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09/04/01 at 15:26:19
Assalaamu-alaikum Brothers

Are any off you guys boxing fans? What did you guys make of the incident last week when Br Hasim Rahman and Lennox Lewis got into a scuffle? Apparently Rahman made a comment towards lewis, basically accusing him of being gay, and lewis, to my disgust responded with "i'm 200% a womens man, bring you sister so i can show her"! That is a truly sickning thing to say to someones sisters, and in my opinion Hasim Rahman had every right to retaliate the way he did!

So who do you reckons gona win the Remath on November 17th? I reckon is Lewis slaps and runs for 12 rounds, he'll win on points, however if he treis to knock out Rahman, he's gona walk onto another big punch and LIGHTS OUT!

I hope Tyson and Rahman never fight, seeing to muslims fight is gona be sickening.
09/04/01 at 16:26:58

Just to set the record straight the brother didn't call Lewis gay, but rather referred to some action of his as being gay, i.e. silly, ridiculous, nonsensical.

As an example let me use it in a sentence:

Bling! Bling!  That baller's skills are gay.

In no way am I calling the "baller" gay rather I am dissin his skills.
09/04/01 at 16:28:50
what is a bling??

09/04/01 at 18:46:36

[quote]what is a bling??


i think they were supposed to b the sound affects!!!

09/04/01 at 19:04:26

what is a bling??


i think they were supposed to b the sound affects!!!


Hahahhaha, you guys are too much.  It might be time for another slang lesson. :D

Bling-Bling means shine or sparkle like a diamond. It can also mean anything glamorous as in, "we were just bling-blingin' at the party."  I saw this license plate the other day and on the frame it said:

Bling bling back to back rings!
And on the license plate itself it said PC (then it had a heart symboly) and the letters LKRS.  All that translated means: PEACE LOVE LAKERS.

*sigh* that is so beautiful.  I wonder what the Sixers fans have on their license plate? ??? FIXERS or my personal favorite, LOSERS, hehehehhe.
09/05/01 at 11:02:35
Bismillah and salam,

well that is not the first time lewis saying a thing like this. he had an interview with the guy from the friday night fights and he asked him that rumers are you gay? and he said something offensive like what you said he said. But he directed to the rumer starters let them bring...

I think insha'Allah Rockman is better and insha'Allah will defeat the lewis Lennox. His fight wigh Tua was so boring and slow.
09/05/01 at 11:14:53
Assalaamu-alaikum Bro

Yeah the Tua fight was BORING!! ua threw about 3 punches in the whole fight, and lewis just ran from him!

I truly believe Mike Tyson is still the bomb and would beat any fighter on the planet, i just dont wanna see two muslims fight each other for a materialistic title!

Lewis, i dont like him, i used to think he was decent, based on his softly spoken and humble appraoch, but now i've realsied just how far he goes when someone says something to upset them. OK so being offensive to him is not nice, but his approach of brining people's sisters into it is disgusting! And i can;t wait to see him get beaten again for it!
09/05/01 at 12:45:06
Bling Bling!!??


do you actually say that Arshad?  lol

bling bling sounds really silly. sounds like something a babby might say.  :)

u may find me weird, but i had a good laugh,it's the funniest thing i have heard so far. thanks. (still laughing very hard)  :)

09/05/01 at 12:52:25
walikumas'salaam warahmatullah ;-D

welcome to the boards (just incase i didn't say it originally :)) anyhow..i personally am not a boxing fan..i don't find it interesting enough :)

[quote]to my disgust responded with "i'm 200% a womens man, bring you sister so i can show her"![/quote]

this reminded me of the following story..

once @ work, this person (person A) was trying to collect some $$$ from their client..and it was gettin the conversation took took a wrong turn..person A yelled, [i]"NO! why don't u @#%$ ur mother and ur sister?!!" [/i] i was soo taken back..cuz that's not the way u talk to anyone..lekin, apperently the client had gotten personal as well..(not that i'm justifying this..) just wanted to share that for some reason..

[quote]Bling! Bling!  That baller's skills are gay. [/quote]

u wouldn't say, [i]"bling bling that ballers skills r gay.."[/i] if ur interpretation of, [i]"bling bling"[/i] is glam, or great, or shiny, then using that with the above sentence would be contradicting each other :) just wanted to point that out :) feamanAllah ;-D
09/05/01 at 12:57:14
LOL! You guys are Crazy.

And here i was thinking Bling bling is what was what started and ended each round of boxing!

Jaazaakullah Khair sister Princess for the welcome! Much appreciated!

Sister (admin) se7en's welcome was truly original, locking two of my threads :)
09/05/01 at 14:23:44

[quote]Bling Bling!!??
do you actually say that Arshad?  lol

I'm serious people use it all the time.  I imagine Abu Khaled probably uses it on occasion, don't you Funkmaster Flex? ;)  Ok, the next time you are having a discussion in one of your classes with your peers, use it, and I guarantee they will understand what you are saying.  Although after I said Bling Bling one of my friends said "this is soo pimp..tsk tsk tsk..what kinda city r u living in my friend? :) shame  shame :) that's really sad..what else can i say?"

u wouldn't say, [i]"bling bling that ballers skills r gay.."[/i] if ur interpretation of, [i]"bling bling"[/i] is glam, or great, or shiny, then using that with the above sentence would be contradicting each other  just wanted to point that out

Yes you are absolutely right, my bad.  I suppose I could have said something like Bling Bling, Shaq knows basketball.

here i was thinking Bling bling is what was what started and ended each round of boxing!

No that would be Ding Ding.

Sister (admin) se7en's welcome was truly original, locking two of my threads

In all fairness to Se7en that was me that locked the 1st thread.  ;)

09/05/01 at 14:53:08
"No that would be Ding Ding."

No its bling bling! Well it sounds like that after you've been punched in the head a few time ;)

"In all fairness to Se7en that was me that locked the 1st thread"

Ha! So you ARE ganging up on me? Well i'm gona bring my mum tomorrow to sort you guys out ;)
09/05/01 at 20:29:46
No that would be Ding Ding.

Lol  :D

this thread is hilarious.  :) thanks for a great laugh for the second time Arsahd.  


09/06/01 at 12:21:21
yo bhaloo...

even this:
[quote]Bling Bling, Shaq knows basketball.

Sounds odd, no?

I mean, maybe you could say:

"Did you see Shaq's watch?? Yo it was BLINGIN"

or.. "When he pulled up his sleeve, I could see his Roly bling"

As for his basketball could say,

"Shaq was BRINGIN it on the court last night"


Take Care,
09/06/01 at 12:14:57

Bhaloo, give it up bro! :)
09/06/01 at 13:31:58

Didn't see the scuffle, but read about it.  SOunded like it was pre-arranged.
09/07/01 at 03:10:47

My local mosque is thinking about setting up boxing classes. I wanted
to know whether this is permissibile. The reason being that is there not
a hadith of the Prophet (SAW) where he sees two men wrestling/ sparring
and he tells them to avoid the face for we have been created in the
likeness of Adam (AS)? According to this, is it mub'ah to practice boxing
with another brother and hit one another in the face?


Praise be to Allaah.

The Islamic sharee’ah permits all things that are beneficial to the
body and do not harm it, and it forbids all things that may cause damage
or harm to the body. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon
him) said: “Your body has rights over you.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari,
Kitaab al-Sawm, 1839)  

If sports are free from things which are forbidden in sharee’ah, then
practising those sports is beneficial. Boxing is an ancient sport that
was practised by the Greeks.  

Boxing is the worst kind of sport, and probably it does not even
deserve to be called a sport, despite the fact that western nations, in
particular – where boxing is widespread at a professional level – call it
“the noble sport” and a form of self-defence. They forget, or overlook,
the fact that the main aim of boxing is to harm one's opponent and throw
him to the ground, preferably with the “decisive blow” (or
“knock-out”), as they call it, which is the highest level of victory in boxing.  

“Many voices have been raised in the parliaments of many countries
demanding a ban on professional boxing, in view of the harm that has been
caused to many boxers. Sweden has succeeded in imposing such a ban,
whilst many other nations have failed to do so, despite the many injuries,
and even deaths, caused to many professional boxers as a direct result
of this violent sport.

The fact of the matter is that the deaths of so many boxers is the
reason for many voices calling for an end to this sport, or at least the
imposition of strict rules to limit its violence.”  (From Huna London
magazine, issue # 413, March 1983).  

Dr. Roger Whirty, the spokesman of the British Medical Council in
Wales, spoke of the aims of the Council’s campaign against boxing: “We want
to show everyone that boxing is an extremely dangerous sport, not only
because of the increasing number of fatalities, but also because of the
disabilities which affect many more times that number. In order  to
achieve that, we are trying to put pressure on various official bodies to
condemn this sport, and not to consider it to be a sport at all. I
reiterate once again that the danger of this sport lies in the harm caused
to hundreds of boxers as a result of the disabilities that they suffer.  

The number of boxers who have died as a result of injuries sustained in
boxing between 1945 and 1983 is three hundred and fifty.” (From Huna
London magazine, issue # 413, March 1983).  

The Islamic attitude towards this sport:  

The principles of Islam are completely opposed to the idea of the ummah
accepting this dangerous deviation as a moral or intellectual trend
which would permit such violent fights between members of the ummah or of
the human race as a whole.

Among these principles we may list the following:  

1.                 Harm. We have already mentioned the harm and danger
to human life involved in this sport, and the testimony of western
specialists who are motivated by their humanitarian feelings to fight and
strive to eliminate boxing from the international sporting lexicon.

2.                 Violating the sanctity of the face. Boxing is based
on allowing punches to the face of one's opponent using the maximum
force that one possesses. Blows to the face earn more points than blows to
any other part of the body. This clearly goes against the teaching of
the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), as narrated by
Abu Hurayrah: “When any one of you fights, let him avoid (striking) the
face.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, al-Fath, 5/215).

Al-Haafiz said: “This prohibition also includes all those who are
struck for the purpose of hadd or ta’zeer punishments or discipline.
According to the hadeeth narrated by Abu Bakrah and others, which was recorded
by Abu Dawood and others, about the woman who had committed adultery,
the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) commanded that
she should be stoned to death, and said, ‘Stone her, but avoid the
face.’ (Narrated by Abu Dawood, 4/152). If that is the command in the case
of one who is being punished and is going to die anyway, then the rule
is even more applicable in cases of lesser severity.” See al-Fath, 5/216

Al-Nawawi said: “The scholars said: it is forbidden to strike the face
because it is soft and all of a person's beauty and most of his senses
are located there. If the face is hit, there is the fear that all or
some of them may be destroyed or disfigured. Any defect in the face is a
terrible thing because it is so prominent and obvious, and usually the
person who is hit in the face will not be spared some disfigurement.”
(al-Fath, 5/216).

In al-Fath, he says concerning the specific prohibition narrated in
the hadeeth:

“Al-Nawawi did not discuss the details of this prohibition. It is clear
that it is haraam, and this is supported by the hadeeth of Suwayd ibn
Maqran al-Sahaabi, that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be
upon him) saw a man slap a slave (or a boy) in the face, and he said, “Do
you not know that the face is inviolate?” (Muslim, 3/1280.

Qadaaya al-Lahw wa’l-Tarfeeh, p. 373 (

09/07/01 at 05:39:14


Who said boxing solely comprises fighting?

A boxer spends months training, the fight is only half an hour long! Yet many people who train never fight!

Boxing consists mainly of these things.

Hitting the punch bag for several rounds.

Hitting the Pads for several rounds

Doin skipping for several rounds

Sparring, now very few boxers get hurt while sparring, bcoz when you spar you wear heavily padded gloves, which do not cause brusies of cuts, you wear heargaurds which protect your face. Therfore no injury is caused especially since the aim of sparring is to sharpen up your skills, and NOT to pound the other guy into submission!

ALSO many many boxers use a system called body sparring, where punches are only thrown to the body, NOT to the head, wearing heavily padded gloves!

I Boxing TRAINING is perfectly ok under islaamic law!

What these people giving Fatwa's need to realise is that Fighting, and TRAINING are not the same thng, in fact they are completely different!

The people who give the fatwa's are ALWAYS refering to fighting, NEVER to training! Why? Dont they realise the difference?

The Taliban have recently BANNED HEAD punches in boxing, they still allow boxing to take place, yet its now illegal to punch to the head! Why dont the other islaamic scholers look at why the taliban done this.

In fact its quite simple really, head punches and the aim of harming your opponent are what casues injury and THIS is what is harram. All other aspects of boxing, such as strengh training, fitness training, body bulding, running etc are NOT haraam.

So this distinction MUST be made!
09/07/01 at 06:49:28

Take it easy bro.

...According to this, is it mub'ah to practice boxing with another brother and hit one another in the face?

This was the main question and what the scholar had to answer.  The scholar was not writing a book on the different types of boxing, its spin-offs and training methods.  The answer was clear in that the main reasons behind the prohibition of the sport was due to the EXCESSIVE harm the sport does (this is well-known... even Muhammad Ali has Parkinson's disease) and the hitting of the face.  If these things can be avoided ... Khalas, its not really the boxing the sheikh is talking about then is it?


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