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Advice needed
10/10/01 at 10:21:49

One brother sent this:

as-salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu brothers,

Alhamdulillah, one of the more popular Melbourne newspapers (Herald-Sun) has given me the opportunity to author a detailed article elucidating the position of Islam with regards to the recent events in the United States.  The paper had previously ran a number of opinion pieces lambasting the scholars of Islam for not making any statements or, as the author called it, "fatwa" against Usama bin Laden̉

My intention was originally to use the fatwa of the Sheikh Abdul Aziz aal ash-Sheikh as a basis, along with the other statements that have come our way, to show that what happened is completely the antithesis of Islamic teachings with regards to the fiqh of jihad.  Insha'Allah I will still do that.

However, the burning question is with regards to Bin Laden as an individual.  A consistent criticism in the paper has been that Muslim scholars haven't spoken out against Bin Laden.  Now, I saw some of his recent pronouncements on al-jazeerah and it does seem to suggest that if he was not directly involved in it himself, that he agreed with it and possibly inspired it.  And Allah knows best.  In any case, if some of the writings attributed to him are indeed authored by him then it seems that this guy is somewhat misguided - for instance, legislating that the blood of civilian Americans is halal because "they pay taxes".   The point is, what do you think I should say on this issue? Should I say that the Muslim world will not say anything until they see proof and then provide some examples as the heavy burden placed on proof in our shariah?

I can basically write whatever I want, but the main idea should be to refute the notion that Muslims, and particularly the scholars, are somehow fence-sitting when it comes to terrorism.  If anyone has any other suggestions on a more beneficial theme, please let me know as well insha'Allah.

Jazak Allah khairan for any advice or information you can provide.  This is a great opportunity for da'wah and for improving understanding of Islam and Muslims in this country.  To put this in context, today some self-proclaimed "jihadis" rang up one of the most popular radio stations here and after explaining their understanding of jihad, announced they would be following bin ladens call to arms and may start killing Australians or blowing up Australian targets here in Melbourne.  May Allah protect us from that.  Needless to say though, this soundbite is being used to really whip up people's emotions and create a lot of hatred for Islam and the scholars of Islam who they see as being complicit in all this fitnah.

(name with-held)
Re: Advice needed
10/10/01 at 16:33:10

Indeed this is a great opportunity and a welcome change because finally a muslim voice will be heard.  I would advice to seek Allah's blessings before writing the article and to ask him for hikmah in writing it.  With regards to terrorism, the ulama are unanimous that this is haraam.  Killing non-combatants is haraam.  It is important to stress this point with quotes from Qur'an and hadith.  Regarding bin Laden, it is important to realize that the issues he has raised, the ulama have also been speaking about for years, with no attention from the non-muslims.  I would advice to state the muslim position against terrorism and also the terrorism perpetrated against the muslims of Palestine, Chechnya, Bosnia, and now Afghanistan.  Explain how in shareeah, the burden of proof rests with the accuser.  The accuser must bring forth solid evidence of the crime.  We have photographs and videos of Israeli, Russian, and Serbian massacres and atrocities against Muslims.  Where is the evidence against bin Laden and his associates?  Why is it not given to the Afghan gov't so they can try him as they have offered?  
Inshallah this article will be beneficial to the Australian community in understanding this issue.  


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