Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab

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Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/14/01 at 19:43:55
assalamu alykum,

I called a freind to check on her today, to see if she is ok. She said that she took of her hijab because she was afraid of being harassed. I was dissapointed. So many others have done this too.

To Muslim women out there! You are Allah's servants, under His Protection. Do not be afraid. Dress like you normally would. Do not take off your hijabs, scarfs, abayahs, just because of some threats and stuff. Stay home then if you are that afraid. Non Muslims across the world are joining together and we can't even uphold our religion, much less join together in solidarity.

I am writing this because several people have taken off their scarfs and what to "fit in." Too many people that I know.

These days, my prayer to Allah is to not make me a coward. Ameen.

I am just thinking of what the generations before us went through, of the sacrifices that the mothers, wives and sisters made for Islam. They did not take off their hijabs. This is a time of Jihad-e-Nafs. Fight off the cowardly shaitan! He would love to see the Muslim women weak and scared to where they are willing to compromise their religions. Don't let the shaitan win! If you are not strong, do you expect our men to be strong? Our sons? Our fathers? Our husbands? Our daughters?

Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/14/01 at 23:35:05

saleema i too am so saddenned by this situation i know of at least 4 who here who have taken off their hijabs.. some have been wearing hijab their whole lives...

it is overwhelming.. i'm not sure what course to take...
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/14/01 at 23:54:12

This is really sad news to hear. :(
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/14/01 at 23:55:04

A lady that we do not know left a message on our answering machine saying how she was sorry on behalf of any American who insulted us or hurt our feelings.  She went on to say that this was a time that we needed to be tolerant and unite.  

Its not all bad out there.  I think if these sisters realize that, they'll put their hijabs back on, Insha'Allah.

Today was my first day "out and about." Before today, pretty much the only places I had gone were my University and our Masjid.  Alhamdulillah, my mother and I (both in hijab) got nothing but smiles and courtesies.  Doors were held open for us, people let me pass in parking lots,  I was treated with kindness at the checkout counter and everything!

The girl from our University newspaper contacted me thanking me repeatedly for writing a piece and she even asked to talk to me some more.  She left her home number asking me to contact her anytime!  

Alhamdulillah!  I think things are different down here because we are so far from New York.

I hope everything is going well for all of you insha'Allah.

Take Care,


Never stop making dua.
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/15/01 at 05:37:15

Masha-allah sis Saleema such powerful and thoughtful words.

May Allah make it easy for you sisters out there. It takes real courage to keep a hijab and even more presently, I'm very happy for all the Muslimas who keep them right now and are steadfast. I also say it for the Bros as well, keeping a beard and walking is hard, I must say. And I live in the UK.

I will pray for all you in my duas. And please keep the hijaab and beard on, we can not let our nafs get the better of us, not this minute, not ever.

Salaams for now and in my duas always,


Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/15/01 at 08:04:41
talking abt ppl taking off there hijabs!!!
i'm fr the UK and ppl are doing it here, so its obvious that its gunna happen in the US!!!

But this is very upseting, and the only thing we can do is, to make dua for every one:)

Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/15/01 at 08:16:14

This is bad..this is really bad.. :(

Its really sad that muslimas are chickening out...this is one of those times where you can get extra rewards..be proud to a muslim/a...let everybody know you're proud of who you are..no kaafir can make *me* take off my hijaab!! :-) see..? :)

Like sis Mujahida said...its like a jihad of the Nafs...make the most of this time..

Y'all take care
I pray that Alla (swt) protects us from the evil around us, ameen.


Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/15/01 at 09:19:57
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Many sisters I know, including my own :(, have taken off their hijabs out of fear. I went out on Thursay to run some errands and go grocery shopping, with hijab on, and Alhamdulillah, I had no problems except for a few odd looks. On Friday I went out and was followed home by a truck with 2 men in it. They watched me and my daughter as we took stuff from my car and carried it upstairs. Because they were watching us, I walked up a different set of stairs so they didn't know exactly where I lived. All they did was sit in the truck and laugh, but it was kinda scary. I am more afraid for my daughter because she is only 10 and wears hijab. Thank Allah (swt) I have the means to homeschool her.

One of our Sisters here in Elk Grove, who *does not* wear hijab...she is known by association because her husband is Arab, was attacked Thursday night and now lays in a hospital bed in and out of a coma. If I find more information on her I will post it up here, insha'Allah.

Stay strong Sisters, and Brothers too...you all remain in my du'as. :)


Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/15/01 at 18:20:15

this is really sad:(, but sisters please keep up ur faith:)
ne ways i dont wanna comment on this coz i am going through nothing  compared to u lot in the US!!!

Insh'allah  u lot will keep up ur faith.  
And if i can do ne thing to help, let me know (except 4 makin duas, coz insh'allah, i'll do that all the time)

keep it up 4 the sisters and bros that hav kept their faith up:)

take care,
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/15/01 at 19:57:29
As Salaam U Alaikum...

All Praise is due to Allah, for this board... I had a hard time getting in, until I emailed Admin... I to feel a wee bit unsafe, but not because I wear hijab... I just don't trust people much...   I wear the full covering, and to went grocery shopping the other day.. I heard one child tell their mom, there is a muslim... So, replied   Yeah?   As to say, no big deal...  All Praise is due to Allah, she didn't see what the big deal was...   A few beefy men passed by me with stiffiness... But, nothing too big... I had a co worker say something, but not in offense... She just has issues with all religions...   To her ignorance, she feels we woman in Islam are second class... I informed her, she based that on not being informed?  She shook her head, yes, but continued with her ignorance...   She has personal issues with men as well.. .   I thought it was silly of her to tell me why she doesn't care for Islam, based on minor knowledge....  I wasn't going to change her mind, but I wasn't going to allow her to just tell me about Islam, when I follow it..   Like she did me, I gave her a little bit of my medicine...  She didn't take it well, but at least I gave it to her.  We weren't upset with each other...    Her theories about religion is from being ill informed. ..  Poor thing...  

I need to remind myself, this is a test... I want to pass it...  
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/15/01 at 21:23:41
Alsalamu Alaykum Wa Rhmat Allah wa barakatuhu

inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji3un

Please, if any of you know sister's who have taken off their hijab, please comfort them urge them to cover.  I had a discussion with a  sister who can't understand why everyone is so scared??...Although she does know how threats are something to be aware of and we must be careful.  Sisters, please transform any fears you have into fear of the One Who created you, and the One Who will protect you.  Have taqwa (awareness/fear of Allah ta'ala) and put your trust in Allah ta'ala. Be careful, but do not lose hope in the One to Whom belongs all Power.

Make dua' for each other, for every muslim, and for those non-muslims who are suffering, to see the truth.  We have to help each other and make it through this.  We're the Muslim Ummah,  let's strive to enjoin what is good, help each other, and live to please Allah 'azza wa jal:-)
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/16/01 at 22:21:26
Bismillah and salam,

Again I am asking the sisters and brothers to make calls and stengthen the ties Allah told us to. Phone and say words that encourage them. If they want protection let them say some ayat (like: wa ja3lana min khalfihim saddan..) The prophet saws escaped in the cave when they are so close and then when he left his house and ALi slept instead right infront of them but they couldn't see. Allah has promised us if we (tansuroo Allah) like chose and make the word of Allah the top then he will make us the same victorious.

Sisters, regardless of the threat, our mothers and the rest of sahabiyat went through so much more. Be steadfast. Know that it is better to die fi sabeel Allah and get the janna then to chose to disobey Him and have something (only a part of) this not last world.

There is a hadeeth I read in alashqar's book of a series. This one on Jannah. And the hadeeth basically means the hijab of a woman in jannah is worth all of this world and what is in/on it.

There are ways to try to insure safety at this point without compromisng your deen. stick with the jama3a. Always let someone know where you are. Take a cell phone and talk on it if you feel vulnerable place I read this deters attackers coz help is too close at hand, etc.

Remember Allah my sisters...fear Allah, not those whom He created!!

Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/16/01 at 23:44:32
as salaamu alaykum wa rahmatAllah,

As we see the number of hate crimes against Muslims in the US increasing, (with the first reported death of a Muslim in Dallas, Inna liLlahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oon) I just don't think it's right for us to sit back and call sisters who take off the hijab cowardly.

We know the concessions Allah grants us in times of war and danger.. that we can even deny *Allah* if our lives are threatened. I can't tell you whether that can be extended to the case here in the US.. but I know that some very knowledgeable people, who have been made aware of this situation, have chosen to leave this issue alone for now as we have more pressing matters at hand, or discuss it as a concession.. wAllahu 'alam.

Let's focus on defending the house y'all...

Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/17/01 at 07:52:40
I disagree with the title. It is not the terrorists who have removed the hijab but them selves.
The muslim women removed then out of fear of the kaffar. it is a fact that many kaffar can only fight back against unarmed women.
There have been many discussions here about whether Muslims should do hijri?
Some people say it is not possible for Muslims to live here islamicly so it is farrad to move out.
Others say it is possible, so we can stay here.
What ever you agree with, if you can not practice all your deen here, for you it is farrad to move out.

We had to have known something like this was going to happen. America have killed Millions, all of the millions of people they have killed have families. some of whome are bound to kill back.
And even if the incident was carried out by the CIA, we should have realised it was going to happen sooner or later. We see the forces of kufr planting bombs which kill them selves and then blaiming it on Muslims.
Look at algeria and uzbeckistan.
So if you live in America you must know that this will happen again, and maybe next time it will be worse.
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/17/01 at 09:50:11

I completely disagree. I live in Houston, not far away from Dallas, and there have been incidents of violence in Houston too. Mostly, I have gotten good responses. People have been opening up doors for me more than before. And even if I hadn't gotten any good responses then I still would not have taken my hijab off. I would rather die than take off my hijab for fear of kuffar. I commit sins everyday knowing that I am committing them, knowing that I am being watched by Allah, where is my fear then? If I don't have fear of Allah as much as I should, certainly I wouldn't make the mistake of fearing men and their cruelty and compromise my religion.

I fear for that day if things get worse here, what will Muslims do then? Sure we can renounce Allah even to protect our lives, when the fat from our flesh is dripping, when we are starving, when our eyes are being gouged out, when we are being dragged naked on a road from the back of a truck, when we are being raped over and over and over again, when our children's lives are threatened in front of us. But the *possibility* of just having our scarves snatched off of our heads, or the *Possibility* of being murdered, shot at or cursed at... to me that doesn't constitute to a good enough excuse. Yes, not even murder. And I am no scholar, but certainly I know my Islamic history a little. Certainly I know that Allah is my Protector. Certainly I know that I'd rather die on the path of Allah, opposing the whole world.

Gotta run, later.

Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/17/01 at 10:51:40

I was late to class, so I wrote my earlier post in a hurry.

Even if the scholars got together to say that it was okay for women to take off their hijab if they fear for their lives or if they fear a few mean looks and a few curse words, or it being snatched off of their heads, then I would still not do it and I would never, ever listen to their advise again. And I wouldn't be surprised if some scholars did do just that. And if they do that, I want them to look into Hanan's eyes in Palestine and tell her that since she lives under brutal occupation everyday, under the gaze of perverted eyes, who sees rockets fly by her tent in a refugee camp, who shares what little food she has with her neighbors--take off your hijab Hanan because you are facing hardships. Don't waste money on a scarf Hanan, use it buy a pencil that you need, or to buy food, or to buy candy. I would want them to look into the eyes of any Chechen Muslim woman and tell her to take off her hijab so that she won't be recognized as a Muslim by Russian soldiers ready to pounce on and rape any Muslim woman. Tell the soldiers that they have crushed your spirit, that they have forced you to submit, hide who you are.

"The person who takes a stand against the direction of the society - its common mode, its values and standards, its ideas and concepts, its error and deviations - will find himself or herself a stranger, as well as helpless, unless his or her authority comes from a source which is more powerful than the people, more permanent than the earth, and nobler than life. Let falsehood have power, let it have its drums and banners, and let it have its throngs and mobs; all this cannot change anything of the truth. He or she is a Believer, and whatever be the conditions and the situation, he or she cannot exchange error for the truth. Indeed, God does not leave the Believer alone in the face of oppression to whimper under its weight, to suffer dejection and grief, but relieves him of all this with the message:"

"Do not be dejected nor grieve; you shall be the uppermost if you are Believers!" [13:139]"

Let's have a little of the spirit of David who faced Goliath and defeated him. Let's remember Bilal (R). Let's remember Muhammad (S), when he walked through Taif people threw stones at him, so much so, that his shoes were filed with blood. And our Beloved complained to no one but Him, the Best to Help and the Best to Protect. His words to his Lord were: "O my Lord, unto you I bewail my weakness, inability, and disregard of mankind towards me. O Most Merciful of the merciful, you are the Lord of the weak and my Lord. Unto whom shall you deliver me?. Unto one who is distant and shall glower at me, or unto an enemy whom you have given authority over me? If you are not angry against me then I do not care [what befalls me], but your [gifts of] well being are more commodious for me. I seek refuge in the light of your face that has overcome all darkness, and through which all matters of this life and the hereafter have been established in justice, that your retribution should fall upon me, or your disdain should befall me. Unto you is [all] appeasement until you are appeased, and no one has power or ability except in You"

Let's remember Asma, daughter of Abu Bakr. Let's remember Fatima (R), the daughter of Muhammad (S). These are our role models. If in time of hardship we cannot implement their ways, their perseverance, their patience and endurance, then what good is our rhetoric about faith and having trust in Allah in times of peace and safety in our lives? Let's put our faith into action. What is this life? A mere play. We are actors, let's act our part as devout, faithful unwavering slaves of Allah. Let's face adversities with hikmah, yes, *but* with bravery and patience.

A man in Heaven will be asked about his hardships in this life and he will say that his hardships were for only a day or so. 'Why are you asking me about that? Look at what I have here and I will live forever.'

A man in Hell will be asked, for how long did you enjoy and divulge in pleasure on Earth and he will weep and say 'what pleasure? I lived for such a short while and I will be suffering here forever.'

We read the stories of the heroes of Islam and are filled with awe and wonder and we want to be like them, to attain the status that they have in God's eyes. Perhaps, this is our chance, this is our test. Lets show the non Muslims that we are not weak, we are not afraid.

If we lose the battle here at this point, then we should be ashamed of ourselves.

Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/17/01 at 17:47:04


Sis Saleema, only one question what would you do if your mother and father were being tortured or Sis Jannah and others in front of your eyes? and these beasts of torture would only stop if you had to take your hijaab off ??.

Many people have much strength, courage and tawakul on this board may Allah give you more, however, I know from many a people who have gone through torture, but when asked  how would you feel if it was your own family getting raped as torture they said they would buckle under pressure.

My mom told me today that in India at the time of riots(1994) some muslims had to wear hindu clothes and the red dot(whatever you call it) to escape the persecution of the Extreme right wing Hindus. These people did not forsake their religion, Islam. Outwardly it may have appered so but in thier hearts the love for Islam was still alive. If you were there in the streets of Bombay in a jabbah and beard it was an awful scene, men were being stripped naked and checked whether they were circumsied, if so you know the fate, unlucky was that man who had a woman with him she was raped first systematically and then killed.

And also there is an incident at the time of the prophet saws that there was a Sahabi who saw his mother and father killed in front of his eyes and he said to the torturers what their ears wanted to hear. Later as he goes to the prophet saws with tears in his eyes and informs him of the incident he is asked by the noble prophet (to the nearest meaning) that do you believe in Allah with your heart, he said yes I do then there is no problem with your faith.

Now, I'm not saying that ok take your hijab and beard off, I'm just saying that there are brothers and sisters out there who are not as strong as u guys on this board. Who knows what they have endured in the dailiy grudge of life, I certainly would not be able to see my family and friends getting raped or sodomised. They might have just started wearing the hijaab or keeping a beard and somebody has spat at their face and now is going to rape the ten year old daughter! believe me if you are new to Islam it'll take you back a bit.

Lets not look down on our other brothers and sisters for the guy without a beard or the Sis without the hijaab might come to our aid first. Also remember the first hadith in Bukahri. All actions are by intention.
I hope to Allah that none of us go through such torture that poses a strain on our hearts or on our familys(the ummahs)heart.Ameen

Salaams for now and may the best happen at this point in time.
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/17/01 at 17:57:06
One point to be made here is that Islam does have concessions for times when people's lives are really in danger. I think what Saleema is questioning is whether the threat is really that great RIGHT NOW for sisters to take off their hijabs/wear hats because they honestly fear for their lives. Perhaps right now they only fear people making remarks or saying something to them or looking at them?? so is that enough??

Anyway something interesting I was remembering, maybe someone can find it. (I need hadithfinder software :( )I think there is a hadith where at the time of the prophet [saw] someone was being forced to renounce their deen and the person did?.. and then people asked the prophet [saw] what was better and he said that either was ok.. so if you want to be strong and refuse to take off your hijab even AFTER the scholars of islam have said that it is allowed than that's fine, if you want to take the concession in times where the scholars deemed that the threat of your life is greater than that is fine as well.

Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/18/01 at 07:37:33
Allah's signs are everywhere...   I agree with both Jannah's and Saleema's posts...    I have to admit, my concern is the mean looks or words... I had only one mean look the first day, and a few stiff neck people pass me by days later, and some not really negative comments...   If that makes sense...  My problem is I want people to like me... But, I agree not to take off my covering just because I want to be liked, fit in or avoid a mean look...   It's just my own insecurities from childhood... But, then, it is true and comforting to know that if we do fear for our lives or families lives, then, we do what is best between us and Allah..  

Being single, needing to financially support myself, with no real physical support, (except for Allah) and being a wee bit shaky walking out my door... I have no choice and wouldn't want any other choice but to put my trust and faith in Allah... If this helps other sisters...   Again... Allah understands, so you do what is best between you and him.   The covering is another form of protection, but Allah is your shield...

Allah is All Compassionate and very very understanding...   Put our trust and faith in Allah...  Allah is the one who created us, and he knows us the best...

As Salaam U Alaikum!!  

Denise... ;)
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/18/01 at 07:47:27
If you think the enemy wil attack you if you practice Islam, why live in the land of the enemy?
didn't Allah make this world vast?
You lot don't have the problems of the Muslims of India. Because you lot have American passports, you can go live in almost any country.
And if you run out of mony there, you can always sell your passport to some one for a huge sum of money.
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/18/01 at 15:44:44

I live in NYC and there have been at least 2 sisters I know of that have been beaten and murdered simply because they were covered.  While some sisters have come out of their hijab and others modified it it does not mean that they have stopped being muslim.  As in my earlier post many have simply barracaded themselves in their houses.  I saw a car with writing that said 'Kill em all let Allah sort them out!'  This is clearly a misguided creature so what do you do?  I hear several coworkers (when they don;t know I am in the immediate area) say bomb them all I'll feel better!  Yes there are many nuts here.  But for those sisters who take off their hijab Inshallah you will again put them on and wear them like before having been strengthen by this madness.  We can never say.  For those that are in contact with these sisters don't distance yourself from them for they need you now.  don't put them down lend them some of your strength.  It seems as if there is plenty to spare.  As Kathy said in a previous post she changed her look the first day and Allah sent her strength through her son and she went back to normal wih firmer resolve.  Allah knows best.  

Inshallah what will come out of this when the smoke clears is a stronger Ummah.  
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/18/01 at 16:25:08
Malika why don't those sisters report what has happenned to the police??? or to the media or to CAIR??? As of yet there are no confirmed cases of violence against sisters....they NEED to document these things :(
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/19/01 at 01:49:20

If someone was holding a gun to someone's head and was saying take off your scarf, i can understand that.

but to know that there may be someone like that out there and that i may possibly come upon them on the street is not a good enough excuse to take off your hijab. i never said that taking off your hijab makes you a non muslim now. pls don't put words in my mouth.

and women shouldn't be walking alone in NY or going public places alone. and if they work, then they should talk to the manger or something and ask them to designate them a parking space near office, well lighted, and have co-workers walk them to their cars after work.
there are many steps that ppl can take inshallah. try hard before giving up, that's all i'm saying.

and if things are not documented then i'm not believing them nor should anyone else and spread them around, as it just causes fear and anxiety. there are too many horrible rumors going around that are simply not true.

Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/19/01 at 16:17:17
Assalamu alakum

I pray inshAllah we are all safe and well and are protected from the evils that exist around us.

I think I have been going out each day and the dirty looks from people have been getting worse. I think the more the media labels Osama Bin Laden as the 'ISLAMIC' terrorist the worse people's perception and hostility towards Islam and muslims become. Why can't the media just use the word terrorist? I mean you never hear them append the word 'Christian' to 'terrorist' when referring to members of the IRA!

I think the media is the main trigger for the sisters fears for their safety. There are many instances of attacks in UK which ARE NOT RUMOURS.

For instance from The Times Sep 19 2001:
'South West'
Two white men pounced on a 19-year-old woman walking home from work in Swindon on Friday and repeatedly hit her aound the head with a bat. She was wearing a traditional headscarf and a Muslim leader from the town said seconds before the assult a bystander heard one of the youths say: 'Here's a Muslim.' She was released from hospital after bruising.'

There have been many more attacks to people, mosques and even an Islamic primary school with very young children! So I think people have the right to do what is permitted to protect themselves from harm. Thus I think the Sisters that remove their scarves do it from genuine fear but their faith is still in their hearts.

By the way, is a sister a bad muslima if she doesn't wear a scarf? And is a brother a bad muslim if he deoesn't have a beard?

Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/20/01 at 10:58:40
Salaam! What is wrong with you people? Why are you taking your hijaabs off? Put them back on, stop beiong such cowards! Be brave, we're muslims, fear Allah! FEAR ALLAH! Why are you taking your hijabs off? For fear of abuse? For fear of Attacks? Well dont go out alone then!!! DO NOT GO OUT ALONE!!! Keep your hijaabs on and go out in groups! If you are worried, then dont go out on your own. Simple! Is it really that difficult. What next? You gona start flirting to fit in? yoi gona start going to pubs to fit in? You gona start drinking to fit in? Where is it gona stop?

FEAR ALLAH! Be Brave, you aint done NOTHING wrong, so get your hijabs back on.

Should the bro's shave of thier beards? If you dont put your hijabs, were shave our beard off ok?
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/20/01 at 11:19:47
Mujahid there are sisters who are seriously afraid of being attacked, but they cannot live in their homes forever. They have to go to school, they have to go to work and they don't have anyone who can walk them every inch of the way. Calling them cowards doesn't help anyone. We should try to help them by offering to escort them or suggest wearing sweatshirts/jackets with hoods on top of hijab when walking in public areas.

For those sisters who are not under great threat in their areas and took it off, this shows that there is a problem somewhere, because this is a test that we should be able to get through. Again it is probably because hijab has become such an issue in our community when these girls don't even have proper islamic educations and are very weak in imaan this is an obvious consequence.


Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/20/01 at 17:50:39
Brother Mujahid, lets be sensitive right now there are many sisters who may be living by themselves and might be the only muslimas in a small community. They might not know any one else so they can not exactly go out in a group.  I understand where you are coming from but please lets use supportive words and positive encouragement rather than using words as 'cowards', we all fear Allah no doubt.
And its not about fitting in, people are scared and its right to be scared because life is precious, no one wants to get hurt or abused ok. And I don't think my sisters would be flirting to fit in or going to the pub(bars) and drinking, those are the traits of people who are not Muslims, c'mon man lets not use words like that.
Its a testing time for All us muslims, some people will get closer to Allah others perhaps won't.
Surely if we stick together as one ummah, then we are that one step closer to Allah. United we rise, United we fall. Don't let the enemys of Allah divide us and conquer us.
hold your tongue, se7en.
09/21/01 at 03:24:35
as salaamu alaykum,

Thank you, Brother Mujaahid, for your words of encouragement.

Along with your words of encouragement, you might want to consider doing some things to make the sisters in your community feel more safe and protected.

The brothers in my MSA started an [url=http://www.albany.edu/~msa/escort.html]escort service on campus[/url]. Perhaps you can start one in your area.

Another idea to consider is getting in contact with local gyms and karate schools, and setting up a sisters-only self defense class.

Actually *making it easier* for sisters to wear hijab would probably be more affective than telling them that they're cowards if they don't.

And let me repeat something I said earlier:

We know the concessions Allah grants us in times of war and danger.. that we can even deny *Allah* if our lives are threatened.  I can't tell you whether that can be extended to the case here in the US.. but I know that some VERY knowledgeable people, who have been made aware of this situation, have chosen to leave this issue alone for now as we have more pressing matters at hand, or discuss it as a concession.. wAllahu 'alam.

Let's focus on defending the house y'all...

wasalaamu alaykum.
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/21/01 at 05:17:50
Assalaamu-alaikum Se7en

Was that response supposed to be sarcasm?

Anyway I cannot start up an Escort service because i cannot drive! Unless of course they wanna just sit in the car twidling thier thumbs!

As for Martial arts classes etc, we have a muslim resource centre, and if the sisters show enough interest, then i'm sure they will start up a sister only class. However if i go an arrange one, and knowone turns up, its gona be pointless. Their must be demand for thier to be a supply!

Donning Scarves in Solidarity
09/25/01 at 23:02:31
WOW subhanallah

Some muslim women are taking off their scarves while non-muslim women are donning them for support!!!

Sandy Banks:
Donning Scarves in Solidarity
Sep 25, 2001

It was intended as a simple gesture of solidarity with Muslim women who have become an easy target for our nation's anger these days: What if women from every race, religion and nationality went about their daily routines with their heads covered in the traditional scarves that many Muslim women wear?

But when Washington, D.C., student Jennifer Schock posted her idea on the message board of a women's media group, she was stunned by the firestorm of controversy it generated.

"Some people said the idea was ridiculous, that I should be finding more constructive ways of spending my time," said Schock, 31. Others criticized her for embracing a tradition that is viewed by many as a symbol of Islam's oppression of women. "It was supposed to be this very simple way ... to reach out to Muslim women, to tell them, 'You don't have to be alone.' No rally, no vigil, nothing political about it," she said. "Just a way to challenge our perceptions and foster some kind of dialogue with the people we encounter in our everyday lives.

"Instead, all of a sudden, I'm endorsing the oppression of women. It made me realize just how emotional this whole thing is."

While "Arab-looking" men are being profiled as possible terrorists, Muslim women in traditional dress have also felt the heat of a suspicious nation.

"I have talked to so many women who are afraid, who have not been out of their homes because they don't feel safe," says Khalid Iqbal of the national Council on American Islamic Relations in Washington, D.C.

Amid news accounts of sporadic violence aimed at Muslims, fears abound. Reports have come in from mosques and Muslim organizations across the country, including in Los Angeles, of women being harassed, having their scarves yanked from their heads, he said. "Some sisters have heard that at some colleges and schools, young people have tried to light the tips of the scarves with a match, to set them on fire."

The scarves, called hijab , are worn by many girls once they pass puberty, as part of Islam's dictates requiring women to dress modestly. Not all Muslim women wear them; it is not explicitly required by the Koran, and some say there has been a misplaced emphasis on the scarf as a marker of personal piety and religious devotion.

The hijab is worn wrapped around the head to cover all the hair, and tied under the chin, with a corner hanging down the back. Women wearing the hijab must adhere to other rules of modesty, such as keeping their arms and legs covered in public.

"The West looks at the scarf as a sign that Muslim women are oppressed," Iqbal said. "But Muslim women see it as a sign of dignity that shows respect for their religion and elicits respect from men."

But in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, the hijab has also become associated with the notion of terrorism in the eyes of some angry Americans. "We have had to suggest that women don't go out at night, that they stay in safe, public places and have a cell phone ready to call for help," Iqbal said. And he recommends that women change the way they secure the hijab --"maybe with a pin that will break loose when pulled, rather than a knot"--because some women have been injured when strangers yanked on their scarves. "One woman was literally dragged" and almost strangled when someone tried to pull off her scarf, Iqbal said.

Schock consulted Iqbal and visited several Washington-area mosques before proposing her solidarity campaign. "I didn't want to insult anyone, or make their lives any more difficult than they already are," she said. Iqbal--who has been on the front lines of efforts to calm American attitudes toward Muslims since the attacks--said he was moved to tears by her idea. "Such good wishes ....What can I say? I usually don't get emotional, but I did in this case. It is such a beautiful thing."

And Schock says she has been moved by the expressions of gratitude she has received from Muslim women who learned of her campaign. "I've gotten so many calls saying, 'Thank you, thank you.' It's such a little thing, but they have been so grateful."

Schock has no idea how many women have taken part in her campaign. She heard from about 50 women--mostly in the Washington, D.C., area--who said they planned to don scarves for a day. And calls and e-mails are coming in from women in other parts of the nation who are trying to organize similar efforts through their churches, community groups, even PTAs.

Schock wore her scarf for one day last week, and though she felt self-conscious about her appearance, no one she encountered was unkind. "I took the train in [from Fairfax, Va.] to D.C. and it was packed, and a lot of people seemed to go out of their way to be nice."

Administrators at the college she attends--presuming that she was Muslim--approached her to thank her for having the courage to come to class. "Someone on the train asked if I spoke Arabic. And one person asked me what Jewish holiday it is."

And if the sight of a fair-skinned woman in Muslim dress confused and challenged some, the experience changed Schock as well. She grew up in a Missouri town so small that it has only one-third as many residents as the number of people who died in the World Trade Center. "Growing up, I didn't know anyone who wasn't white and European, until I went off to college."

This experience, she says, "opened my eyes to what it feels like to be different, to feel out of place in your own country.

Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/25/01 at 23:12:47
[quote]Assalaamu-alaikum Se7en[/quote]
wa alaykum as salaam wa rahmatAllah.
[quote]Was that response supposed to be sarcasm? [/quote]
I was trying to be nice :)
[quote]Anyway I cannot start up an Escort service because i cannot drive! Unless of course they wanna just sit in the car twidling thier thumbs![/quote]
dude, no car needed. Basically it's a bunch of brothers who are willing to *walk* with sisters around campus.  You got legs don't ya? :)
[quote]As for Martial arts classes etc, we have a muslim resource centre, and if the sisters show enough interest, then i'm sure they will start up a sister only class. However if i go an arrange one, and knowone turns up, its gona be pointless. Their must be demand for thier to be a supply![/quote]
Hmm. Have you talked to the sisters in your community about the importance of a self-defense class? Maybe if you do that, it'll spark interest and sisters will go..

Just *do something*.  That was my point :)

take care akhi :)

wasalaamu alaykum.
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/26/01 at 12:23:01
Bismillah and salam,

As-Salaam `Alaykum. I live in the US with my wife. My wife is wearing hijab. Following what happened in the US lately my wife can't go outside because she is scared. Can she take off the hijab when she goes out or not. Jazakum Allah khayran

Date 24/Sep/2001

Islam Online Fatwa Committee

Wa `Alaykum As-Salaam Waramatullah Wabarakatuh!

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

Dear brother in Islam, first of all, wed like to inform you that we all share your feelings from the bottom of our hearts, and we pray to Almighty Allah to cover you all with His protection in this difficult situation facing millions of Muslims, Amen.

As regards your question, Sheikh Muhammad Hassan Fadl-Allah, the well-known Jurist, states:

"First, we expect from every Muslim sister to safeguard her religious commitment especially under the current critical situation. The issue may be clarified in light of the following two guidelines:

1-A Muslim woman should stick to the teachings of Islam and never show any compromise as regards her Muslim dress , especially wearing the Hijab, which is a religious obligation ordained by Allah.

2-In facing those who leave no stone unturned in trying to put an end to Islam and Muslims, it's required of every Muslim (whether a male or a female) not to show weakness or complacency.

Shedding light on this issue, Prof. Abdul Fattah `Ashour, professor of Quranic Studies and Exegesis at Al Azhar Univ, adds:

As we know, Hijab is a religious obligation ordained by Allah, and its not allowed for any female Muslims to disregard such obligation. But given the current situation, here comes into play the juristic rule Necessity knows no law but necessity should be construed in a narrower sense. Therefore, if its possible for a female Muslim to endure difficulties and keep wearing Hijab, she should do that and consider her faith in Allah being put to test. Allah says in this regard:Do men imagine that they will be left (at ease) because they say, We believe, and will not be tested with affliction? Lo! We tested those who were before you. Thus Allah knoweth those who are sincere, and knoweth those who feign.(Al-`Ankabut: 2-3)

In the light of the above-mentioned verse, we appeal to our sisters in Islam facing this ordeal to show perseverance and steadfastness, assuring them of Allahs unfailing promise of protection. However, if the matter gets worse and unbearable, to the extent of halting the normal course of life, then they can change a bit from wearing complete Hijab to a partial one; i.e. they can wear something to cover their head and neck. All this is just a precautionary measure against attack or harassment. Should that prove futile, they can then take off Hijab till things get back to normal.

But this should not be taken as a pretext to drop wearing Hijab altogether. So my advice to our sisters in Islam is to keep guard against devilish scheme to drive them away from Islam. So I say, study the whole issue and determine which of the two options to take. May Allah protect you all, Amen.

Allah Almighty knows best.

Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/26/01 at 16:22:01

i never said that taking off your hijab makes you a non muslim now. pls don't put words in my mouth.

and women shouldn't be walking alone in NY or going public places alone. and if they work, then they should talk to the manger or something and ask them to designate them a parking space near office, well lighted, and have co-workers walk them to their cars after work.
there are many steps that ppl can take inshallah. try hard before giving up, that's all i'm saying.

and if things are not documented then i'm not believing them nor should anyone else and spread them around, as it just causes fear and anxiety. there are too many horrible rumors going around that are simply not true.


Sister Saleema, I see you have taken this personally. Sorry it took so long to respond. if you sensed irritation it was not directed at you. People say enough without people adding words to theirs. You couldn't possibly know the feelings some sisters go through unless you experience them first hand. my comment about taking off your hijab and still being Muslim that comes from within me sis. That is my hurt and you couldn't know that unless you ask. Unfortunately, if many sisters waited for people to escort them places they would die indoors.

As for the those Sisters that died...that is not rumor it is indeed fact. One sister was getting off of work and standing waiting for her husband to pick her up - fact. There isn't parking spaces next to the buildings here in the city. Public transportation is the way.

You know in light of the current situation, I myself needed to come to the board to be closer to my brothers and sisters in Islam and receive what I'll term comfort.  what I felt once I got here was certainly a mix of positive and negative with a little comfort definetly less than I expected to receive.  Inshallah  we will all be strengthen.  Thanks for hearing me.
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/26/01 at 19:09:43
ter Saleema, I see you have taken this personally.

No, not at all.

Yes I do know about the killings, I thought maybe you were refering to some other inccident. But there were also rumors floating around and still are. Sorry about that.

True my environment may not have been as bad as some of the other people in states such as New York, but I can imagine what it must feel like to go through it. And I have experienced two inccidents myself not very big or anything, but I can imagine what it must fee like. Other than that everyting was as normal as it could be.

Still, I would not compromise anything about me and would wish that others would not either. But that is something between them and Allah and I will leave it at that.

I did not mean to hurt your feelings, my intentions were good. I want the Muslim women to be strong, I don't want them to allow others to create fear in their heart. Non Muslims think that Muslim women are weak and that they dress modestly because their husbands, fathers and brothers force them to do so, and now no doubt many will think that some ignorant people made the Muslim women uncover their heads--that Muslim women can be pushed around easily.

I'm sorry, my post was not meant to be negative, I did not want to come across that way. I wanted to give encourgement to my Muslim sisters.
Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
09/30/01 at 22:20:12
Assalamu Alaikum,

(The following is an unedited e-mail message received today by CAIR.)

This past Saturday, I was visiting a close friend's grandparent in
Bloomery, West Virginia. It was a short, peaceful, visit. I was the only
Muslim with the hijab among my group of close friends.

On our way home, we stopped by a Country Buffet Restaurant for dinner. I
was alert, cautious, and aware of my surroundings...we pre-paid for our
food and headed to the buffet. Ten minutes after we settled into our seats,
the waitress leaned by our table with what appeared to be our money and
receipt. We assumed they were going to kick us out.

Although, what occurred in the next few moments was what I believed to be
the blessings and mercy of Allah. She told us on behalf of the restaurant,
they wanted to pay for our entire meal and give us a total refund. They
were very sympathetic of the innocent lives. The waitress by her own
personal expressions, was also sympathetic to the Muslim Community and did
not want to see any more innocent lives lost due to war. What struck me the
most, that brought tears to my eyes, were her tears. She told me she was
proud that I had the courage and strength to come out and wear the
appropriate veil.

This experience gave me a sense of encouragement in the midst of crisis and
confusion. There are many who are compassionate and understanding.

         Doesn't it contradict the heading of the thread in some way? Anyway, may Allah (swt) provide similar courage to every Muslimah on this earth ( Ameen ).

Re: Terrorists Succeded in Making Muslimahs Take off Hijab
10/01/01 at 16:45:03
Kind of a weird story but interesting about the typical reaction she got:

Islamic scarf conceals and reveals, reporter finds

Writer shares lessons gleaned during 3 days of wearing traditional garb

By D. PARVAZ, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
First published: Monday, October 1, 2001

SEATTLE -- Most Westerners think an Islamic hijaab -- a full-body outer cloak or, in its modified form, a scarf tied around the head -- is an obscuring item of clothing. In it, however, I found I hadn't had such a clear view of my face in years.

Free of makeup (forbidden by Islam) and unframed by my thick hair and widow's peak, my face peered back at me, totally naked.

My hands shook as I tied on my scarf for the first time in almost exactly 17 years. The last time I wore an Islamic scarf around my head I was 12 years old and visiting my grandmother in Iran.

From the ages of 6 to 10, the scarf, along with the loose tunic worn over pants, was my daily uniform, and eventually the official school uniform of all Iranian schools after the 1979 Islamic revolution. Like millions of other Iranians, I adjusted and lived as a Muslim until I left Iran in 1981. In fact, for most of my post-revolutionary time in Iran, I was the sole practicing Muslim in my family. I didn't need their support -- Iran had become the Islamic Republic of Iran and I was just another kid in a scarf.

Hearing about Muslims -- and people mistaken for Muslims -- being targeted and attacked in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks made me think of how I would feel if I were still a practicing Muslim. This is what drove me to wear my Islamic garb for three days in Seattle (and surrounding areas) as well as a couple of days in Vancouver, B.C. I also crossed the border with my scarf on -- I took a train to Vancouver and flew back.

Having a white American for a mother, my looks pass for Western (not the case for most of the family on my father's side), so the only thing that would set me apart would be my dress.

Of course, women in hijaabs aren't the only targets. Olive skin, turbans and foreign accents, once signs of America's diversity, now instill fear and anger in some Americans. Wearing my scarf taught me a lot about fear.

Lesson 1: Paranoia is a two-way street.

I noticed that people in my own neighborhood looked right through me and that familiar, friendly glances were replaced with stony expressions set half a block in advance in anticipation of my approach. But that was nothing compared to the chilling incident on Day One of my experiment.

I was standing on the corner of Broadway and Pike Street, waiting for the light to change so I could cross, when a young man shoved me in front of a moving vehicle. Fortunately, the driver stopped in time. I faced the guy who pushed me, but all he said was ``I guess I tripped and just didn't see you. Sorry.'' He looked over my shoulder while talking to me. He almost sounded bored.

``Well, do you see me now?'' I asked in a shaky voice.

``Oh yeah, I see you all right,'' he responded before crossing the street.

Later, I reprimanded myself for not running after him, for not speaking up. The truth is, my thoughts and my voice simply drowned in a sea of fear, indignation and shock. I don't think the one deranged individual I encountered is in any way representative of Americans; he's representative of a small group of hateful sociopaths. But when I told a colleague of the incident, she was alarmed enough to insist on following me, cell phone in hand should anything else happen.

The shoving business put me on high alert. I had to fight against attaching meaning to things I might not have previously noticed, like being ignored in a store or having someone cut ahead of me at a bus stop. A walk around the block became a psychological minefield.

As soon as I heard about the Sikh man killed in Arizona and the Somalian woman attacked at knifepoint in West Seattle, the horror I felt at the Sept. 11 attacks made room for a dark and bitter resentment. I resented the fact that those responsible for the murder of almost 6,500 people didn't leave a clear record of who they were.

In my scarf, I felt as if I was lumped in with the dreaded Them. Those People. Terrorists. Which brings me to:

Lesson 2: Communication alleviates fears.

I noticed people's uneasy glances when I walked into the King Street Station. No one looked me in the eye -- it was all sideways glances and nudges. When I got in line for a train to Canada, I could feel my fellow passengers tensing up. The fact that there were no visible security measures in place didn't help.

If what happened on Sept. 11 hadn't happened, I would've thought, ``To heck with them.'' But let's face it, people are scared and worse is that their enemy has no face. The second I made some small talk with the people around me, I could see their faces relax, which made me relax.

A U.S. Customs agent at the Vancouver airport seemed baffled that I was a reporter.

``For a regular paper, with just regular news?'' she asked, all the while looking at the top of my head.

When seated in the emergency exit row of a plane, I'm accustomed to being asked if I am capable of helping fellow passengers exit the aircraft in case of an emergency. But with my scarf on, it seems my abilities were in doubt. The flight attendant asked me three times if I was fluent enough in English to help in case of an emergency. While I appreciated her thoroughness, my grasp of the language had never been questioned to such an extent. I should point out that because I learned how to speak English from my mother, I speak without a trace of an accent.

Lesson 3: This too shall pass.

My American (white, Catholic) boyfriend was livid when I told him I was doing this story. He was worried about my safety, but I also got the sense that he was worried about what I would write. Would I pour all my political beliefs into a story about the treatment of Muslims? Would those feelings overshadow all the flowers and support Americans have showered upon mosques and Sikh temples? If I had let the terror and anger I felt after ``the incident'' overtake me, I would've done just that. But fortunately, I didn't. And because of that, for the first time in years, I thought about what my mother must have experienced when living in Iran at the height of the country's ``death to America'' fervor. I recall pleading with her to please, please keep her sunglasses on when she came to pick me up from school and to not speak to anyone else, fearing that her green eyes and accent would give her away.

While discussing the fallout against Middle Easterners with my Iranian father, he cut me short to tell me about a poem by Sa'adi, an 11th-century Persian poet, who, incidentally, was captured as a slave by Christian crusaders.

A loose translation follows. (Note: The proper noun Adam and the word human are the same word in Farsi, the language spoken in Iran and Afghanistan, as well as parts of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan):

All Adam's race are members of one frame
Since all, at first, from the same essence came.
When by hard fortune one limb is oppressed
The other members lose their wonted rest.
If thou feel'st not for others' misery
A son of Adam is no name for thee.

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