Poem called "I often wonder WHY"

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Poem called "I often wonder WHY"
08/30/01 at 03:38:51
               "I often wonder why"

I often wonder where we go from here
maybe I should be asking why
or should I say I don't know
but I fear losing credibility in this fast-paced steam engine world we live in today
won't there be tomorrows I can look forward to?
I often wonder why

Where were we made?
do we care?
I often wonder why
or how we neglect or days as bright as they are now and forever
I often wonder why

Would there be room for one more child to live a peaceful life
Can they breathe easy for once knowing they're protected
how on earth does this happen
will it happen again?
I don't wanna know
but I often wonder where we go from here and I wonder why----
it has to be this way or that

Can you see me ride the sky?
I was up late last night wondering how on earth I could get so high
Where are we going on this moonlit night
riding so high
I wonder why

Can you go crazy thinking of too much to write
In short:  I often wonder why!!!!!!!!

Does the nearest star not hear my cry
Oh give me hope to sleep this night through
Should I sleep or Shouldn't I
I often wonder why

Can you help I ask as I cry
Tell me how it will be tomorrow when the sky is not so dark
so far so unlit
a candle light unworthy of illuminescences
shall we cry all night?
pray all night and beg for mercy and forgiveness?
or wait for some miracle to happen to us
to shed the light upon us
I often wonder how
and I often wonder but seldom ask why


okay that was totally off the top of my head:  IN NEED OF FEEDBACK Did it have any hidden or deeper meaning and/or message or was it just poaihjrgoaihgr?????  I chose the cheesy message icon because I think some people might find it so.

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