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The Ummah is in good hands
04/10/01 at 01:23:32
Assalaamulaikum. I was starting to worry that Muslims in positions of power were not making their usual effort to help the Zionists destroy Islam. These two events reassured me though. Allah is truly the Most Just.


                    U.S. Muslim Envoy Votes Against Palestine
                WASHINGTON, April 9 (IslamOnline) - A United Nation's human rights
                forum held last Friday in Geneva overwhelmingly reaffirmed its
                commitment to Palestinian people's right to self-determination and

                Ironically enough, the U.S.'s Muslim envoy to the forum, Shirin Taher
                Kheli, along with her Guatemalan counterpart, were the only ones to
                oppose the resolution.

                The resolution, which was put forward by Arab and Islamic states,
                including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria, said that the Palestinian
                right to self-determination and nationhood was a basic condition for
                achieving a lasting Middle East peace.

                The resolution was passed 48-2 and was also favored by Britain, China,
                France and Russia. Two delegates, including one representing Canada,
                abstained while one delegate was absent.

                Under the resolution, the Commission upheld the "inalienable, permanent
                and unqualified right of the Palestinian people to self-determination,
                including their right to establish their sovereign and independent
                Palestinian State."

                Ambassador Ya'acov Levy, representing Israel only as a observer state,
                condemned the resolution saying, "The resolution we have before
                us...preempts the outcome of the permanent status negotiations and will
                only undermine the attempts to reach a successful conclusion of these

                Tahir Kheli, also criticizing the resolution, said, "The United States
                opposes this resolution, as we opposed similar ones in previous sessions
                of the Commission, because it attempts to prejudge final status issues
                that the parties have agreed will be reserved for their negotiations."
                Such U.N. texts, "risk diminishing the prospects for peace in the Middle

                Earlier this year, Tahir-Kheli was rumored to be appointed Assistant
                Secretary of State on South Asia. The rumors caused a media frenzy in
                India where newspapers called her "anti-Indian".

NEW YORK (AP) -- Cornell University will open a branch of its medical school in
             the oil-rich Persian Gulf nation of Qatar, where graduates will receive fully accredited
             medical degrees.

             The Qatar Foundation, established by the emir of Qatar and led by his wife, has
             agreed to pay an estimated $750 million to operate the medical college for 11 years,
             Cornell announced Monday.

             The Weill Medical College of Cornell University is expected to open in the tiny
             neighbor of Saudi Arabia in 2004.

             The school's curriculum, faculty and admissions will be controlled by Cornell. Students
             will have to take the same tests and meet the same standards as those in New York
             City, and graduates will receive fully accredited medical degrees. The agreement calls
             for 70 percent of the first class of 50 students to come from Qatar, unless too few
             students qualify.

             Cornell's medical college is among the United States' most selective. The 101 students
             in this year's class were chosen from 6,344 applicants and had a 3.7 grade point
             average on their science courses in college.

             Qatar has about 750,000 inhabitants, many of them foreign workers, and is smaller
             than Connecticut. It has no medical school.

             The medical school will be the first school of higher education in Qatar that is not
             segregated by sex. Qatar officials agreed to a nondiscrimination policy at the school.

             Cornell's president, Hunter R. Rawlings III, told The New York Times, which first
             reported the medical school plans, that the university investigated human rights and the
             treatment of women in Qatar, as well as the country's relationship with Israel, before

             ``Some of our Jewish trustees and alumni were especially concerned,'' Rawlings said.
             Under the nondiscriminatory admissions policy, Jews and Israelis will be eligible to
             apply to study and teach there.
Re: The Ummah is in good hands
04/10/01 at 01:44:01
wow that is pathetically sad. anyone know anything about that tahir kheli person and why the heck doesn't qatar use that $750 million to build it's own premiere medical institution!!!!
Re: The Ummah is in good hands
04/10/01 at 03:49:22
assalaamu alaikum

[quote]Ironically enough, the U.S.'s Muslim envoy to the forum, Shirin Taher Kheli, along with her Guatemalan counterpart, were the only ones to
oppose the resolution. [/quote]
WHO put this person into that position? The US Govt. itself?

Wa Salaam
Re: The Ummah is in good hands
04/10/01 at 23:51:48

Man, this is wack!


Sorry, venting a little bit.

Amir, where'd you get these articles from?
Re: The Ummah is in good hands
04/13/01 at 19:00:28
Sounds like a dream by Wacko Jacko, this is sad than sad. What day for muslims.

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