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In the Oldham area. . .
07/28/01 at 05:20:31

If anyone is nearby Oldham there is a deen intensive course going on.

We Seek help in the Name of Allah, the most merciful, the most kind

Asalamo Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatoho

The Abu Hanifah Institute of the UK are proud to Annouch

"The Deen Intensive Summer Programme 2001"
Date: Saturday 04th August - Sunday 2nd September 2001
Venue: Jamia Masjid (Green Gate Mosque), Green Gate St, Glodwick, Oldham
Time: Mon - Wed, 11am - 2pm
     Sat - Sun, 5pm - 8pm

Tutor: Sidi Abu Hanifah Umar Muhammad Ibn Ramadan al Budally
(student of Shaykh Muhammad Yazdani Misbahi al Hanafi, Sidi Abu Hanifah has
been given a verbal Ijaaza to teach the subjects listed)

Subjects: Aqeedah
         Ilm al Fiqh (according to the Hanafi Mathab)
         Seerah tun Nabi

Mon - Aqeedah
Tues - Ahadith & Fiqh
Wed - Fiqh
Sat - Seerah
Sun - Seerah

The Intensive Programme is completely free of charge

For further info: 07761 982 080

Certificates will be awarded, there will be Khantaam at the end of the of
the Course,

Under the Guidance of his Eminence, The noble and Learned As Shaykh Alama
Ismaeil Muhammad Ratha Khan Misbahi al Hanafi

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