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An old Newbie
08/29/01 at 11:29:50
Salaam u alaikum all;

How nice to find this BBS - quite a job there, jannah (and others who I don't know who have worked on building this)!

Me & my garment (BilalX, Wassiti, A7med to all of you oldschool irc junkies) have been buddies with jannah for a long time - I thinksince before we were married.  She's one serious sister who gives her all, and I'm proud to know her, alhamdulilah.

Me..  nothing big - med student heading for Ob/Gyn insha'allah who likes to hide behind computer screens.

with that - salaams!

M. (y-pestis)
Re: An old Newbie
08/29/01 at 11:42:32

welcome to the board from another fellow med student :) where do you go to school and what year are you? I go to school in the US and i'm in my 2nd year. I hope you like the board and derive as much benefit as you possibly can inshallah :)


p.s. do you have the plague? :P
Re: An old Newbie
08/29/01 at 12:18:46

Welcome to the board M, and enjoy your stay. :)  I've forgotten, Y.M. Pestis is the name of a virus, right? ???

I don't remember Wassiti using the name BilalX before, but I do remember his extreme fascination with samosas.
Re: An old Newbie
08/29/01 at 13:08:12

welcome old friend :)

i miss talking to all my irc friends.. my master plan is to slowly get them all to join the board here and then we can take over the world.. muahahahaha ...

ok well maybe the first part then ;-D
Re: An old Newbie
08/29/01 at 16:41:28
Ruqayah I think I met you last year at ISNA - you go to SUNY Buffalo, right?  I'm heading into 3rd year - start my first clerkship on Tuesday and I'm umm.. slightly terrified.  

Y. pestis is the name of the bacteria that causes the plague.  A fascinating organism, masha'allah.

jannah - oh didn't A. tell you - he's already taken over the world.  I'll remind him to give you the keys at ISNA.

Re: An old Newbie
08/29/01 at 17:15:42

welcome aboard M.. can you pronounce that for me ;-D enjoy your stay inshallah :)

- the welcoming wagon ;-D
Re: An old Newbie
08/29/01 at 17:46:35

M, nope, you must be thinking of someone else, besides, my real name isn't Ruqayyah :P I go to school in Ohio. oooh, clerkships! that sounds like a lot of fun :) you'll be delivering babies before you know it ;) i'm enjoying this year though, it's a lot more interesting that last year. The only tricky thing that i've encountered is trying to find an easy way of putting my stethoscope into my ears underneath my hijab-it's a little awkward, hehe :)

Re: An old Newbie
08/29/01 at 18:00:21
wa alaykum as salaam wa rahmatAllah,

welcome to the board :)

someone must have been watching one too many james bond movies ;)
Re: An old Newbie
08/29/01 at 19:58:29
Nah - that's just how I sign my name.

The stethoscope is tricky - just wait til you have to scrub, though!  What school are you at?  I go to a DO school - there's one in Ohio - are you there?  
Re: An old Newbie
08/31/01 at 13:25:25
salaamz sis.

welcome to the probably know more about it and the people in it more than i do! :)

Re: An old Newbie
08/31/01 at 19:05:52

Jannah, that would be awesome if all the old #islam irc junkies came here. BilalX and Wassiti are 2 different people.

Sister Mrs. X weren't you a biotech major?

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