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RPI.. and Suny Albany..
05/03/01 at 17:02:33
Asalaamu Alaikum,

I'm a senior in highschool, and I got accepted to RPI (Comp. Science). I am
going to make a visit (got accepted to other colleges too). I will probably spend
a couple of days (maybe 2).. one of my close relatives lives there (don't know
exactly and they aren't very religious). But anyway I want to know how far is
SUNY Albany from RPI, how long does it take to drive? And what are the closest
masjids/mosques. And is there alot of Islam (within the colleges)? Meaning are
all school of thoughts and Muslims invited (don't get offended)? I'm wondering
because I've been to SUNY StonyBrook and their MSA really favors the Salafis and
all other mathubs are basically ignored.

Jazaum Allah Kheir
-Syed Abbas Ali
Re: RPI.. and Suny Albany..
05/03/01 at 21:07:10
wa alaykum as salaam wa rahmatAllah,

RPI and SUNY Albany are about 20 minutes apart.  I'll be attending SUNY in the fall inshaAllah :)

There is a masjid in Troy, Masjid al-Hidaya, that's literally down the block from RPI.  

You can check out [url]jannah.org/albany[/url] for directions to the different masajid.  

You can check out the RPI MSA at: [url]http://www.rpi.edu/dept/union/muslim/[/url]

and the SUNY Albany MSA at: [url]http://www.albany.edu/~msa[/url]

The MSA at RPI is very closely linked with the masjid in that area, so therefore the people that have been active in the MSA are like 30 married with kids.. there's been some attempts at changing that, maybe when you attend you can help out with the MSA and help change that :)  

You can email me [se7en@jannah.org] with any questions you may have and I can also get in contact with some of the local brothers here, they can give you the lowdown...

wasalaamu alaykum.
Re: RPI.. and Suny Albany..
05/04/01 at 23:01:28

I'm going to make a college visit to RPI soon, I just wanted to know how far it
is from SUNY Albany and local Masjids. And lastly how is the Muslim community
there (the MSAs)? Is it a mix? My friend went to SUNY Stonybrook and they
treated him as an alien cuz he wasnt from the majority mathubs. Thanks.. Hope I
didn't offend anyone.

Jazakum Allah Kheir
Syed Ali Abbas
Re: RPI.. and Suny Albany..
05/22/01 at 20:55:41
asslam alikum
Inshallah iam planning to attend the Public health School of suny albany from fall 2001 i would like to meet up with the other brothers there and i would like to know how far away is a mosque from the east campus of suny for thats where the public health school is situated in

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