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08/14/01 at 04:27:19
As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi ta'ala wa barakaatuh

The blessings of Allaah be upon all of my brothers and sisters. I had used to post one or two messages on this board few months back (alhamdulillah if I am forgotten but I hope that what I had wrote is still in your minds and recollection), I had previously forgotton my exact username and password since I had to depart for somewhere, alhamdulillah, then I posted and it was not immediate - please forgive me if this may be duplicated but I am not sure when I will be able to connect again and I have an obligation to pass to you some news and a request.

I remember my brothers and sisters here, and while I am back for Allaah knows how long I have come to pass some news to you and to ask my brothers and sisters something sincerely and with a deep heart.

Brothers and sisters the Mujahideen in Chechnya are still there, they are strong and upon the rope of Allaah, fighting with their lives and wealth for those oppressed in that land, for no other reason than their deen - please do not forget them. They are out of the news, but each day they inflict damage upon the oppressing armies, with the permission of Allaah they shake the ground beneath their feet and send the soldiers of shaytaan to hell. They are the humble in their deen, strong like the lions on the battlefield, in need of their Lord. Please do not forget them brothers and sisters! They are there still and protect the dignity of our deen by watering the land of Jihaad with their blood. Please dont forget them.

And for my request, brothers and sisters they request from you with their heart and souls to make du'a for them, make du'a for the victory of the believers when Allaah deems that best for us, for the destruction of the opressing armies, for the liberation from disbelief and vice from that land, they request that you raise your hands cupped and plead with Allaah from the bottom of your hearts that He sends the angels, rank upon rank, force upon force and number upon number to quell, destroy, humilitate and obliterate the opressors of Islaam. They are there and brothers and sisters as Allaah is my witness they make du'a for you all, despite that the bullet may have just passed over their head, or that the shell has just fallen near by to them, they make du'a for those other than them first, our nation of Muslims around the world, the oppressed and the strugglers, the revivers and callers to the deen - then do they not deserve our du'a? The lions of Allaah who fear nothing but Him, do they not deserve our du'a?

Masha Allaah we are all active and observant in whatever community of Muslims we are in, and Allaah will reward those who seek to establish His deen on the earth, then when you make Salaah remember the Mujahideen in your communities, remember the oppressed whom they fight for, and the deen they seek to protect It is our deen, they are our brothers...they are our soldiers.

This is my request. JazakAllaah khairan, may the blessings and protection of Allaah be upon you all, love and compassion between us united by the rope of Allaah...

From one brother in need of his Lord to his beloved brothers and sisters in Islaam.

was salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi ta'ala wa barakaatuh

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