money means to much to the landlord and this sister cannot terminate the contract and is having to pay rent even though she dont, and cannot live thier no more.

So guys, she came to me for help, asking me if i know of any sharia courts who can help. But i dont know any. So guys, could someone please provide me with the phone numbers for the 2 sharia courts in Birmingham (UK) and any that may exist in the north. Also could anyone provide me with email address, or muslim (islaamic) lawyers, solicitors from the north who could help this sister? Also does anyone know someone who may soon be able to offer this sister a home or a flat, in a muslim area?

I hope you guys will be able to help, i couldnt think of anywhere else to look for help. I personally would help her if i could, but i live 300 miles, so cannot offer much physical support, let alone legal support! Hell if i tried to legally sort this out, this sister would probabaly end up in prison!!

So Please guys, inshallah someone will be able to help.

Eternal Mujaahid.

11/16/01 at 20:01:03
I'll try and help the sis.

Contact me direct.
11/19/01 at 05:32:17
Asalaamu Aleikoum,

Akhi, I'm not a landlord and tenant lawyer but I might be able to help out with any "legal issues" that arise, Insha Allah.  E-mail me.

Wa salaam.

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