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Wedding Checklist...
10/27/01 at 17:01:16

I was going to start a thread similar to the brother's post in the bebzi regrding marital advice--but I don't have time for that now!! :)  I need practical help!!  A wedding checklist if you will..  Only two months, and two days left Insha'Allah--so tell me what I need to do!!!!

I need event planning, and life planning! So let me know what you got. :)

Here are sections I would like covered: ;-D

1)Centerpieces (for reception dinner)
2)Stage decorations (for reception dinner)
3)Personal preperations
4)Emotional preperations

Alright..that should be plenty for you all to chew on, right?

Ok, I'm looking forward to getting some good tips..Insha'Allah.

Take Care,
Re: Wedding Checklist...
10/30/01 at 01:25:39

as salaamu alaykum,

It's so soon!! :)  I'm so excited for you Nazia :)

[url=]Here[/url] is a thread on weddings started by br khalid.. lots of good stuff in there :)

[quote]1)Centerpieces (for reception dinner)[/quote]

Floating candles - the most common, but they're always very pretty :)

One thing I've seen that's cool is just having a bunch of tea lights bunched together on stands of different heights.. this is pretty inexpensive too, because tea lights are like ten for a dollar, and the stands were just cardboard covered in pretty cloth.

I've also seen candles placed on pieces of mirror, that causes cool reflection of the light and it looks pretty hot too :)

These are all pretty boring though :)  If you want to be different, maybe you can have ice sculptures or bird cages :P

One thing I've heard about is actually having pots of miniature roses as the center piece..

Also I've seen people put disposable cameras on a few a tables.. you'll get some interesting pictures ;)

I'd just go with *lots* of flowers.. and people can take 'em home afterwards as well :)

[quote]2) Stage decorations (for reception dinner)[/quote]

Did I mention flowers?  :)  I think, the more the better.  

Honestly, I think the balloons in the shape of a heart and so forth are a bit much :P  Lights are ok if they're white and don't blink on and off :)

Hmm... what else..

I was watching an Indian movie (don't ask :)), and at the end of a wedding they threw rose petals at the bride and groom.. I thought that was really nice looking :)  But I'm wondering if that's a Hindu tradition?

One wedding I went to, they gave everyone little bubble bottles, and when the bride and groom were having their pictures taken everyone blew bubbles :)

That's all I can think of right now.. I'm sure some of the other creative sisters here can hook you up with ideas ;)

take care :)

wasalaamu alaykum.

ps - if you're wondering where I'm getting these ideas from.. it's because those craft shows on the Discovery channel and Home & Garden TV seem soo interesting when you're flipping through the channels at 3 am :P
Re: Wedding Checklist...
10/30/01 at 02:58:30

[quote]1)Centerpieces (for reception dinner) [/quote]

i saw this really cool thing on *cough* *cough* Oprah ;) where they had a wedding 'designer' on and for table decorations he used transparent glass vases filled with water and fruit and then it had flowers in it (he used mostly oranges) it looked really beautiful because the flowers and the fruit matched really nicely.

ps congratulations may Allah SWT make u both very happy

Re: Wedding Checklist...
10/30/01 at 07:00:53
Asalaamu Alaikum ;-)

Will write more later inshaAllah Sr Nazia but with respect to....

[quote]4)Emotional preperations[/quote]

Just try and take it easy and enjoy each day as it comes and passes by.

The whole thing will go so fast that you'll wonder where the time went!!

Oh and have your got some sort of wedding timetable so everyone knows where to be and at what time and what they have to do?

Never hurts to write things down I find! ;-)

Re: Wedding Checklist...
10/30/01 at 07:34:06
Assalamu alaikum,
How much time do we have?  When's the wedding? :)
Candles would look really beautiful and if they were scented candles even better, but they're only effective if the lighting is dim.
I'd go with flowers, fresh, dried, as long as they're not artificial.
For the bubbles idea, they sell little bottles specially for weddings. Some friends of mine put gauze and ribbons around them, time consuming but really pretty.
And don't forget incense!  Actual sandalwood is really expensive but a tiny bit of it is enough, and it's so much better than sandalwood incense.  But still, any kind of incense give a very special feeling.
Emotional preparations: I'm afraid no one can help you with that!! :)  Just trust in Allah, and it'll be fine insha Allah.  

Just one hint for personal preparations:  Make sure you're wearing clothes that you feel like yourself in.  Even though they're really fancy, you should make sure you'll feel comfortable in them.  For my own wedding, I had a long Moroccan dress that's work with a very wide belt made out of the same material, but I felt extremely uncomfortable in the belt (I felt too exposed cause it outlined my waist basically) so I just wore the dress without a belt and it was long and flowing and just fine.  
Also, make sure you're wearing something you feel nice in under your clothes, if you see what I mean.

Re: Wedding Checklist...
10/30/01 at 15:05:09

Thanks guys! :)

Here, let me tell you what I'm working with as far as centerpieces are concerned.  

My sister-in-law has these really pretty gold pots that she used for the centerpieces at her wedding and she said I could use those if I'd like.  So I thinking about buying those little foam cubes and making lil flower arrangements for each table (real flowers)  Here's what I had i mind.  I would take like 6 or so red roses (my outfit is RED, so i'd like to match :) ), tie them in bunch right underneath the bud--so that it kinda looks like a tree...trim the stems, and then stick them into the foamy thing to keep them in place, and then surround the roses with a moss or greenery type thing. The roses, would essentially look like a tree from the top, because all the buds would be very close together..and the would be almost level with the top of the flower pot...And just so I dont have to use 39045834095 roses on each table, I'd add the moss for a fuller effect.  

Here's the problem with that.  Since these are fresh flowers, basically someone has to make 35 centerpeices the DAY of the wedding!! EEP! My sister-in-law and her sister and grandmother have volunteered, but i feel bad putting such a big responsibility on them.. you know?

Here's another option.  I could get a plant of mini roses, place them in the same gold pot, and take some real roses and mix those in with the flowers already there...?? A plant of mini-roses costs about $5 I think.  I always thought mini roses looked too plantish! And I don't want a plant! I want pretty flowers :) So I think the big roses would add that touch...whadya think?

Oh..and either way, I want to surround the arrangements with candles and flower petals :) Insha'Allah..

Less than 2 months to go!!! Insha'Allah--the date is December 29th for those of you wondering :)

As for the stage, of course we're going to have a couch Insha'Allah.  I don't believe in having two separate chairs!  I mean, the nikah papers will be signed, so I want my boy sitting next to me! hahaha. (I hope he doesn't read this.) :)

I am also going to hang a gold curtain type thing on the wall behind the couch..and I really wanted a an arch over the couch that we could intertwine with flowers and white lights, but i havent been able to find one! And besides my mom thinks thats really weird.  Desi parents..what can you do? :)

And yeah I'm going to lay a read velvet carpet over the stage and put a rug on it as well.. And then we'll probably have two major flower arrangements on either side of the stage.  OH! and I also wanted this candle tree thing..cos its soo cool! But i'm scared its not safe.  I'm going to see if I can rent/buy candle "lights" you know..they look like candles, but really they're a light? cos that'll be safe inshallah.  Oh and I'm also going to have the stage spotlighted. Insha'Allah..cos hopefully the lgihting will be slightly dim.

anyways, ladies we'll take lots of pics Insha'Allah, and so be sure and email me after december so I can show you how it all turned out, Insha'Allah!

Well keep the ideas coming, its helping!!

Take Care,
Re: Wedding Checklist...
10/30/01 at 21:30:23
where do u live?
if u live in the Greater toronto area then i know an "AUnty" who does this stuff she reasonable adn mixes westersn/eastern decor ideas real well...she did a few weddings ive been to
Re: Wedding Checklist...
10/31/01 at 08:03:13

How about a center peice with one single rose and a note attatched saying:

"In leiu of flowers -the monies that would have been spent on a centerpiece have been sent to the children of Afghanistan."
Re: Wedding Checklist...
10/31/01 at 11:09:25
Moss sounds really nice, it makes things dreamy. They'll be like bonsai rose trees.
And I think you could start making them the day before, I think you can keep flowers in the refrigerator overnight.  
I don't know if candles on the stage would be unsafe, but if there's going to be kids around (and they usually are at weddings) it might not be a good idea.  However, I personally wouldn't like the candle lookalikes, but that's just my taste.  
For the arch, if your parents aren't too opposed, I'm sure you could build one with stuff from Home Depot.  They must sell that trellis stuff that they use for arches.

Sister Kathy, your idea is wonderful, but although I'm not Desi, I know a little bit about what Nazia said (or didn't say) about Desi parents.  Since I grew up in Morocco and know a lot of Moroccan families I don't think they're different from Moroccan parents :)  Anything way out of the norm just doesn't fly :)  My own wedding was REALLY wierd cause it was only a few hours long (instead of days) and there was just a dinner and men singing prayers on the Prophet instead of music to dance to.  Oh, plus there was an imam to talk about marriage. Now THAT was wierd for my Moroccan inlaws :-)  But then again, they really enjoyed it.   Who knows, people might really appreciate a centerpiece like that.  It would be refreshing.

Nazia: It'll all come together about a week before the wedding insha Allah. You'll see. :)
Re: Wedding Checklist...
10/31/01 at 17:31:30

Oh My Gosh, you're getting married!!!!! i can't believe it! loool, oh, i think it should tell you who i am before you get all weird and wonder why this freak is like talking like i know you... but you know me and i know you, so it's all good :) i'll send you an IM thingy later on...

but anyway... my advice: i'm not going to talk about centerpieces and what not... ppl already gave good ideas to that....


this is the advice i hear EVERY married sister say: Make sure you take time out for panick 95% of the day, and then leave 5% to be with yourself and reflect upon your goals and your spirtuality.  i know it must be hard to take out even five minutes because of all the wedding plans, but just do it! *NIKE* hehe, but nah, seriously, take time out because every sister *atleast that i know* have told me that they really didn't have time to themselves and once you're married, you now have another half.. you have two minds thinking and all that two thingy stuff that happens :)

anyway, my sister was telling me how you're wedding is like in Dec, so you have about a month to just sit and reflect on yourself and ramadhan is coming up- can't ask for a better month to do that reflection!

ayte, take care and inshaAllah you WILL send pictures of the wedding and stuff... i know if i don't remind you, my sister will come and beat you up if she doesn't get anything! hehehe

GOOD LUCK with it all.. i'm sure it will turn out wonderful, just like you! *wink wink*... i would do that winky smile, but it turns out to be a brother.. i don't know why...loool

okee dokee, take care all

Wa Salaams!
Re: Wedding Checklist...
10/31/01 at 20:58:38

Hajreee! I know who you are! No need to explain!!  :) I was sooo looking forward to your sis coming to my wedding!!  But Tannaz is getting married that same friday, and of course considering they are like best friends and live in the same city, I'm sure that wedding takes precedence :) But yeah, I'll definitely send pictures, Insha'Allah :)

Aiighty, take care,
Re: Wedding Checklist...
11/01/01 at 12:47:02

hehe nazia... good good you know who i am =) I don't know why, but people know who i am soo quickly!

anywho, yeah, amina feels bad she can't come for your wedding... you know there are THREE weddings on your same day and it was such a big hassle for my parents and us to figure out which one to go to and who is going where and blah blah and tannaz's and the other wedding wanted our whole family there, so it was a BIG PROB! hehe... it was funny though, we had like a family meeting to figure it all out, cause wedding's happen only once in a life time... inshaAllah!!!

but gosh... of all the days in Dec... you three HAD to put it on the same day, eh?! LOSERS! hehehe

i don't even know yet if i'm going to tannazs... i really want to, she's like my older sister :( but then there's that other wedding...

aaaaah it would have worked out well if you all had different dates, hehe, oh well... but where you having the wedding? down where you're at or where Zubaid's at?!

okee dokee peeps

Take Care!

Wa Salaams
Re: Wedding Checklist...
11/01/01 at 17:11:59
Centrepieces, tea lights, transparent vases, fruits, roses!! Crikey whats all this??? ;-D You guys are loosing me :o

Can someone please post some pics of the final products so i (and all other brothers;))know what you're all on about?

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