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Ramadan Mubarak
11/15/01 at 13:20:46
Re: Ramadan Mubarak
11/15/01 at 17:41:05

Amazing!  Totally amazing!

The moon was supposed to be only 7 hours old in Saudi Arabia around maghrib time.  Statistical data shows that it is impossible to sight the moon which is less than 13 hours old.  

The moon had set BEFORE maghrib (sunset), and for moonsighting to be valid, the moon has to be seen on the horizon AFTER the sun has set.  

Oh well, this is not the first time!  

P.S. One thing.  If the moon was sighted in Saudi Arabia (properly), it *should* definitely be sighted in North America (and UK as well ... any place west of Saudi Arabia), because it will be bigger, higher, older, etc.  Sight the moon y'all.  If *anyone* sees it (I HIGHLY doubt it), make sure you tell me :)
Re: Ramadan Mubarak
11/17/01 at 02:49:13
You won't believe this but I saw the moon on Tuesday..!!! Yep thats right on Tuesday, however, I saw it in the morning at 5:40 ish, I was on me way to London. It was thin like a bannan peel. I thought hmmm thats a bit strange. :)

So in the end we've done Ramzan wrong again, according to you bhaloo.
Well nothing new....



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