Salaat [necessary to recite a surah after al-fatiha?]

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Salaat [necessary to recite a surah after al-fatiha?]
10/28/01 at 23:16:44
A brother and I were having a discussion about the performance of
Salaat.  The question I have is: Is it mandatory to recite a Surah following
Surah Fatiha in a rakaat?
I have heard people say that although reciting an additional Surat is
recommended, it is not a requirement for the validity of Salat.  In
other words, Surah Fatiha is what is only required.  Please assume, say for
example, a 4 rakaat Salat.

Please comment.
Re: Salaat [necessary to recite a surah after al-fatiha?]
10/29/01 at 00:41:21

You're right.  The salaah is still complete and acceptable if no surah besides the Fatihah is recited.  However, it's highly, highly recommended and from the sunnah to recite something after the Fatihah.

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