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Muslim journalist needs help for article
10/05/01 at 15:07:16
Assalaamu alaikum, just received this, but don't qualify!  How about all of you sisters from overseas?

From: []
Sent: Friday, October 05, 2001 1:40 PM
Hello. My name is Reshma Yaqub. I am a reporter for a national women's
magazine called Glamour.
I am searching for women in Arab/Muslim countries to interview for an
article about what women around the world are feeling in the aftermath of
the attacks on the U.S. I'm ideally looking for women in their 20s and 30s
(that's the target audience of the magazine, but really, any age is fine),
living in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq,
Palestine/Israel, and other potentially affected areas. Can you help by
either putting me in touch with such women (by giving me their email
addresses) and circulating this message to others who may be able to help?
I need to get interviews with about 10 women by October 12, 2001.
My questions for the women, to be asked and answered via email: What do
you want American women to know about what you are feeling after the
attack on the US, and on the cusp of potential US military response in
your part of the world? What are your fears, concerns, hopes, prayers?
What is life like there now - for you as a person living there and for you
as a woman? How are people around you behaving/reacting? What do you want
Americans to know about your people, your community, your religion, your
government? How did you react when you heard about the attack on the US?
Do you have copies of any emails that you sent to friends/relatives after
the attack, expressing your concerns? Perhaps we could excerpt those.
As I am on deadline, I would sincerely appreciate hearing from you soon if
you are able to help. Thank you for your time!Best wishes,Reshma Yaqub
P.S. To give you an idea of the kind of writing I do, I am enclosing a
copy of an article I wrote for the Washington Post last month.Copy of article at


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