Eating human flesh, why do so many do it,(not about what you think)

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Eating human flesh, why do so many do it,(not about what you think)
04/30/01 at 15:44:12
Asalm walakum.
Why do so many [color=red][people][/color] think it is hallal to eat human flesh? Every time when I am within ear shot of [color=red][them][/color] they always seem to be eating human flesh. Even if you don’t want to hear them eat human flesh they often do it so loudly you cant help but hear it. Even Muslims.
Eating meat involves obtaining nutrition at the expense of the organism that is the source of the meat.
When you say something bad about some one for the purpose of enjoying conversation you are eating their flesh.
Backbiting is to obtain the pleasure of conversation by saying bad things about some one else.
Islamicly backbiting some one is no different from eating their flesh, and clearly when you look at the motivation and consequences of both of them, they are the same. As backbiters often become the centre of attention and make them selves look bigger by degrading others.
In modern times when both sexes are busy imatating each other, increasing numbers of men are taking on this habit.

To all people who are thinking about using what I have just said to have a go at people who are trying to remove the kaffar rulers from power using what I have just said, that is a completely different issue, Enjoining the good and forbidding the evil is a completely different issue and is farrad.
Mentioning how many people the rulers have killed and how they are ruling us with kufr which is resulting in countless people living in poverty is a completely different issue then talking about how ugly a girl’s nose is and how you find her to be too proud or roud.
The same applies to people who are intending to use nhi illlal munkar to justify backbiting, the [color=red][person][/color] next door is not the ruler of a country. And criticising a practice or a sin is a completely different issue then attacking a specific person you regard as a sinner. To attack a practice or a sin, it is not necessary to mention some one who committed it.

[color=red][This post modified by the moderator to remove any generalizing to one or more specific person(s).][/color]

04/30/01 at 12:53:13
Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem.

Dearest Brothers & Sisters,

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah.

"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread."

Perhaps some us need for our sensitivity to catch up with our outspokenness. And for our wisdom to assume some maturity. Generalisations often stem from mubaalaghah [exaggeration], and this was not a trait of our Beloved Messenger [saw], so we too should seek to avoid it. It is considered a form of lying, and one should know that their own personal experiences do not form neither a yardstick by which they can trample upon Muslims, nor a shar'a daleel [legal evidence] to engage in the repugnant hyperbole of this thread. If sincerity was supposed to underline the raising of this topic, then the manner in which it was initiated was not becoming of that, for we don't sacrifice adab for the sake of making some points. There is a way, and it is the way of the Muslims. Adopt it, don't disregard it. And if you have yet to learn it - despite being Muslim - better that you withold, than engage and damage. There is no shame in that. But it is abhorrent to trounce unfeelingly over the sentiments of a whole set of Muslims - in this case Sisters - just for the sake of venting a contention. Moreso when it is done exclusively without exception, and in a manner that obviously pays no witness to impartiality, objectivity, and fairness.

Know that when you berate Muslims, you are traading on ground which our Beloved Messenger [saw] deemed sacrosanct, except in the most exceptional of circumstances. The lackadaisical manner in which some of us justify our fiqh opinions is woeful and reflective of a malaise known as jahl murakkab [complex ignorance]. This is witnessed by the lack of precision, accuracy, reference to scholarly authority, and general tolerance of proceeding with just the vaguest of understandings. Subhan'Allah.

Lest we slander and insult any Muslims, be they Sisters or Brothers, or by way of specificity or generality, I would remind of the saying I began this post with, which infuses the Islamic approach to delicate matters. Yes, it is not a daleel, but if it is a daleel you seek to exonerate/justify yourself, then your asking means you are unaware of the daleel. If so, what are you doing initiating/engaging in such a topic in the first place?!

Abu Khaled

Re: Eating human flesh, why do so many do it,(not about what you think)
04/30/01 at 17:07:56
as-salaamu alaikum

Consider Allah's directive to the believers, both men AND women:
"O you who believe! Let not a group scoff at another group, it may be that the latter are better than the former.."

And then immediately after issuing this command, Allah states it a second time for the women specifically, and thus:
"...nor let (some) women scoff at other women, it may be that the latter are better than the former." [Surah al-Hujurat 49:11]

Allah's re-affirmation of the command to the women specifically has a wisdom behind it - and Allah is the Most Wise.

05/01/01 at 06:18:05
Hmm, could some kind soul explain to me what happened overnight please? In private (preferably by email and not Instant Message) is fine, for I’m not trying to resurrect any fitnah. Last I remember, this thread was in another folder, and there were a few other replies prior to mine. Okay, I know why the thread has been moved, but why is my post still here, yet the others which preceded me no longer, some of which contained valuable points worthy of note? Did the authors request for their posts to be deleted? Did I miss the chance to vote or something, or was this a unilateral decision taken by Aunty Jannah? ???

Man, I miss all the cool stuff…


Abu Khaled
Re: Huh??
05/01/01 at 08:15:24

[quote]or was this a unilateral decision taken by Aunty Jannah? ??? [/quote]
Den Mother Abu Khaled, Den Mother.

Re: Eating human flesh, why do so many do it,(not about what you think)
05/01/01 at 08:26:09
Asalaamu Alaikum ;-)

Oh I get it now!!

"The Den Mother" is the head of the Mafia ;)

Now everything slips into place……..;-)
Re: Eating human flesh, why do so many do it,(not about what you think)
05/01/01 at 10:19:28

Abu Khaled, rest assured I didn't do any of this!  (innocent) :)

My guess, though, would be that since the other replies were simply making the point that the original post was over-generalizing a certain group of people, they were removed after the original post was itself modified to remove any generalizations.  

Your post was left intact because:

1. It's not specifically targetting the original post itself, but making a general point

and ...

2. why, because you're the funkmaster, of course!  And nobody messes with the funkmaster, right? :)

Wassalamu alaikum.
05/01/01 at 10:45:48
Sidi Arsalan,

Wa-alaikum assalam wa rahmatullah.

Ah, well, why didn’t you just say that in the first place akhi?!! Reason two renders any preceding reasons redundant, for it alone is enough by virtue. I’m glad funknisance is alive and well in your thinking. Though I need not remind you that you did allow yourself to be accosted briefly by those upstarts in the A-LIE-ance, who themselves are guilty of trying to “mess”.

As an act of atonement, repeat with me now:

“Indeed the funk rides roughshod
Over any pretenders to the throne
So to all you wannabes out there
Let this be a message known”

*wild hysteria follows*

*kufis thrown on stage* ;-D

“The Funkwalla has left the building.”

Abu 8-) Khaled
Re: Eating human flesh, why do so many do it,(not about what you think)
05/01/01 at 13:53:05
oh my god.. what have we done!!
Re: Eating human flesh, why do so many do it,(not about what you think)
05/01/01 at 14:39:56
ASALM walakum
i prefered the previus discussion on this thread
Re: Eating human flesh, why do so many do it,(not about what you think)
05/01/01 at 15:39:12

Jannah, *we* haven't done anything!  Except, perhaps, remove some mysterical veil from the persona of Abu Khaled.  What you see here is *the real* Abu Khaled.  The Funkmaster is not our creation.  He's simply our discovery :)
Re: Eating human flesh, why do so many do it,(not about what you think)
05/01/01 at 22:16:57

LOL Abu Khaled
and i think you are right Arsalan!  :) Now this discovery about Abu Khaled makes him cooler than ever.  8-)


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