The so-called "Terror Guide"!

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The so-called "Terror Guide"!
09/29/01 at 21:23:39
Does anyone buy this story about the 'terror guide' giving instructions to the hijackers? It was split into 3 sections, The Last Night, The Second Step and The Third Phase.
Note the constant reference to the Quran, heaven and Prophet SAW.
Am I being too cynical or could it be another attempt to demonize Islam?,2933,35389,00.html

It was found in 3 places:-
i. Atta's luggage
ii. Wreckage from UA Flight 93, Pennsylvania
ii. Nawaf Alhazmi's(AA Flight 77) vehicle

BTW, why didn't Atta's luggage(not that he needed any) make it aboard his flight?
Re: The so-called "Terror Guide"!
09/29/01 at 21:45:54
Bismillah and salam,

I wondered the same thing. In CNN site it read: Atta's suitcase did not make it aboard the doomed jetliner and was recovered by FBI investigators in Boston, Massachusetts, Ashcroft said.

Please read the article i posted from the Hara'etz (under possible causes for terrorism thread) It means some people knew before it happened. It really makes me wonder how could it mysteriously not get on the plane? and all this stuff is maybe planted in these places because it is part of their plot to frame the whole thing on someone (or some religion). It insults people's intellgince to not question why would he really need it at that point anyway?

In CNN site it tells of some of the things written in the letter like to make wudu, how to deal with taxis, etc. But what caught my eye is about the wudu, it said:The letter also tells them to "pray and wash before you leave the apartment." IF it was a muslim shouldn't it say wash and pray? or make wudu and pray to be precise? which would be translated into abolution???

Re: The so-called "Terror Guide"!
09/30/01 at 14:50:18
i too find it incredible that atta's 'the mastermind of these attacks according to the media' luggage was accidentally left behind.. if ur going to kill yourself would you really pack stuff and put your terror guide in check-in luggage? check in luggage when not even business ppl do and if the argument is that they needed it or had some attachment to it why wouldn't you put it in your carry on so you can have it handy??

and how the heck did they find a copy of this in the wreckage of the fourth plane when the black boxes even could not survive the damage.

the story gets more bizarre by the day... is it that something happenned by real people and now someone is planting bogus stuff like this to frame certain ppl, or is it that the hijackers were that schizophrenic and wanted everything to be found despite the lengths they went to to cover their identities.

reminds me of those puzzles with a thousand pieces.. impossible to put together.. but in this case half the puzzle pieces are missing and the one's we have might be illusions.

Robert Fisk, The Independent, 9/30/2001

...The problem is that no Muslim - however ill-taught - would include his
family in such a prayer. Indeed, he would mention the Prophet Mohamed
immediately after he mentioned God in the first line...

And what Muslim would urge his fellow believers to recite the morning
prayer - and then go on to quote from it? A devout Muslim would not need to
be reminded of his duty to say the first of the five prayers of the day -
and would certainly not need to be reminded of the text. It is as if a
Christian, urging his followers to recite the Lord's Prayer, felt it
necessary to read the whole prayer in case they didn't remember it.

American scholars have already raised questions about the use of "100
percent" - hardly a theological term to be found in a religious exhortation
- and the use of the word "optimistic" with reference to the Prophet is a
decidedly modern word.

However, the full and original Arabic text has not been released by the
FBI. The translation, as it stands, suggests an almost Christian view of
what the hijackers might have felt...

From the start, the hole in the story has been the reported behaviour of
the hijackers. Atta was said to have been a near-alcoholic, while Ziad
Jarrahi, the alleged Lebanese hijacker of the plane which crashed in
Pennsylvania, had a Turkish girlfriend in Hamburg and enjoyed nightclubs
and drinking. Is this why the published text refers to the "forgiveness''
of sin?

The final instruction, "to make sure that you are clean, your clothes are
clean, including your shoes," may have been intended as a call to purify a
"martyr" before death. Equally, it may reflect the thoughts of a truly
eccentric - and wicked - mind...

Re: The so-called "Terror Guide"!
09/30/01 at 15:53:18
assalaamu alaikum

This line clinches it for me. Now i KNOW that the FBI is using false evidence!

"The document begins with the words: "In the name of God, the most merciful, the most compassionate ... In the name of God, of myself, and of my family." []

In the name of God, of myself and of my family?? What the hell is that?

Wa Salaam
Re: The so-called "Terror Guide"!
09/30/01 at 16:09:29
In all its five pages its nothing but bull crap. I can't believe they are churning so much rubbish out, its like one of the Brit papers we have in the uk called the 'Daily Sport', 100% fiction.
Re: The so-called "Terror Guide"!
09/30/01 at 20:05:14

Also one brother made the comment that the writing style is not typical of Egyptian handwriting at all, which supposedly the letter was written in.
Re: The so-called "Terror Guide"!
09/30/01 at 21:13:55

how did they get to analyze the handwriting, they haven't released the arabic yet? if they have please let me know, i want some ppl to analyze it.
Re: The so-called "Terror Guide"!
10/01/01 at 09:21:28
Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah
Jannah..i think they have released it. Four pages of it were published in the Arab Times (in yesterdays edition) although the print is too small to be used for any analysis.

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