asalam alykum everyone

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asalam alykum everyone
08/21/01 at 15:20:41
I am new to Madina and to Islam only became Muslim last Ramadam.
My name is Sadiqah and I am a mother of 3 fine sons.  Any advice or middle eastern reciepes are welcome.
Re: asalam alykum everyone
08/21/01 at 15:57:59
Walykum Salaam.

Glad to hear you became a Muslimah. Allah be praised.

Adivce hmm what on..:)

As for recipes well...I know how to make a jam sandwich if your interested. I'll post the recipe up in a few days. :)

Salaams for now

Enjoy the board.

Re: asalam alykum everyone
08/21/01 at 16:06:15

Welcome to the board sister, and enjoy your stay. :)  
Re: asalam alykum everyone
08/21/01 at 17:34:33

Allhumdulillah a lot of us are new muslims... yeah just get into the board... so are your sons muslim as well?Insh'Allah. enjoy your stay! asalaamu alaikum. abdullah,.
Re: asalam alykum everyone
08/21/01 at 18:12:31

welcome aboard! enjoy your stay inshallah :)

- the welcoming wagon ;-D
Re: asalam alykum everyone
08/21/01 at 18:35:44
welcome to the board :)
Re: asalam alykum everyone
08/22/01 at 08:17:40
Wa'alaikumussalam warahmatullah! :)

Welcome to Islam, ukhti!... hmm.. I guess Ramadhan must be more than just a month of fasting and spiritual upliftment for you, mashaAllah and it's just a few months away! :-)

[quote]I am a mother of 3 fine sons[/quote]

U must be very fit....... running after them :)

[quote]Any advice or middle eastern reciepes are welcome[/quote]

Hmmm... my FAVourite.. is mulkheyeh .. err.. I think that's the spelling... I can't really pronounce it right... the Egyptians, Jordanians and Palestinians, seemed to pronounce it slightly differently... or is it just my hearing? It's this spinach like thing, that you cook with chicken.... mmmm... and it's the ONLY middle eastern food that I can cook as well.

Here's a recipe website, with loads of recipes from many middle eastern countries. Have fun cooking! :) And eating too... but of course ;)


wassalam :-)

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